Rams select a pair of firms to build Kroenkeworld

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The biggest project in North American sports history is big enough to have two construction firms build it.

Via Don Muret of SportsBusiness Journal, the Rams picked a joint venture between Turner Construction and Hunt Construction to build the team’s $2.5 billion stadium, which eventually may be shared with the Chargers or Raiders.

The Turner-Hunt partnership won a process that included Tutor Perini and a joint venture between Skanska and Webcor.

The new stadium in Inglewood is due to open in 2019. The Rams will play their home games for the next three seasons at the L.A. Coliseum. (Other than the “home” games they’ll play in London, China, or elsewhere.)

With the NFL launching impressive new stadiums in Minnesota this year and Atlanta next year, the L.A. venue will become the new gold standard for NFL stadiums. Unless and until the next oversized football cathedral is built, putting pressure on everyone else to keep up and continuing a cycle in which buildings that should last for a century become obsolete almost as quickly as automobiles.

11 responses to “Rams select a pair of firms to build Kroenkeworld

  1. I will take Vegas any day over La La Land…..bu Raiders should stay in Oakland.

  2. I think this is why i am slowly becoming less and less enthusiastic about pro football. i am a giants fan that lives in western ny. i have been to every giants game and a couple divisional games at ralph wilson stadium. sure, its not mint and polished like where the giants play but its a heck of a venue to watch a football game. absolutely perfect view of the field no matter where you sit. i LOVE going there because you can see perfectly. isn`t that why fans go to games ? to watch the goddamn game ? two and a half billion for a stadium ? i don`t know. maybe i`m just getting to old to understand the way the world has changed.

  3. You are welcome to it. I lived through one of those guaranteed successful sports venues when they get built the 1976 Olympic Stadium in Montreal for the 1976 Olympics. It took 40 years to finally pay off at about 10x the original budget and about 1/3 the original glamor. You would have thought that with the country being founded on Judeo-Christian principals, that we would have remembered the very early lesson of the Tower of Babble. Any attempts at building monstrosities that put us either literally or figuratively equal with God are doomed to failure. The capital investment required needs to visualize a design that has never been done before in order to attract the vast array of venues required to be profitable. Nothing wrong with the firms they have selected, Turner and Hunt have both brought high profile very technically challenging projects in on budget before. They can do this. But then what happens? How do you make it sufficiently flexible to be able to adapt to venues that have not been even contemplated it yet.

  4. Until they decide to hire a decent coach the Rams will continue to dissapoint. Fisher is no Belichick. After the first year L.A. Fans will go to see winning teams not the stadium.

  5. The Ram’s new stadium will be a site to behold. It will be spectacular. Fans are in for an amazing treat in 2019. Kroenke is giving Inglewood a huge economic boost by himself! Super Bowls will be beyond amazing at the new stadium.

  6. Sadly more and more of these venues are built with the venue being the attraction and not the product on the field.
    Go to a game and see how much time you spend watching the game on the field vs how much time they spend trying to get your attention diverted to something on the jumbotron.

  7. All NFL stadia henceforth should be modular in design and capable of flight so that the visiting team flies its fans (already seated) to its opponent’s stadium and locks in its half for the game.

    I don’t know what’s so difficult about implementing this.

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