Miko Grimes blames the media

A day after Miko Grimes made an anti-Semitic remark during her latest rant against the Dolphins, the team that previously employed her husband, Brent, through 2015, Miko has found the culprit: It’s the media, of course.

The media is the problem,” Miko Grimes told JoeBucsFan.com. “They make things stories so they get clicks. They are the ones that want the fame. They wanna be famous for writing the story that got the most clicks even if it’s not really a story at all. They tell you to be offended in the title usually. It’s brainwashing at its best! I get harassed for saying [Ryan] Tannehill is a bum but Johnny Manziel’s dad can say he’s a junkie and he hopes he gets arrested so he doesn’t end up dead, and he’s praised! What if those comments from his dad are the ones that sent Johnny over the edge?

“What I’m hearing is this: If you say something the media likes and it fits their narrative (Johnny [Football] is a junkie) then whoever agrees gets praised. But if you say things that don’t fit their narrative (Ryan Tannehill is a bum) you are called a cancer and your husband should lose his job. How come Johhny’s dad isn’t a cancer? What kinda father writes those things about his son? Why not help him or talk to him privately? Everyone uses social media how they see fit. Whether you are a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a realist, or a comedian. You have the freedom to say what you want. Now if you’re in a position where saying what you want can get you fired, and you can’t feed your family, then you have to be careful. I don’t have an employer. No one can fire me. I’m very wealthy, so I don’t have an issue feeding my family. But I’m also not a racist.”

We can summarize her position far more concisely. She wants attention on her own terms.

It’s the J.J. Watt phenomenon: Look at me, talk about me, write about me . . . as long as you are praising me. If you’ll be criticizing me, mind your own damn business.

Besides, it’s far too late for Miko Grimes to characterize herself as being disconnected from her husband’s career. She has claimed that she talked Brent’s way out of Miami, and that she is the one who negotiates his contracts. She does radio interviews and podcasts and, before she was arrested prior to a Dolphins game last season, she had a radio show or her own in Miami.

Miko Grimes isn’t the usual player’s wife. She aspires to have a voice and, presumably, a career of her own in the media she dislikes. She obviously craves fame (or at least notoriety) in her own right, and not as an extension of her football-playing spouse.

I don’t care if she thinks Ryan Tannehill is a bum. A lot of people think he’s a bum. And if new Dolphins coach Adam Gase becomes one of those people over the next six months, Tannehill likely won’t be back in 2017. (Miko Grimes likely will claim credit at that point for being right all along and/or opening the team’s eyes to the fact that Tannehill is a bum.)

Regardless, she landed on our radar screen on Monday only because she dabbled in anti-Semitism. She can scream she’s not a racist, she can claim it was a compliment, she can blame the media, she can do whatever she wants. It doesn’t change the fact that, in her effort to seek attention for herself, she crossed the line, she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge she crossed the line, and she’s pissed at anyone who would dare point out either of those facts.

We’re now done talking about Miko Grimes. Not only has she taken her Twitter feed private, but she also has blocked the PFT account. At some point, however, her desire for attention on her own terms likely will result in either or both of those decisions being reversed.

72 responses to “Miko Grimes blames the media

  1. The media hasn’t portrayed her as a racist, her words have. TRASHY WOMAN.

    No matter how bad a day is,you can always be thankful you aren’t married to this psycho

  2. “We’re now done talking about Miko Grimes.”

    Please let this be true. Because we’re gonna hold you to that, Mike.

  3. Miko Grimes will blame anybody except for herself. What an idiot. Brent must be terrified of divorcing her fearing that she’ll go Fatal Attraction on him on something. That’s the only reason he could possibly still share a roof with this lunatic.

  4. Miko is an idiot. To compare here verbal diarrhea to Manziel’s dad who is at his whits end with his son and hoping he gets arrested so maybe that saves his life shows how warped her mind is.

    She’s going to cause the premature end of Grimes’ career once he loses another step. I can see Grimes hanging on as a nickle corner or someone to mentor younger cornerbacks in his fast approaching twilight of his career but no team will put up with an aging veteran who’s wife is this much of a distraction and who says racists things and doesn’t have the self awareness to simply apologize and move on…..who does she think she is? Trump?

  5. Blaming the media for your problems is the ultimate cop-out. People are bound to have opinions that aren’t accurate no matter who you are. If you don’t like the attention then don’t blatantly draw attention to yourself.

  6. You really should have been done talking about Miko Grimes two days ago, if not longer.

    I understand that she is more than the average player’s wife, but a clown is a clown, and the best way to silence one is to just ignore them and move on.

  7. Why is it so hard for people to not write dumb things on twitter/ Especially a serial offender like Ms. Grimes. You recognize you have a problem and then make the decision to stop. Miami paid her husband millions. Seems a little low to write those bad things about them.

  8. What has Miko Grimes ever done or accomplished in her life? Why should any of us give a rip what she thinks about anything?

  9. This comes under the heading of people famous for being famous, like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians. Our time would be better spent trying to figure the name for her reality show when she gets one.

    Growing Up Miko
    Miko Corny
    Miko Explains It All

    Also, what’s the over/under on them finding a way to talk about her without talking about her?

  10. I totally agree with you, Miko… It was the media that made me press ‘Send’ too. Finally, somebody understands me…

    Isaiah Crowell

  11. It’s her right to say what she did, and my right to say she’s ignorant fool and probably racist. But no should be giving her any attention. The Bucs, who have owners whose ancestors survived holocaust in Eastern Europe, showed how to deal with this all…just ignore the fool. If Brent had said these things, different story.

