Grand jury: No charges for homeowner who shot naked Stanley Wilson II

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Former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II still faces charges for his naked breaking and entering which resulted in his getting shot, but the guy who shot a naked breaker and enterer won’t.

According to Francesca Fontana of the Oregonian, a grand jury ruled that the shooting was justifiable under Oregon criminal law.

Resident Robert McCall shot Wilson in the abdomen when he tried to enter his home, perhaps because he was naked.

The Oregon Revised Statute 161.219 states a person is justified in using “deadly physical force upon another person” if the other person was attempting to burglarize a home.

Wilson said during a court appearance he was “happy to be alive,” though there are still plenty of questions to be answered (like, why would one break into a house to potentially steal things if one didn’t have a pocket to put it in). He faces first- and second-degree burglary and trespassing charges.