Welker still considers fateful moment in Super Bowl XLVI a drop

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Late in Super Bowl XLVI, with the Patriots leading by three points and driving, quarterback Tom Brady threw a third-down pass to receiver Wes Welker. The ball wasn’t delivered between the numbers, forcing Welker to jump and lunge and contort in an effort to come down with the ball.

He failed to do so, opening the door for the Giants to once again drive down the field late and steal a ring from New England.

Most characterized it as a drop. Some (like me) put at least part of the blame on Brady for not delivering an easily catchable ball. Making the media rounds in Boston on Tuesday, Welker reiterated his post-game message that the blame rests with him.

“For sure,” Welker told Tom Curran of CSN New England. “If it hits your hands, you’re supposed to catch it.”

Should a player with Welker’s skills have made the catch? Probably. But that doesn’t absolve Brady from being off target with the throw. Even if hardly anyone sees it that way.

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  1. I agree with you Mike, Brady should have thrown a better ball for his receiver and he could have too, but Welker, who was an excellent WR for the Pats probably should have caught it anyhow.

    You can blame whoever you want, both parties could have done more. Regardless it wasn’t caught, the chains didn’t move, and Eli once again worked his late magic against the Pats in a big moment. Stuff happens. SB 49 took some of the sting away for many

  2. Wasn’t a great throw, but Brady tried to throw it away from the closing safety(#21, the CB was beat) as he should have. Welker got both hands on the ball, should have made the play. But Welker was a great player for the Pats, and the Giants made more plays and deserved to win. It is what it is.

  3. But that doesn’t absolve Brady from being off target with the throw.
    The throw wasn’t “off target”. Leading Welker would have been to throw into middle-of-the-field coverage. Watch the replay. Learn. It’s never too late.

  4. This was bad throw/drop happened on 2nd down not 3rd. Brady and the patriots had third down and still failed to convert. Brady choked and so did Wes. Eli didn’t and that’s why we won the game.

  5. The cops are rightfully upset at Crowell for that image he posted. It was violent and does nothing to promote a positive resolution to any of the problems going on right now.

    But threatening to not do your job for the other 60k people at the stadium who didn’t post violent images against police? How does that work? Where does this cop get off in that regard? As a police officer, it’s your job to “protect and serve,” last I checked. Whether it’s providing security at a KKK really (as we’ve seen the police do without threatening boycotts) or providing security at a stadium for a team that employs am a-hole player, you do your job.

    Crowell SHOULD do more to make amends, but this cop threatening a boycott is just as much bull as that image Crowell posted.

  6. If Brady was the goat like all patriot fans say it would had been a better thrown ball. If he is the best ever then it’s an insult to real qbs like Flacco, Manning, etc.

  7. “Horrible pass”. “That pass was terrible”. It seems the typically clueless trolls don’t even know what a bad pass is!!!!!!!. Here’s a hint to them: It’s what your QB regularly throws.

  8. .
    If Welker makes the catch, it wouldn’t have become an ESPN ” instant classic” . During any normal NFL season, there’s many more difficult catches made every week.

  9. I’ve always believed he dropped that pass on purpose to spite Belichek for slapping him down when he made fun of Rex Ryan’s foot fetish.

  10. Of course it was on Welker
    To win a Super Bowl Big Time Players have to make big time plays—-Do you think Manning through perfect passes to his receivers???
    No,— both Super Bowls were lost to the Giants because their receivers made HUGE plays at the biggest moments

    Welker failed his team by not doing that—plain and simple
    It was our game to lose and we did
    Still love the guy but lets be real

  11. This is what happens when you’re used to catching deflated footballs all year and then because of the added scrutiny of the Super Bowl you can’t slip into a bathroom and stick a needle in them. 100% this is because Welker wasn’t used to catching fully inflated footballs.

    Welcome to Karma, GOAT.

  12. The throw was off target, and the Patriots OC (I think it was Bill Obrien) said it wasn’t Welkers fault and kind of implied it was Brady by how he spoke.

  13. It’s like Gisele said to the NYG heckler at the stadium, “My husband can’t throw zee fookin’ football and catch it, too.”

  14. Every one who has played ball at any level has heard coach say “if that ball hits you in the hands its your responsibility to come down with it”.

    It wasnt he greatest throw by Beady, could have been better. But it WAS on target as evidenced by Welker getting his hands in it.

    Regardless, woulda coulda shoulda. I’m sure the Eagles, Panthers, and Rams all have similar plays they relive against the Pats.

    Why play useless mind games about what if?

