Potential top pick Myles Garrett says he’d never sit out to protect draft stock

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Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is a potential first overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, and as a result some have suggested that he should sit out his junior season this year and keep himself healthy to protect his draft stock. Garrett says he’d never do that.

I’ve heard it but I’m against it,” Garrett told NFL Media. “I want to be one of the best that’s ever come through A&M, and that would just be betraying the people I’ve played with and the people who have come before me, who have worked their butt off.”

Another player with first overall pick talent, Jaylon Smith, blew out his knee in Notre Dame’s bowl game this year and fell to the second round of the draft, where the Cowboys picked him. Garrett acknowledged that it’s possible that some day a player will see injuries like Smith’s and decide to sit out a season to avoid injury, but Garrett hopes that doesn’t happen.

“It could get to that point, but I hope it doesn’t. It’s hurting the game,” Garrett said. “You don’t disgrace the game like that and say ‘It’s not worth my time and I’ll be a first-round pick anyway.’ You play because you love it, not because you can make money from it.”

That’s an attitude that Garrett’s A&M coaches and teammates will like, and it’s an attitude that NFL teams will like as well. But it does carry risks. If Garrett gets hurt this year, some 2018 draft prospect may see that and decide that he’s better off sitting out.

8 responses to “Potential top pick Myles Garrett says he’d never sit out to protect draft stock

  1. Why not play it real safe and sit out three years after high school. Wouldn’t want to risk getting injured in college. When you’re a stud athlete, who needs to actually play the game?

  2. That kind of attitude is refreshing and what I’d like to see if I were the GM of the team with the top pick in 2017 (the Browns)

  3. Cant compare him to Jaylon Smith. Before last season started, no one was saying Smith had a good shot of being picked first overall. Hos play over the course of the season raised his draft stock. If Smith had sat out last season he wouldn’t have been picked in the first round, let alone first overall.

    Garrett is doing the right thing by playing. If anything we are learning that teams will still draft a talented player very high even if he has sustained a serious injury. Smith is a great example of THAT.

  4. Good for him. Nice to see rational thought/decisions from some of these youngsters. When editors on this website seemingly lobby for guys like Garrett, Clowney and Fournette to sit out, what they fail to factor in is their love of the game. This is what these guys do, it’s their life. I applaud them for it.

  5. No one gets better at football by not playing the sport.

    Since Garrett can’t leave school early, it’s best for him to play in order to improve as a player.

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