Crowell: “I was very wrong” to post image of officer being killed


Browns running back Isaiah Crowell apologized Monday for posting a picture on his Instagram account that appeared to show a man slashing the throat of a police officer.

The posting was deleted, but not before it was screenshotted by someone. The picture started making the Twitter rounds on Monday, and was first to report that the Browns knew of the post and that Crowell planned to issue a public apology.

The report said Crowell posted the drawing before five police officers were killed in Dallas last week but after men were in Louisiana and Minnesota were shot and killed by police. The caption on Crowell’s post read: “They give police all types of weapons and they continually choose to kill us….#Weak”

In a statement released by the Browns Monday afternoon, Crowell said: “Last week was an emotional and difficult week as we saw extreme acts of violence against black men across our country as well as against police officers in Dallas. I posted an image to Instagram in the midst of that emotion that I shouldn’t have and immediately removed it. It was an extremely poor decision and I apologize for that mistake and for offending people. My values and beliefs do not match that image.

“I am outraged and upset by the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile along with so many others. I am also outraged and saddened by the attacks in Dallas and the deaths of the 5 honorable police officers (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa) who were providing protection while trying to keep peace. We have to be better as a society. It’s not about color, it’s about what’s right and wrong.

“I was very wrong in posting that image. Every single life matters, every death as a result of violence should be treated with equal outrage and penalty.”

Crowell also posted his apology on his personal Twitter account.

The report said the NFL did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the matter.

Crowell, 23, is entering his third NFL season. He made the Browns as an undrafted rookie out of Alabama State by way of Georgia in 2014, and last season he led the team with 706 rushing yards. He ran for eight touchdowns as a rookie in 2014.

107 responses to “Crowell: “I was very wrong” to post image of officer being killed

  1. Mmmmkay too bad he doesn’t really feel that. If he did he never would’ve posted it in the first place. Browns PR dept always busy.

  2. Crowell you do not need to apologize for something you believe in. You saw a Cop being murdered and your initial reaction was to share it. You liked what you saw. People should be repulsed by the image. If this isn’t immediately reprehensible than you are broken inside. You lack decency and compassion. Emotion doesn’t excuse your choices. Most learn that as children. Crowell, you are a liability to Black Americans who are truly seeking positive change from these tragedies.

  3. The least he could have done was to write that apology himself. He does something stupid then another company employee says sorry for him? #weak indeed.

  4. He needs some time with “The Robot.” Then maybe I will believe he is sorry.

  5. NFL needs to crack down on turds like Crowell and Kaepernick race baiting in the media. No one would care what they had to say except for their status as NFL players. Take that status away from them if they encourage hate, violence, and murder online.

  6. Loser, hates ALL-cops…until him or his family need one, and need one bad.

  7. Reassuring that picture received 33 likes. Guess the ol’ fallout shelter may come in handy after all.

  8. Demonizing police officers over the (perceived) acts of a couple of (allegedly) rogue cops — involves the same form of stereotyping that goes into the racism these people insist they abhor.

    All lives matters. Not just black. All. And that includes police officers.

    There are some bad seeds in EVERY group. There are even bad firemen, bad clergy folk, bad boy scout leaders, bad politicians, bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad paramedics, bad soldiers, bad EVERYTHING.

    Crowell’s position is that of a person who decries racism, while simultaneously dividing the chasm – rather than working to build the bridge. Crowell, and those of his ilk, are part of the problem. That moron fans the flames. The fact that Crowell needed his employer to tell him to knock it off shows he’s absolutely useless in figuring out these things on his own, and is also not a man of his own misguided convictions.

    Hard to respect any part of that.

    At least the police officers are laying their lives on the line every day to protect the Isaiah Crowell’s of the world.

  9. This is truly getting out of hand. Is there a problem? Sure. But out of over 1000 police caused deaths last year, less than 30% were black. Do ANY of the remaining 70% get 24/7/365 coverage? And delete this fact too if you must: A young black man has over a 90% chance at dying by the hand of another young black man than all other causes combined. Look up the stats.

  10. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean all cops just the bad ones that give all cops a bad name. He shouldn’t have apologized because I feel the exact same way he feels as a young black man. “Just Because We’re Magic, Does Not Mean We’re Not Real” Jesse Williams

  11. There are people here calling for Crowell’s death, wishing harm on him, and saying they want a police robot to blow him up. Because he wished harm on cops and then apologized.

    That’s hypocritical in the extreme. At least Crowell deleted it and apologized. You commentors just did the same thing without deleting or apologizing. Think about that for a moment.

  12. If he were on a real team he would of been released already. If they want to be the same old Browns then they might as well bring Johnny M back.

  13. 4 game suspension for conduct detrimental to the league. The integrity of the shield is at stake!

  14. I wouldn’t want any association with somebody who feels it necessary to post that picture. That shows somebody with serious judgement issues and violent tendencies. The Browns should cut this guy, not like he’s really that good. Dime a dozen RB.

  15. There IS no hope. We are not there yet, but you can clearly see the finish. Social media, idiot posters, hypocritical “victims” that practice the same ideology that they say they condemn. Good luck young Americans. You will need it.

