Ex-Browns tackle Roger Chanoine dies

Former Browns offensive tackle Roger Chanoine has passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Chanoine was 39.

Chanoine broke into the NFL with the Rams in 1998. He played in 33 games, starting 18, for the Browns from 1999-2002, and also spent time with the Jaguars.

He started all 16 games at right tackle for the Browns in 2001.

8 responses to “Ex-Browns tackle Roger Chanoine dies

  1. He was a well-liked, good man. Gave back to society. Good family man. Made a successful transition from the NFL to technology sales to companies (he worked for Canon and then Konica Minolta).

    Sadly, the great news last year that his cancer was in remission didn’t last. He was a great model for anyone, not just former football players. He maintained a positive attitude and dignity while fighting cancer. RIP and hoping his family and friends find some comfort and inspiration in their memories of him. The world is a better place with people like him.

  2. Cancer sucks.

    I’m 57 and every time I see someone much younger than me die like this I’m thankful for the time I’ve had and the things I’ve gotten to do in the years I’ve had that guys like this did not get.


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