  15. It wasn’t a 3rd down, it was on 2nd and 11. On the 3rd down play Brady had Deion Branch open for the first down but threw it behind him

  16. looked 50/50 to me. Would have been a great catch, but Welker isn’t built for that kind of elongated, stretched-out play.

  17. It was a drop. Brady threw it were Welker could catch it, and not get smashed. It hit both of his hands. It was a drop.

    Manning didn’t have a problem leading Welker right into defenders.

  18. Should of caught it, should of caught it, should of caught it. Two Super Bowls, two huge breaks for the giants. The Tyree catch, and the Welker drop. In both games the Patriots were clearly the better team. Anyway the proof is in the pudding as they say. The Patroits are one year removed from another SB, while the giants have missed the playoffs four straight years. I still say he, ‘Welker should have caught it.’

  19. “Hardly anyone sees it that way” because it is a dumb way to see it. I could have caught it, and I am not that good. Wes Welker catches that ball 99 times out of 100. It was a drop.

  20. There’s no controversy in Patriots nation

    This wasn’t Welker and Brady playing catch in practice

    This was Brady putting the ball where Welker could get it and the Defender could not… EXACTLY where he needed it to go – and no, those of you who don’t understand the game of football – that would NOT be “on the numbers” in that situation

    9 times out of 10, Welker gets his hands on a ball, it’s a catch and he knows it just like everyone else does

    It wasn’t an easy pass to catch for sure – and no one in Patriots nation is surprised that such a difficult catch to make was dropped – but let’s not delude ourselves…

    Those well defended pass catches are why Welker was on the team – he made nearly EVERY other tough catch in his career, and for that Patriots fans salute him

    But Welker didn’t make THAT catch – and if he did, he’d have a ring. Welker is obviously the first to recognize that even if some fans here can’t or won’t

  21. Brady’s throw was off target, it wasn’t a drop.
    Welker made a great play to even get his hands on it and be in position to almost pull it in.

    Brady sometimes has off plays too, it’s not always the other guys fault.

  22. Welker is right. He should have had it.

    Brady threw it to the correct spot, back shoulder, away from the defender. The throw wasnt perfect but it should have been good enough. If Brady made a mistake it was telegraphing the throw so the safety can get in position to either drill Welker and make him drop it or fumble. Or pick it off. Oh well.

    Of course Patriot Hater likes to make noise about that throw but all Patriot Haters know nothing about the sport so just take it for what it is. 🙂 White noise. 🙂

  23. Speaking of Welker… funny how a guy who didn’t leave the Patriots organization on the greatest terms and who doesn’t care much for BB had absolutely nothing to say about deflated footballs or cameras.

    Very telling too. 🙂

  24. 4th Quarter, 4:06 remaining.
    2nd and 11 at the NYG 44.
    NE Leading 17-15
    Timeouts Left: Pats 2, Giants 1

    Brady was throwing away from coverage but the ball was placed higher than it needed to be. Welker is 5’9″. He wasn’t known for stretching the field and making acrobatic catches. He was an underneath possession receiver.

    That said, he COULD have caught the ball. His effort also COULD have been made easier with a better placed ball.

    Either way, the Pats still had another down to keep the chains moving and couldn’t get it done. Even if they picked up the first down, there were still four minutes on the clock and they would have needed a few more first downs to keep the ball away from captain comeback.

    The Giants started their next drive on their own 12 yard line, down by 2. If NE holds them to a FG, Tom likely has a shot at setting up Gostkowski for a game winning FG. Instead, the Giants drive down the field so quickly that Ahmad Bradshaw is confused about whether he should fall into the end zone or not.

    There are so many variables in football. You can’t pin the entire game on one play. If a phantom holding wasn’t called in the first half (Wilfork even admitted it he wasn’t held) with the Giants driving, the Pats may not have ever even been in position to take the lead. There are a hundred other “what if” scenarios in every game, which is what makes speculating pointless.

  25. Hey it’s sport, you can lose. BB and TB teams win more big ones than they lose, the point being they’re always there playing in them. It’s a golden age to have the greatest QB and coach of all time.

  26. We all know the Patriots lost that game because their headsets did not work. If they had they would have easily won the game. Its the headsets, they make all the difference between winning and losing. Ask any coach. Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek.,

  27. In 07 the play that really sunk the Patriots was when “Captain Clutch” tried to toss an easy interception the Asante Samuel and he didn’t oblige. In the 2011 game it’s as simple as not having Gronk at anything near 100%. The play that derailed the 2011 SB train was a play involving Bernard Pollard injuring a Patriots player, actually that’s true of the 2008 season as well.

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