Silence descends on Von Miller talks

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Last month, the talks between the Broncos and linebacker Von Miller became very public. With the deadline for doing a long-term deal getting closer and closer, the talks have become very private.

Private as in silent. As in no one is sharing any specifics about the talks.

The Broncos, per a source with knowledge of the situation, are hopeful that a deal will be done, and they believe that a lot of progress has been made. However, neither team nor player have leaked anything since reports emerged over the weekend that the Broncos moved the trigger for converting injury-only guarantees to full guarantees from March 2018 to March 2017 and that they increased the total guarantee from $58 million to $61 million.

It’s unclear whether team and player agreed to stop talking or whether it just happened. It’s possible that, given Miller’s reaction to some of the tactics employed by the team in June, Miller’s camp has decided step back and watch the team dance on the edge of the cliff.

Regardless, it’s quiet. And it’s not as if people aren’t trying to find out what’s happening.

Here’s one thing that’s apparently not happening. The two sides still aren’t truly negotiating. Instead, the Broncos will make an offer and Miller’s camp will respond and that back and forth will continue without meaningful engagement aimed at resolving any lingering differences.

Miller’s camp has interpreted that as an effort by the organization to impose its will on the player. It may have worked for other players, but it hasn’t worked for Miller. Unless the team’s will at some point matches what Miller wants, it may never work.

Either way, we’ll know more by 4:00 p.m. ET on Friday.

37 responses to “Silence descends on Von Miller talks

  1. It would be Von Miller “dancing off the edge of a cliff” not The Broncos should he not accept their generous offer.
    He, according to his own words, will not play the entire year and sit out.
    A whole year off without football is a steep cliff to navigate.
    Not saying he couldn’t do it but the only cliff in view is his.

  2. Miller absolutely interprets the Broncos’ actions as an imposition. In fairness to Denver, that’s typical of the way the clubs execute business. When you’re talking about the game’s premiere pass rusher however, Miller holds all the cards -supply and demand. I really can’t see him sitting out a year, but if he does, some owner is going to be willing to make him a very rich man next season.

  3. It’s quiet until the armored truck arrives at Von’s place with bags of cash.

    Just circumvent baby.

  4. Silence is golden
    But my eyes still see.
    Silence is golden, golden;
    But my eyes still see,

  5. Lol at Elway for being an indescribable idiot. He learned nothing from the Dumervil fiasco. Have fun trying to ride Sanchez to another title lmao. Quit low balling and bump up the guarantee for God sakes Miller is way better than Cox.

  6. then Von ripped a PED induced fart that crushed the silence and was fined $100K

  7. The secrets have started! They’re just going to pay him secretly, above and beyond the salary cap, just like they did for Elway (who runs the Broncos) and Davis. They know the NFL will simply ignore it until Goodell feels their SB window has closed.

    Denver knows that he’s going to test positive again anyway.

  8. Miller had two killer elite playoff games last season but over all his season was good, very good, but not epic (by comparison, see Mack in Oakland). Losing Miller would be a massive blow to Denver but Elway has shown time and time again he will not mortgage/bankrupt the teams future for one guy.

    Denver has made a very, very fair offer to Miller. If he doesnt like, let him take a hike. Denver wasnt going to make a deep playoff run this year anyway.

  9. No news is actually a good sign that the deal will get done. Usually if things aren’t going well, the parties leak information to the media to try to shame the other side into giving in. The lack of leaks suggests that they are making progress.

  10. sc5000 says:
    Jul 14, 2016 11:38 AM
    Lol at Elway for being an indescribable idiot. He learned nothing from the Dumervil fiasco. Have fun trying to ride Sanchez to another title lmao. Quit low balling and bump up the guarantee for God sakes Miller is way better than Cox.

    We’ll take any “indescribable idiot” that has, since his arrival 1: delivered a division title every year. 2: delivered 2 conference titles. 3: delivered a SB trophy. Yup. Take that “idiot” EVERY time.

  11. von PED miller will get paid under the table in the most elway like way…
    WWNFL. As crooked as wrestling.

  12. Broncos aren’t even close to the same team. Seriously wondering if they make the playoffs without von

  13. Let the Diva walk.
    If he can’t be bothered to play for the FORTUNE he is being offered, forget him and move on.
    Let him sit this year. He can dance with the morons again.

  14. Let him go. If he would get a big contract, with his attitude, his performance will slide big time….

  15. Time for Elway to say “final offer, deal or no deal” and walk away. Miller is very good, but not $114Mil w/ more than 57% guaranteed in the 1st 3 years good. Let him sit for ’16 and realize that he screwed himself AND the team.

  16. Let him walk if he doesn’t sign. This is a guy who has already been suspended for drugs, asking for guaranteed money. Really doesn’t make sense for the team to give him a huge amount guaranteed, and see him suspended again.

  17. Once Miller’s officially out of the Trump Veep-stakes at noon tomorrow … things will heat back up.

  18. Enjoy that Super Bowl trophy Broncos. Its going to be a long, long, long….. long time before you win another one. Maybe Super Bowl 100???

  19. As a Raider fan, I approve of Horseface’s actions for 2 reasons:

    1) By taking such a hardline in the face of other mega deals that lesser players got, there’s a real chance Miller sits out. Good luck getting Sanchez to Dilfer his way to a SB without Miller, Jackson, etc. This would definitely increase the Raiders chances to win the division, no matter how you spin it.
    2) Lest we forget, the Raiders have a stud LB of their own that will be due BIG $$$ in 2 years. The less Miller gets, the more the Raiders will save when it comes time to pay Mack. Because Carr was drafted in round 2, his deal will come up first next year and that’s going to make a dent in the salary cap too.

    In conclusion, Raider Nation is very thankful for your tactics, Horseface!

  20. In case you haven’t been paying attention bighoser salary’s will only escalate over the next few years which means Mack will probably want twice what Miller is being offered . And since your team went on a spending spree this summer where are they gonna find the money to pay Mack AND Carr ? Meanwhile whether Von signs or doesn’t sign Denver has monster cap space the next few years unless they too go on a spending spree which is unlikely since their nucleus is intact . Raider fans kill me . One 7-9 season and a little love from the media and they own the division !!

  21. Elway could send Miller and Talib to the Raiders and Broncos would still win AFC West. Your lane has been the shoulder for well over a decade raider’s colony and horseface sits at his desk with a fresh Lombardi. Just win something first baby!

  22. Von or no Von, the Broncos will still win the AFC West. It is just so obvious the haters know nothing about the depth and true composition of this team. The Broncos could start Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett at OLB and still have an excellent defense. DEPTH, haters. We have it, you don’t.

  23. Shane Ray will end up having a better career than Von Miller. I’d trade Miller so fast it would make your head spin. Miller sounds like he’s satisfied with one super bowl win. Obviously, The Broncos aren’t. When a player thinks he’s bigger than the team, it’s time for that player to leave. Miller would be happy to play for a loser and make more money. That’s his choice. No hard feelings. Good bye, and good luck!

  24. People who are financially illiterate (65% of society) are essentially broke but great at spending other peoples money. I’m afraid there are more than a few around here.

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