Miko Grimes continues to blast Dolphins with over-the-top rhetoric

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If the goal of Miko Grimes’ behavior a year ago in Miami was to get her husband, Brent, released by the Dolphins, perhaps she doesn’t realize that they already did.

In an extended Twitter rant that was captured by TheBigLead.com, Grimes continued her assault on the Dolphins — with specific criticisms of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, owner Stephen Ross, and V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum.

The rant began as a question of the relative basketball merits of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Miko eventually compared Kobe Bryant fans to Ryan Tannehill fans.

“Both are super stupid but at least Kobe was a baller,” Miko Grimes said. “Tannehill is a bum!”

She then took a five-hour break before returning with this: “The Dolphins f–king stink! They will never be great as long as Stephen Ross is the owner, Tannenbaum is the G.M., and Tannehill is the QB!”

Next, Miko Grimes claimed that Brent was going to retire if he stayed with the Dolphins and that she “got him out of his contract. . . . Now we got Jameis!”

“No way I was gonna let him retire with a bum at QB, G.M., and owner! No f–king way! We will go out on a high with a REAL QB, not a WR at QB!” Miko Grimes added.

After another 20-minute break, the rant took a turn that could cause problems for Brent Grimes in his new place of employment.

“Gotta respect Ross for keeping his Jew buddies employed but did he not see how Tannenbaum put the Jets in the dumpster w/that Sanchez deal?” Miko Grimes said, before adding that “you won’t hear any of this while we’re in Tampa.”

She may have already said too much. Whether Miko Grimes knows it or not, ownership of her husband’s current team also is Jewish. Family patriarch Malcolm Glazer’s parents were Lithuanian Jewish immigrants. Last year, Bryan Glazer gave $4 million to a Jewish Community Center in Tampa.

PFT has requested comment from both the Dolphins and the Buccaneers regarding the remarks. Miko Grimes has not yet deleted any of the tweets, telling anyone who objects to her words to “stay off Twitter if ur sensitive.”

That disclaimer may not be good enough. While the Glazers clearly want to win (as the revolving door in the head coach’s office confirms), they may decide that the distractions created by Miko Grimes already outweigh whatever value Brent Grimes can bring to the franchise. At a minimum, they may want to let her know that comments like that are indeed anti-Semitic, even if she thinks anyone who believes that is “soft as puppy sh-t.”

122 responses to “Miko Grimes continues to blast Dolphins with over-the-top rhetoric

  1. I’ve met and chatted with Miko a couple of times and always liked and respected her. That ended today.

  2. What a trashy woman. I bet Brent is just so proud, we wouldn’t know though. Its hard for him to speak clearly with out her chiming in like some sort of loud mouth Pamela James from Martin. This guy needs a divorce ASAP at any cost.

  3. It’s almost a shame she isn’t married to one of those wife-beating goons. If any woman deserves a slap across the face, it is Miko. I doubt she could be any more vile or stupid if she actually tried. The sad part is how she (and Omar) actually believe she is coherent and speaking truth. I can’t imagine how embarrassed Brent is. Have fun with that, Bucs fans. She might get her hubby cut before the season even starts. Delusional + crazy + violent + stupid + attention seeker = not good, but Miko thinks she is the greatest.

  4. that’s what twitter does – the feeling of anonymity of it because you’re not face to face allows people to say the silliest things and attack people for no good reason. Why, I remember one time when J.J. Watt wore this really tight soccer shirt…….

  5. Although Miko is a hundred percent right with her assessment. Brent needs to grow a pair and get read of her. She belongs with Skip Bayless. Brent seems too classy for her.

  6. Brent should stop paying that wireless bill until she learns how to act. Can’t let your wife cost you a career in a very lucrative field.

  7. Miko is ok, you all are just being too hard on her.

    PS – please pass the pop corn.

  8. I guess Miko has a short memory as her husband was burned on a weekly basis and he pretty much stunk last year. He cost the Fins a couple of wins.

  9. What a complete fool. However, there will be no outrage over the Anti-Semitic remarks because she is black. And Anti-Semitic language and attitude is basically ignored. And that is pretty darn sad.

  10. Brent, Brent, Brent…. We’re looking at you now. You’ve become Doug Christie 2.0. A decent player whose career has become overshadowed by a wife that doesn’t respect him enough to be supportive and stay out of his business affairs. And Unlike TB12 if your wife was accomplished at her career or a drop dead knockout then maybe we could understand. But Brent, C’mon man!

