Justin Tucker says he won’t re-sign in 2017 if no deal by deadline

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The Ravens used their franchise tag on kicker Justin Tucker this offseason and there have been frequent reports about optimism on both sides about a long-term deal getting done before the July 15 deadline to sign one.

A quick check of the calendar shows that tomorrow is July 15 and no contract has been signed. That appears to have dimmed the optimism in Baltimore a fair amount.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tucker is “frustrated” by the way negotiations with the Ravens have played out to this point and that he has “vowed” not to re-sign with the team after the 2016 season in the event that a deal can’t get done by Friday’s deadline.

Tucker has been one of the best kickers in the league since joining the Ravens in 2012 and stands to make over $4.5 million under the franchise tender he signed after being tagged. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski signed a four-year deal worth $17.2 million last year, which would seem to be the same neighborhood Tucker is trying to wind up in when the contract process reaches its conclusion.

UPDATE 6:25 p.m. ET: Schefter expanded upon his initial report with more details, including that the Ravens’ current offer to Tucker pays him less than previous ones and less than the four-year, $16.1 million that Mason Crosby got from the Packers in March.

“Justin’s disillusioned with the process right now and the Ravens position with him on his contract,” Tucker’s agent, Rob Roche, said. “If we don’t get a long-term deal done by Friday, Justin will not entertain offers from Ravens after the season.”

7 responses to “Justin Tucker says he won’t re-sign in 2017 if no deal by deadline

  1. The franchise tag was never designed to be used on kickers. Between the obvious screw ups and abuse of power by Goodell, and the seemingly growing revolt against the franchise tag, the next CBA negotiations are gonna be a hum dinger. Wonder if Goodell’s ouster is a bargaining chip for the players. I hope so. Meanwhile, the NFL Network is archiving a lot of classic games over the next 4 yrs, to be run in 2020.

  2. tedmurph says:
    Jul 14, 2016 6:39 PM
    The franchise tag was never designed to be used on kickers.
    Until it was. Patriots have used it on both Viniatieri and Gostkowski. Both of the kickers and the team benefited I would say…

  3. Yes, the Patriots used the tag on their kickers. That doesn’t change the argument. I said it was wrong then too(Although they used it on Gostkowski to buy time for a long term deal). The tag was designed, at the start of free agency to let teams try to protect their star players. Not to just keep anyone from hitting the market, or finding their value.

  4. Justin Tucker IS a star player, hence why he’s getting a tag. People in Baltimore love him (probably cause he wins the 1-3 games a year, has played his entire career there, and is active in the community). Try to spin that one…

  5. The Ravens can franchise him again next year so he really wouldn’t have a choice unless he wants to sit out. Sounds to me like an agent just making noise.

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