  16. A one-year ban sounds about right. And I’m a Browns fan. But I’m a bigger fan of human decency.

  17. Sometimes you gotta be smart enough to keep your mouth shut.

    Or at least keep your finger off the “send” button.

  18. as a die hard Browns fan. don’t care how well you run. hope the Browns have the stones to cut him. RB are a dime a dozen. being stupid comes with a price.

  19. Nice representation of the NFL. Like it or not, he’s one of the faces of the football league. Until Roger figures out the difference between a real problem player and a frame job, the “integrity” of the league will continue to be a joke.

    And as for you, Crowell . . . . . I can’t even find the words to express my disgust.

  20. I sincerely feel absolutely horrible for police regardless of their race because they cannot properly do their jobs and some get killed in the line of duty because we have idiots in this country that can’t just obey laws and riot when someone gets killed. And the media is just as big of a part as they are in instigating it. They make money off of the deaths that occur. It’s sickening. This country is living in some sad times right now and it’s just going to get worse. We are more divided then ever.

  21. as punishment he should be forced to play for the worst team in the league.

    i’m thinking browns.

  22. Seriously? I am extremely liberal…I get why black lives matter…I don’t blame him for being upset…that post goes beyond the pale…that is ISIS territory…I know something else that needs to get cut! Him from the team…

  23. So Hillary Clinton says that what is needed is for cops and white people to put themselves in the shoes of black parents who have to have “the talk” (about how to behave around the police) with their teenage sons before they leave the house. If I have raised a son to 15 or 16 years of age and he does not already know (1) to follow police instructions, (2) not to physically assault the police, and (3) not to threaten then with anything that looks like a weapon, then I have failed as a parent, and anything that happens is on me.

  24. Holy %&$&.

    Unless he can come up with an amazingly convincing apology and explanation as well as true contritition…

    He’s gotta go. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


    That is so far beyond the pale that it cannot be excused away with just an apology.

    So long Crowell. At least the Browns backfield will be less crowded come fall. Easier for fantasy football purposes.

  25. Too late Isaiah. We know where you stand now.

    No matter how well you do this year, you’ll never get any endorsements now.

    Hope it was worth it, you sick jerk.

  26. Imagine if instead of a cop it was a gay male or a transgender person or an illegal alien.

    Cut him yesterday. How can I root for a man who has such poison in his heart and soul?

    He tarnishes the ENTIRE organization if they keep him on the roster. Some things cannot be taken back.

  27. Something like this can’t go unpunished. It doesn’t have to end his career, but there has to be consequences.

    I prefer that the Browns handle it internally. I would lean towards a 4 game suspension without pay. He should be grateful!

    Yes, its a blow to the offence. But…. its not like the Browns aren’t eyeing the first pick next year.

  28. My 10 yr old son saw the pic on here and I had to explain it to him. Looks like our Jeep trip to Canton and Browns preseason game against Chicago just became Canton only. I won’t give my money to support players like this. Cut this turd because this house will never root for him.

  29. I’m a Browns fan and say cut this guy asap. There’s absolutely no excuse for the type of message promoting deadly violence.

    I doubt that any other team will pick this guy up due to potential fan fall out so why should the Browns hang on this individual?

  30. I reckon the Christian thing to do would be to forgive him for his transgression and hate the sin, not the sinner. I’m not a church-goer though, I’m just a charming guy who also happens to be super handsome.

  31. Dear 345 Park,
    If THIS is not damaging to the “integrity” of your league, I’m not sure what is.
    Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You.


    All NFL Fans

  32. Nothing will happen .he is black the poor downtrodden black man being held back by the nfl making millions playing a game.terrible.there are 2 things holding back black people the democrat party and themselves

  33. Of all the players in the league on all the teams, it just sort of makes sense that a Cleveland Browns player was the one to go post that sick image. Crowell may be truly sorry – only he knows – but I’d just as soon see him on another team. The Browns don’t need any distractions. Is that too much to ask?

  34. Unfortunately with the invention of social media comes the incorrect assumption that every thought that comes into your head must immediately be expressed for the world to see. I miss the good old days before you were forced to find out that the people you used to respect are really raving lunatics who don’t have the ability to express themselves intelligently.

  35. Doesn’t it suck when black people are racist toward whites? Now everyone, go look in the mirror and say racism sucks. You can’t do it, can you? It’s too hard to change. It takes courage, effort, and moral character. It’s easier if someone else does all that work. The killing will continue as long as everybody is too weak to change. Listen to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

  36. No apology could possibly makeup for his lack of sensitivity and crudeness with the original post. Plus the apology was obviously was written by a professional spokes person or writer. In real life, he is sincerely sorry he got caught doing something very immature and stupid.

    There is a team in the AFC East that would have cut him the same day. You know who.

  37. No way in hell this player wrote that eloquent apology. I’d challenge the player to spell 20 words. Among them: disturbing, rogue, we, saw, I, and, ask, a, emotional….

  38. Just another racist black dude using the recent events to cloak his racism.

    More white people have been killed by police than all other races combined in the past two years.

    Racism makes me sick. MLK needs to come back to life.