  11. Wow, just wow. Miko makes Greg Jennings’ sister look like a saint in comparison. When will people learn that if you’re going to stay in the same industry, then it’s NEVER a good idea to bash your former employer. You can have disputes, but don’t bash them publicly or to a new employer. A) It’s just bad form; B) it makes you look real petty and a potential problem (Tom Coughlin); and C) Employers (NFL owners) and executives all know each other and talk about bad employees.

    A couple years from now, Grimes will be looking for work, and all he’ll hear on the phone is “HAHAHAHAHA” Click.

  12. As odd as this is, she’s right. Mike Tannenboob is a moron.

    He let Revis run the Jets with Rex Ryan and he clearly has no idea what he’s doing in Miami.

    I will say, letting Vernon go was a good move, but he then turns around and knee jerks more bad moves, so he just replaces one bad move with another.

  13. Thank god the Broncos have three corners better than Grimes.
    Why is she that bothered about it now? Didn’t she say she did it to get him cut? If that’s the case she should be thanking them for cutting him. Clearly, what she said before was a total lie.

  14. The Dolphins management does SUCK!!! Philbin’s sorry coaching is GONE!!! Tannehill will be better under a superior coach & the entire team will be so much better!!! Miko will be bad mouthing Jamies too because he’ll be a burn out in a couple of years!!! Just watch!!! She’s just a loud mouth idiot!!! GO FINS!!!

  15. Can you just imagine if this was a players wife that is white saying this ? CNN would have the road blocked for comments by her home and all her neighbors.

  16. We just have to read her comments Poor Brent is married to her. I know it’s his fault but I still can’t help but feel bad for the guy. He has to deal with her every day. If this is what she tweets can u imagine what she is like at home?

  17. Falcons and Dolphins fans feel the pain Bucs fans will soon know. Difference is that until last year he was worth the headache. Not anymore.

  18. She basically said the same crap when she left the Falcons and now the Fins.
    We warned you Bucs fans!…We warned you!
    Good luck, the moment a reporter says something about Brent’s skills or something…boom…boom… boom here she comes!
    Think about this: If Brent was that good still, with the lack of great CB’s on the market…Phins would have put up with her.
    PS.Final thought..she had nothing but praise for Miami when she first got there and LOVED Ross, i know i followed her back than. It is all about attention, nothing more, nothing less.

  19. “…telling anyone who objects to her words to “stay off Twitter if ur sensitive.”

    Miko obviously does not understand why Twitter was invented: a vehicle for which you can attack someone else. She uses it as intended, but thinks everyone ELSE is sensitive.

  20. She is Reason #1 why marriage mates should stay out of their partner’s business affairs.

    Doesn’t matter what you think of your mate’s boss or how they treat your mate. It’s their job and their responsibility to handle it. The only exception would be if my wife was being sexually harassed. That’d be a whole ‘nother conversation.

  21. Where is the outrage? This is anti-Semitic. She is attacking a group of people by their heritage and religion.
    NFL stay quiet about this?

  22. My God, she is SO HAWT.

    Watch out, Brent – if you let a lady like that slip through your fingers, someone will snatch her up like *snap* that!!!

  23. I think she is an alcoholic stays drunk all the time . there has got to be some type of substance making her mouth so lose. She has no control of her mouth whatever thought comes to her head comes out her mouth

  24. niners816 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 11:40 AM
    Man, Brent, you’re one lucky man. I bet she’s wild in the sack though


    It is always the opposite. Calm person = wild.

    Wild person = calm slash lame.

    Pretty much common knowledge. Ask your dad or any adults you might know.

  25. Wonder why she likes Winston more than Tannehill even though his stats are worse? Just can’t figure that out….

  26. The NFL and Dollhins have had several talks with Brent about this. There is nothing other then cut him, that can be done about a family member that is a blatant racist. It’s been in articles where Brent said he is not responsible for his wife’s actions. Just one reason he is no longer in Miami.

    But I agree. A black woman makes racist comments( N word) and anti Semitic comments and it’s basically ignored. This is part of the system I detest. I really hope she is reading these PFT comments.

  27. Miko would be a complete nobody if it weren’t for being married to a guy with millions of dollars. Of course, she’s a complete nobody anyway.