  12. It’s her right to say what she did, and my right to say she’s ignorant fool and probably racist. But no one should be giving her any attention–it just fuels the supidity. The Bucs, who have owners whose ancestors survived holocaust in Eastern Europe, showed how to deal with this all…just ignore the fool. Now, if Brent had said these things, different story…address it. And I’d bet they privately told him how bad she was making herself look, and not good for him, but that’s as far as they needed to take it.

  13. After an idiotic rant last season she opted to tweet only in private and monitor requests to follow her. It didn’t take long for her to cave to the lack of public attention she craves and ultimately resurfaced. She’s like the child that craves attention good or bad.

  14. She wouldn’t have a dime if it weren’t for being married to Brent. Who in their right mind would hire someone like her?

  15. Yes Miko, it’s probably all part of some massive conspiracy to make you look stupid by controlling social media in such a sneaky way as to let you say anything you want. Fiendishly clever of them! You’re gonna have to go to plan-B to defeat them – tinfoil and a deep bunker, but be careful to avoid supplies of food, water and air, because they’ll contaminate that with mustard-pretzel gas.

  16. I wish you would address the foul language she uses in her tweets. FOR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!
    Young boys and girls read this stuff, and she surely must know that…
    I honestly think the NFL should address this with Brent!!!

    This woman either needs mental help, or at least a very good muffler…

  17. And people used to say Mrs. Kurt Warner, Bradys’ wife, and Cindy Garvey were a pain.

  18. Who is surprised that she now blames someone else for the backlash. Probably the same as the number of her brain cells–zero.

  19. “No one can fire me. I’m very wealthy, so I don’t have an issue feeding my family. But I’m also not a racist.”

    Her statements support the old adage that money can’t buy class.

  20. The media is why your husband makes millions of dollars and the reason anyone knows who you are. I would be fine if the media never mentioned her again.

  21. So you go on a racist rant on Twitter, possibly the most public web site on the entire internet, and blame the media for pointing it out to other people? OK…

  22. then she justifies her comments by saying ‘i gained 2500 more twitter followers’, not realizing people are just stopping by to watch the train wreck.
    she re-tweets the half a dozen followers who defend her without realizing there are millions laughing at her lunacy.

  23. There’s a fine line between being an empowered, independent woman and a crazy, egotistical loudmouth.

    No matter how hot the sex is, it isn’t worth the headache. Looks fade, but that something tells me that mouth will keep running long after she’s dead.

  24. ……Bret, don’t get too comfortable in Tampa……the Glazers will remember your wife’s rant & you’ll pay the consequences……You can thank her for putting the nail in career…..

  25. I never heard of this woman until early this year when I read a PFT article about her. I’ve forgotten about her until PFT again mentioned her recently. Maybe if PFT and the media would stop mentioning her, she would go away?

  26. blame the media for your fingers on your twitter ? , an johneys dad has all the right to talk “he’s related to him “,are you related to ryan ?
    BRENT best buy as much duct tape as you can

  27. Welp, she’s definitely qualified to run for President.


    No, the problem is she actually said this from her own mouth. It’s not made up

  28. “No one can fire me. I’m very wealthy, so I don’t have an issue feeding my family. ”

    But what if your racist comments cause your husband to lose his job, Miko???

  29. The person I feel bad for is Tannehill. What has he done to upset this crazy lady? Jameison better watch his back, she appears to blame everyone but herself or her husband’s declining skills.

  30. @ dogman52
    This woman either needs mental help, or at least a very good muffler…

    Or at the very least some duct tape can be arranged.

    If some genius ever decides to do one of those “Real Wives” type of shows, well here is your star.

  31. Errm correction to my post, if some genius decides to do an “NFL wives” show, she will be at the top of the list for a casting call.

  32. Introducing, Brenda Warner 2.0. Of course, it’s never her fault. The media were totally to blame in her decision to post those asinine, ignorant comments on her Twitter account. Just be quiet and support your husband and his new team. You’re making him and yourself look VERY bad!

  33. It is the media fault, the more you talk about her the more relevant she becomes…..at some point the national media should ignore her and let her be the local media, her husband and the Bucs problem…….

  34. Lol zero self control

    If she hadn’t married into money she’d probably be in jail for some serious crime or another.

  35. Just do us all a favor and ignore her twitter remarks. These twitter remarks are clearly nothing more than an attempt for attention…

  36. Don’t compare what you say to what Johnny’s father said. He made a statement talking about his son. You run your mouth talking about everyone. You also got arrested outside your husband’s place of employment.

  37. I get harassed for saying [Ryan] Tannehill is a bum but Johnny Manziel’s dad can say he’s a junkie and he hopes he gets arrested so he doesn’t end up dead, and he’s praised! What if those comments from his dad are the ones that sent Johnny over the edge?



    She act’s as if the media is in love with RT17, they bash him way more than she does.

    Second, comparing a QB’s on the field play to his personal life crumbling and possibly ending because of an addiction is ignorant and asinine. I love Brent Grimes as a player, but I really hope he gets cut because of her so he can see how she is ruining him and his career.

  38. When he was on the Falcons, I seem to remember Grimes getting beaten ALOT. He is fast but he is also about 5′ 6″ (or at least plays like it) and many many passes thrown his way seemed to be jump balls effortlessly plucked out of the air by the taller receivers. I think Grimes’ limits were masked at Miami as he had better safeties and could lean on that protection. I am glad he was not re-signed in Atlanta. Here he was a middling player with a big mouth with a wife that has an even bigger mouth… how many people want to watch you suck on the field and then complain and spout off all the time. We got rid of Me-angelo Hall too – another loudmouth. Hall was much better than Grimes but still not nearly good enough for the team to deal with all his junk. I am glad they are both gone. Looking forward to seeing Julio out-jump the elderly dwarf this season.

  39. Call me crazy, but I think that Miko is hot!
    I know a way to get her to shut up too.

    Ahhhhh….that’s just me. Solving the world’s problems, one at a time.

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