Rodgers says he values loyalty, hopes to play whole career with Packers


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a guest on the new Bill Simmons HBO show “Any Given Wednesday,” and Packers fans probably liked what they heard from Rodgers when he talked about loyalty and his desire to play his entire career with the Packers.

A discussion between Rodgers and Simmons on the NBA and Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors turned into one on superteams and chasing championships. Though Simmons tried to get Rodgers to talk about Brett Favre continuing to play after the Packers chose to play Rodgers over Favre, Rodgers didn’t say much specifically about Favre but did say he respects “guys who go one way, stay with the same team” and said he hopes to be one of them.

“Two of my favorite players from my sports watching growing up, they recently retired,” Rodgers said. “One was Derek Jeter with the Yankees and the other was Kobe Bryant. And then Tim Duncan just retired [this week] and that’s a great example too.

“Their legacy, I think it’s made in those later years. Derek is one of the best shortstops ever and one of the best Yankees ever. Kobe is one of the greatest Lakers ever. Tim is one of the best power forwards ever and he won all those championships [in one place].

“They stayed with the same team. They stuck it out. I think there’s a lot to be said about kind of finishing your legacy with one team. I hope I’m lucky enough to be able to do that.”

While Packers fans probably like hearing that, 49ers fans probably cringe at the story Simmons brought up later in the discussion. Simmons said he was told that then-49ers coach Mike Nolan thought Rodgers was “too cocky” when the team did its homework before the 2005 draft, when the 49ers chose Alex Smith at No. 1 overall and Rodgers slid to No. 24 before being drafted by the Packers.

Rodgers said he “assumed” that was the case but didn’t know for sure.

“The story I heard, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, was that Mike Nolan said when he saw Alex open the car door for his mom, he knew that was his quarterback,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t know what to say. I was at lunch with [the 49ers]. My mom wasn’t there. My dad wasn’t there.

“I laugh at stories like that because that has nothing to do with being a quarterback.”

The Rodgers interview with Simmons was pre-recorded, and apparently before news of Tom Brady’s suspension came on Wednesday morning. Rodgers was at ESPN’s annual ESPY Awards on Wednesday.

Simmons and Rodgers did not discuss Rodgers’ brother, Jordan, who recently said on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” that he and Aaron don’t have much of a relationship.

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  1. Favre said this too. It will be interesting to see with Rodgers if this stays. I’m curious with Brady, too. It just ends up being a lot easier towards the end for great QBs to go elsewhere. Generally there’s that point where a Great QB still thinks they have something left, and management doesn’t.

  2. “They stayed with the same team. They stuck it out.” No doubt considering the very act of living or working in Green Bay is the definition of “sticking it out”. It’s not like one can thrive there.

    aaron’s anecdote about the 49’ers is laughable. They picked Smith because he was a good college QB and they passed on Rodgers for the same reason that almost every other team passed on him: He’s an extremely difficult personality bordering on insufferable.

    Of course, there’s a town in this great country that views that kind of personality as a virtue.

  3. Aaron will play his whole career with my Packers. But he never stays here. I wonder why. I’m here, and I’m a friendly guy. At least he says he wants to play here.

  4. I remember when Aaron Rodgers ridiculed Russell Wilson last year and Wilson took the high road, not stooping to Aaron’s level. When Jordan Rodgers took Wilson’s side, I knew what a scumbag Aaron must be. When even your own family doesn’t support you…that’s embarrassing for Aaron.

  5. They are trying so hard to generate some kind of a+ content on this show, that it’s just not happening.
    Like everyone says, Simmons doesn’t quite translate to the screen. He doesn’t have a good rapport with his guests; he’s not a natural host on this format. Which is funny since he does so well on his podcast. I think some of these guests have been a bit out of his league.
    Whatever, the future doesn’t seem too bright for this show.

  6. How can an all-world quarterback have one single trip to the SB. I’ll tell you how: having the most overrated GM in professional sports. Just a shame, honestly. He deserves better.

  7. “”did not discuss Rodgers’ brother, Jordan””

    Sure they did… As soon as Aaron said, “I value loyalty”.

  8. Packer fans will love it until he continues to bow out in the playoffs year in and year out….then they will treat him like Favre and turn their backs on him in a heart beat!

  9. itbacw says:
    Jul 14, 2016 12:48 AM
    I remember when Aaron Rodgers ridiculed Russell Wilson last year and Wilson took the high road, not stooping to Aaron’s level. When Jordan Rodgers took Wilson’s side, I knew what a scumbag Aaron must be. When even your own family doesn’t support you…that’s embarrassing for Aaron.

    Wilson said God hand-picked the Seahawks and that God made him throw four interceptions. Why? So that he could win dramatically on the strength of God’s support. Was God busy watching football in Dallas last week?

    Please. I’ll take Rodgers’ position any day of the week. And his brother a weak-minded Ken doll.

  10. Who knows maybe the Packers are grooming Hundley to be Rodgers successor in a couple year’s and they let Rodgers go to the Vikings because Bridgewater is a bust. Now all the Viking fans with their clever remarks about Rodgers will think he’s the greatest qb to have ever played the game.

  11. Its a good thing when the face of the franchise goes out and states for the world to hear that he values loyalty. It could be worse, the face of your franchise could be a convicted child abuser, now that’s a switch.

  12. I have speculated in a couple of places as to when Ted Thompson will “Favre” Aaron Rodgers.
    The Packers have been grooming Brett Hundley and I suspect after a couple more seasons, Aaron might be shown the door like Favre was.
    The brutal truth is loyalty in professional sports lasts exactly one season.

  13. Get the feeling there are more then a few Packer players that don’t really like Rodgers . Have heard many interviews with other players on the team using descriptions of Rodgers ranging from quirky to takes getting used to and just plain different . Usually people use those type of descriptions when they don’t have anything good to say when asked what they think of a person .

  14. You’ve got to admit, that Rodgers and Packer Fans are a good match.

    Rodgers think’s HE is GOD.
    Packer fans brag about pre-season superbowls every year.

    They are both a bit delusional.

  15. Rodgers already saw 30 pass in the rear view mirror years ago.

    Within the next few years, he is going to start slowing down. This is not a knock on him as it happens to everyone.

    When he begins declining and can no longer carry the whole team and the Pack bottoms out, McCarthy is going to get canned and face it those two are joined at the hip. New coach will want to start bringing in his guys and a few years after that, ARod might not have a choice in the matter.

    Hands down, he is a great QB but sometimes events do not line up and we have seen most of the all time greats have to move on to another team. Manning, Montana, and lord knows Aaron had a front row seat for the whole debacle with #4.

    I do find it ironic that to this point Rodgers career has somewhat mirrored Favres. Win a Super Bowl early in their career and then a bunch of early exits.

  16. when the hell did Mike Zimmer or Teddy Bridgewater get convicted of child abuse? Moron.

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