  28. I wonder if conduct detrimental to the team would apply to his wife. Her anti-semitic comments hurts the team, offends the owners, coaches and players. I have no problem with her speaking her mind but when she starts being racist even if shes just ranting it still doesn’t make it right.

  29. She has serious issues that’s for sure. She knows she cost her husband his job in Miami but in her crazy mind, she thinks she actually helped him get out of that team.

    I’m sure Tampa made some stipulations regarding the wife prior to Grimes signing hi new contract with them. When that team starts losing she will unload on them and they will unload Grimes to the curb, permanently ending his career. He will have to deal with this woman is not well.

  30. Staggering, the racism coming out of the black community right now. It’s the third rail of American culture to call her out as a vitriolic bigot, the terrorist in Dallas’ act a hate crime, and the actor’s divisive political rant anything but that. That’s real talk, Miko. You go ahead and have your racist tantrum, but don’t go calling for any freeway closures when some white idiot runs his neck. Yeah, and your old man sucks, and TB is going nowhere.

  31. I feel bad for Brent. He seems like a good guy, but maybe that’s because his wife basically castrated him. How else would he let his wife potentially destroy HIS CAREER with HER WORDS. Even if what she says is mostly true and there are probably a lot of people behind closed doors who agree with her, you don’t say this stuff publicly when a family member is employed by the people you’re bashing, and she is just so vulgar with it too. That might be the biggest problem.

  32. Over the top rhetoric? Everything she said is true.

    From Kobe fans being blind (to the fact that Kobe was a cancer) to Miami.

    The only thing over the top was it took the wife of a former player to say these things.

    Tannerhill sucks, he makes Andy Dalton look to be a winner.

  33. Either Brent agrees or he isn’t a full partner in his marriage. Surprising a guy that’s riding out the sunset of his career is willing to let his petty loudmouth wife give anyone a reason to replace him. Maybe he’s just a delusional egomaniac and believes he can’t be replaced. I’m guessing there’s a running conversation at the Grime’s residence concerning how great he is. Just a guess.

  34. It is so sad how the players end up surrounded by people from their past that will drag them down.

    Rookies need to be told “you are not the same guy from the neighborhood, you are now a highly accomplished professional. However your high school girlfriend and old buddies probably ARE the same as they were in the neighborhood”

  35. Miko is a racist piece of garbage. No one ever needs to hear from her again.

  36. mongo3401 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 1:05 PM
    The NFL and Dollhins have had several talks with Brent about this. There is nothing other then cut him, that can be done about a family member that is a blatant racist. It’s been in articles where Brent said he is not responsible for his wife’s actions. Just one reason he is no longer in Miami.
    Makes me wonder reading that, is he actually telling her what to say? And then come back with,”Dude, nothing to do with me. It’s not my opinion”

  37. backintheday99 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 12:38 PM
    niners816 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 11:40 AM
    Man, Brent, you’re one lucky man. I bet she’s wild in the sack though


    It is always the opposite. Calm person = wild.

    Wild person = calm slash lame.

    Pretty much common knowledge. Ask your dad or any adults you might know.
    That just proves how little you know. I’ll pray for you, bruh. We’ll get you some experience, don’t you worry.

  38. Ya know, on further thought….if this is the type of bigoted garbage his wife comes out with, and he stays with her, then it’s not hard to draw the conclusion that he not only doesn’t care, but that he is on board with her statements. What a piece of trash.

  39. Over the top rhetoric? Everything she said is true.

    From Kobe fans being blind (to the fact that Kobe was a cancer) to Miami.

    The only thing over the top was it took the wife of a former player to say these things.

    Tannerhill sucks, he makes Andy Dalton look to be a winner.


    Get back to twitter Miko. Leave PFT alone.

  40. look this chick up on goggle….

    nothing special: Face is worn/hair a mess

    Looks like the miracle of modern medicine have enhanced her chest

    Looks like alcohol is her next best friend.

    So I ask…What makes her so special that we are even listing to her rants?

    Can’t someone disconnect her twitter…lol

    Sorry Brent….but in the end…she has/will cost you millions. And for what? Nothing special in my opinion.

    Move on while you still have some playing years ahead…. and can earn enough to live out your life….

  41. I don’t believe in blaming people for what their relatives do, but in this case he chooses to be married to her and it’s a poor reflection on his character. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t condone those views could stay married to someone like that. People get divorced for so many flimsy reasons these days, but this would be a solid reason.

