Sean Payton doesn’t see signs of Drew Brees slowing down

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Over July 4th weekend, Saints quarterback Drew Brees posted a picture of himself riding a zipline into an inflatable kiddie pool on Twitter and it drew a response from coach Sean Payton.

Payton wrote “uggh, all we need are the fireworks” and he told Rich Eisen, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune, that Brees’ wife quickly sent him a text asking if he wanted Brees to stop. Payton did want the quarterback to avoid any potential injury while frolicking with the family because such an injury could lead to the kind of slowdown in Brees’ performance that Payton says the quarterback has otherwise avoided to this point in his tenure with the Saints.

“At the stage he is in his career, it’s a question that gets asked a lot,” Payton said on NFL Network. “I have not seen — there’s not a rep, a play where I’ve noticed something different.I think it’s a credit to, look, we know how he trains, his diet, everything in his day to prepare to play well at that position. I think it’s really changed, we’ve seen a change and we’re talking about a Manning or a Brady, a number of these guys at that position can play longer. I don’t want to put a number on it because I have not seen the beginning or a tick down at all.”

Brees and Payton are heading into their 11th season together, something Payton calls “not real common” in the NFL. Brees doesn’t have a contract for a 12th year in New Orleans, something that has led to a lot of discussion about an extension but hasn’t led to an agreement to this point. Should Brees continue to avoid a “tick down” in 2016, it’s hard to imagine that the Saints will be in any rush to end that long relationship.

20 responses to “Sean Payton doesn’t see signs of Drew Brees slowing down

  1. I’m sure Saints fans are thrilled SD chose to part ways with Drew Brees but I’ll always wonder………….what if the Chargers would have drafted Larry Fitzgerald #1 overall and kept Drew Brees instead of drafting Phillip Rivers?

    Don’t get me wrong Rivers is a fine QB but you had Drew Brees and the #1 pick andyou blew it.

  2. obviously sean is too busy with bounty system to watch film!

    Payton’s eyes are as weak as Drew’s arm.

    Jealousy is bad…. Ummm, kayyy…

  3. ariani1985 and RegisHawk – To say that you are wrong is an understatement. 5000 yards passing every year does not result with a weak arm. If you think that the Saints were the only team with bounties or award systems, you likely haven’t been a NFL fan very long.

  4. The Superdome has extended his career and inflated his stats. He can’t win bad weather games.

  5. This just in…Drew Brees saw the headline for this story and immediately demanded more money.

  6. The Superdome has extended his career and inflated his stats. He can’t win bad weather games.
    Deflating balls, taping signals and back pocket refs have extended Brady’s career and led to illegitimate Super Bowl wins… FACTS

  7. a) No Seahawk, fan or player, has any cause to be jealous of anything the Saints have done.

    b) If you’re going to try to troll about age, it’s probably a good idea to use a screen name that doesn’t have “tweener” in it.

    I miss the trolls on the old ESPN blogs…they put some thought into their tripe.

  8. Peyton Manning also had to have his neck fused. Brees is just as great as he was five years ago, his team just isn’t.

  9. Keep him in the dome, chucking it 60x per game, and he will break a bunch of records. The Saints will go nowhere but Brees will be famous.

  10. Let’s all just agree to disagree on which team and which QB is the best and still has gas in the tank. Is Brees the best? No. But he is better than 95% of the current starting quarterbacks. I’m glad the Saints have Brees. Wouldn’t trade him for any other QB. That being said, let’s geaux Saints!

  11. that Brees’ wife quickly sent him a text asking if he wanted Brees to stop

    Drew Brees demands an explanation!

  12. WOW did the Phins begin an epic avalanche of crazy Personnel decisions beginning with that Culpepper’s knee or Bree’s shoulder thing,,,

    Brandon Marshall, Ireland, Philbin, Wannstedt, Fiedler, Ray Lucas, David Boston, Sparano, Cameron, Chad Henne, the Tuna, Suh, giving up on Wes Welker (!!!), Taking Pat White at QB and the queen of them all ,…. Tanny…

    when will it end

  13. Love, love, love how trolls give false stats to try to make themselves feel better… tears are delicious!

  14. brees 4-12 playoff record! wow!
    Brees’ playoff record is actually 6-5

  15. ariani1985 says:
    Jul 12, 2016 12:40 PM
    brees 4-12 playoff record! wow!

    You are wrong, but don;t let facts cloud your trolling:

    Playoff record: 6-5
    Home playoff record: 4-1
    Road playoff record: 1-4
    Non-wild card playoff record: 4-3
    30-30-30 seasons: 1
    Playoff points per game average: 29.00
    Super Bowl starts: 1
    Super Bowl rings: 1

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