  39. You know this may sound harsh, but I’m starting to believe Football Players are born with CTE instead of acquiring while they’re playing. Not a smart move Crowell!

  40. If there is a reason, let the NFL handle under the”conduct unbecoming” clause. If there is no reason under that clause, sentence him to wear the humiliating uniforms the Browns now wear!

  41. When I noticed that pic(tweet) from a BLM supporter last fri. I immediately sent it 2 MSNBC Morning Joe. 1st I had sent copies of Sterlings and Castile arrest records 2 MSNBC saying tell the whole truth Sterling was a pedophile w/ a long record of assault/drugs and unregistered guns. Castile also had a long record and matched the description of a armed burglary suspect. That’s why he was pulled over. In both cases the police knew these were criminals before hand. Of course the liberal media keep egging on these pd protesters of GeorgeSoros and Hilary. Once again BLM and Libs are supporting criminal pedophiles etc over law abiding citizens.

  42. The problem isn’t twitter. The problem is the ideas that are generated by the brains of people who use twitter.

    The sad thing is there are a lot of people that agree with this post and want to see it happen. A lot of people to where it is not some tiny minority of the population.

  43. Kid made a mistake. A bad one but sometimes you need to got though a situation like this to realize how foolish you are. He should not be cut at all. I believe he learned his lesson.

  44. So if there are a couple of bad blacks should we condemn ALL blacks seriously anybody who works knows that there are bad apples at every work place but the unions protect them.
    Cromwell should be suspended can you imagine if he was white and made an offensive comment against the blacks … he would never play football again.

  45. Stop with the lame apologies. You come off as insincere. Stand behind what you say, have some backbone, and deal with the reactions.

  46. tonebones says:
    Jul 11, 2016 11:26 PM

    Doesn’t it suck when black people are racist toward whites?

    You know what sucks worse? Using racism as an excuse, for everything.

    I plant this at the feet of BLM and every gutless “leader” who fails to call them out for what they really are, a hate group.

  47. If he was white and made an offensive comment against the blacks … he would never play football again.

    Think again….. Riley Cooper.

  48. The cop in the picture he posted appears to be a person of color. So the people saying he is racist didn’t bother looking at the subject matter before commenting on it.

  49. His actions, however terrible and in extreme poor taste, are protected by the First Ametdment. This is America folks. Everybody has the right to be an idiot. May the consequences to his actions be strong and immediate.

  50. I too obviously think the image is reprehensible… without question. What is sad is that he isn’t the only one of his generation or even older that don’t think before hitting the retweet button. I’m willing to bet he didn’t take a lot of time to critically think about what he was about to post. I’m sure he really doesn’t feel cops should be killed but sadly the false narrative promoted through the all-encompassing media warps peoples thought process and then allows them too easy of way to spread a stupid message like that.

    I’m not sure Crowell is the “brightest bulb” either which again makes me feel a little sad for some of the stupid things people can do in 3 minutes on the internet that might have life-long implications for them.

  51. If Crowell remains on the team everyone should boycott every advertiser the Browns use. There is no place in America for this kind of hate.

  52. tonebones says:
    Jul 11, 2016 11:26 PM
    Doesn’t it suck when black people are racist toward whites?

    –You act like that is something new. All races are guilty of it, always have been.

  53. These comment are an example of people only wanting the fruits from these guys and never wondering about the leaves, the roots, or stems… He had a reason to post what he wanted but I guess since it not what you wanted he’s a bad guy… Take all of the player, personal and professional…

  54. coldwater32301, Yeah, he had a reason to post that, because he hates cops. But posting something like that DOES make him a bad guy and if you can’t see that, you’re no better than he is. As far as taking the “whole” player, no thanks. I’m only concerned about his marginal football skills, the rest is his life and doesn’t concern me one bit. (until he posts something stupid)

  55. Toolbox12 you are right!i have looked at the cop in the picture a few times and have come to the same conclusion as you,that he is a person of color,and that color happens to be white.

  56. Blackliesmatter and the people who support it, are militant. And I don’t care what they do for a living. They should be destroyed and mocked liked the Klan. As they are the same coin, just different sides.

  57. Where are the BLM marches for the dozens of Black Victims from Black on Black crime every week in Chicago, Detroit,New Orleans,New York L.A. How about a BLM march for the black victims for the Orlando shootings ? Or the Thousands upon Thousands of Blacks killed in Africa by other Black tribes. Where are they at ? I guess according to BLM on certain Black Lives Matter ?

  58. Don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am sick and tired of people, particularly athletes, doing and posting vile, vicious, disgusting, violent, and racist things, and then saying things like “My values and beliefs do not match that image.”, or the ubiquitous “That is not who I am”. Hogwash! That is EXACTLY who you are and what your values are. If not, even the idea to post that pic would never have crossed your mind. Own your real thoughts and actions, realize you need an adjustment, and do something to help yourself, and the community at large.

  59. I overlook hundreds of stupid transgressions by NFL players because I love the sport. This is the first time I had to pause and ask myself if I want to support this product any longer.

  60. Posting on Twitter this last week has confirmed those that we thought were tools are still tools, one person in particular promoted into the deranged category and a couple of new ones have popped up.

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