  42. According to MTV only white people can be racist.
    This woman is a pig. One can only surmise that Brent Grimes is a eunuch. If giving the family name bad press on purpose isn’t a reason to give a skank the Heisman, I don’t know what is.

  43. I’m not giving Brent the benefit of the doubt anymore. I used to think it was just Miko being nuts. Well… he married her, is STILL married to. So if he wants to be in the same company as her than I will oblige him.

    Brent, my opinion is that you too are antisemitic with little grasp of reality. No more free pass just cause it’s Miko’s twitter feed.

  44. Her level of idiocracy and bigotry are astounding! She has always been a side show of ignorance and blatant stupidity!

    She is a cyber bully with a professional athlete for a husband. I’d like to see anti-bullying groups all assemble their constituents on her Twitter 142 characters at a time.

    She is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the US and the racial divide.

  45. NFL blackball list is real and once you are entrenched there you’re done as a player in the league. Won’t be much longer for Brent.

  46. niners816 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 2:26 PM


    Lighten up Frances. You don’t need to pray for me. I was a professional baseball player. I lived the life. I miss it.

    Good friend who played for the Islanders proved that Hockey players have it better than anyone.

  47. Just watching her being drunk and causing a distraction at Dolphins games was embarrassing for anybody connected with our team. The time she was pinned to the ground by the police at the Bills game really should have been the straw that broke the camels back. She has serious mental issues and will hopefully get help. Brent is obvious very loyal but must be close to breaking point. He probably needs to issue a statement of apology to just keep things cool with everybody.

  48. Cutting her was the smartest move the ‘Phins made in quite some time. Losing Brent in the process was a small price to pay

  49. Hood Rat!!! He clearly can not control his wife. Poor guy, He seems like a low key mellow guy. Your problem now Tampa. Imagine if the Bucs cut him. What will she say then?
    He constantly got burnt last year so his best years are way past him. He was always a classy guy but the hood rat was not worth the distraction.

  50. I wish social media would cut her off and stop retweeting the dumb crap she spews, it gives her a voice, I get why though, I’m part of the problem for clicking and posting but I had to say that, I’m sick of this crackhead making money off being ignorant

  51. How much of a wimp is Brent Grimes? He makes millions of dollars but let’s his loser wife make him look like a complete tool. He clearly has no control over her. Why he hasn’t left her long ago speaks a lot about his character.

  52. Anyone else see the double standard here??

    Example: If a white person would have made that statement he would be labeled a racist, white trash Neo-Nazi and every news station would be talking about it! LGBT, NAACP, Balck Lives Matter, PETA and GOD only knows who else would be holding protests from Florida to California!!

    Let me clarify…comments like this are completely unacceptable NO MATTER who says it.

    So why is it that an African-America says it and it barely gets discussed???

  53. So from his signing to today how many days is that?

    Who won the pool we had going on the amount of time the Bucs regret signing Grimes?

  54. It’s really sad that with the advent of social media ” people” like this have a forum. And don’t anyone feel sorry for mr. Grimes. Birds of a feather flock together.

  55. Here’s a question someone needs to ask her, or she needs to ask herself. “Your husband is making millions of dollars. You don’t have to work. You can do pretty much whatever you want all the time. What are you so angry about?”

  56. He probably stays with her because he is afraid of what she will do to him if he leaves her. Hopefully Tampa has some cojones and cuts him now.

  57. They come as a package and should be flushed as a package.

    TB grow some and take care of these cancers – now!

  58. “Ron White is correct, you really can’t fix stupid.

    131 1 ”

    Oh look, I got a dislike. Miko must be reading this.

  59. Funny how being “anti-semetic” causes outrage, yet if she would’ve said “the owner keeps his Christian buddies employed” hardly anyone (particularly in the media) would bat an eyelash. Think about that for a sec.

  60. I really don’t know why Brent is still with her. She’s not attractive, she’s not smart, she’s classless & she has already cost him 2 jobs.

  61. First saw this report on ESPN but I immediately came here to see the comments.lol

    This little girl needs to be put on timeout. Was she not loved as a child?

    I don’t even feel bad for Brent the guys obviously an idiot for letting it go on this long.

  62. Miko can say what she want to about Tannehill. He is filthy rich and got beautiful wife. I ain’t mad at him. That’s more than I can say for Brent and his wife.

  63. The black Archie Bunker! Lol
    She is funny and classless. Laugh at the crazy lady. Poor Brent imagine being married to that train wreck

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