Joey Bosa contract impasse lingers


The headline of the latest item regarding Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa in the San Diego Union-Tribune calls his contractual situation a “holdout,” but there’s nothing from which he’s currently holding out. The Chargers, like all teams, remain in the dead spot between the offseason program and training camp, and the fact that Bosa’s contract is missing his signature doesn’t mean he’s missing anything.

Still, the non-holdout becomes a holdout if training camp opens and Bosa hasn’t signed. Michael Gehlken of the Union-Tribune writes that Bosa was in San Diego for a Saturday autograph-signing session, but that the third overall pick in the draft declined to speak to the media. According to his representatives, Bosa won’t be talking until he signs his rookie deal.

So why hasn’t he signed his rookie deal? Bosa reportedly has dug in on the topic of offsets and cash flow, two of the only items that can still be negotiated under the rookie wage scale adopted five years ago. With the four-year rookie deals now fully guaranteed at the top of the draft, some players want to keep all the money in the event they’re cut, and also to pocket whatever they make elsewhere. The teams want credit for money made elsewhere during the balance of the four years, as an offset.

Cash flow quietly has become nearly as important, with agents pushing for signing bonus money to be paid out sooner and teams trying to hold some of it for upwards of a year.

For Bosa, the problem is believed to be both. And with the Chargers needing to start the season strong in order to enhance their chances of winning an election on which a new stadium in San Diego is hinging, the thinking apparently is that the team will blink before Bosa does.

Given the circumstances, the team should consider blinking. Far bigger issues are at play than the manner in which the mess will be mopped up if Bosa is a bust. The Chargers need Bosa in the fold, and they should consider giving him what he wants a cost of doing business in one of the most critical seasons this specific business has ever faced.

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  1. He’s not good and he knows he’ll be exposed at this level against this type of competition. He’s trying to cash in cause he knows he won’t make it to year #3.

  2. Bolts wasted a pick on this dude. He is going to be a bigger bust then his dad was.

  3. He better get what he can before the Chargers find out what a bust this guy really is. He will go down as the biggest bust of the 2016 first round and he was picked at #4 overall.

    Terrible pick, average talent, 10 cent head.

  4. The Chargers either have confidence in the player they picked (and should pay him) or they don’t have confidence in the scouting department and are scared to pay him.

    He is cheaper than a free agent, so do they want bad press so they can move or do they want good press to help them stay?

    This is bigger than just paying him early.

  5. It sounds like Bosa’s agent, Todd France realizes that the Chargers can’t afford a holdout. It’s a double win for him. His client gets a better deal and France can brag to prospective clients next year how he strong-armed the Chargers into giving into Bosa’s demands.

  6. I’m trying to figure out the animosity towards Bosa. He’s treating his negotiations like a business. Gasp! The horrors. He’ll sign either when he gets what he wants or if he caves. The vitriol being thrown towards him for simply treating his business dealing like a business is frankly sickening.

  7. Offsets are a ridiculous item for rookies to hold out for. If you are the third pick in the draft and you get cut, that means you really suck or have become intolerable to the coaches/locker room. That money is still guaranteed if you never get signed again. If you do get signed, why should you get paid by two teams? The guarantee is there because of injury and the chance the new player is not cut out for the NFL. Either way that player gets the money. The offset just shuffles around who pays it.

  8. 6thsense10 says:
    Jul 16, 2016 10:39 PM
    I’m trying to figure out the animosity towards Bosa. He’s treating his negotiations like a business. Gasp! The horrors. He’ll sign either when he gets what he wants or if he caves. The vitriol being thrown towards him for simply treating his business dealing like a business is frankly sickening.
    I suspect the agent is the target as much if not more than Bosa. Also, he is the NFLPA poster boy this year. The union coerces one player to fight on any given principle in order to try and set precedence for future player negotiations. This year, Bosa is their guy.

  9. I understand the desire for offset language and it does seem fair to me. But the fact is the NFL tried to negotiate the language in to the CBA and didn’t get it. So instead they hold it over the head of the athlete waiting for his first contract. Take note that veteran contract signers resist agreeing to offset language, coaches don’t like to agree to it either. The only reason they get people to agree is because they want the money as soon as possible. Obviously Bosa is willing to wait.

  10. Calling him a bust before he’s even played a down is just wishful, baseless thinking by Charger haters. It has as much validity as a Bolt fan saying he’ll be a Hall of Famer. We don’t know until he puts in a few seasons.

  11. Sounds to me like Bosa has absolutely zero confidence in himself and wants to make sure he cashes in before he’s ousted for laziness and lack of heart!!!

  12. Here is a wild thought. What if the Chargers are intentionally obstructing negotiations so that they get bad PR and have a bad team so they can justify moving?

  13. Bosa is a Party Guy – Hey Chargers learn from the Browns Manziel situation . Give yourself the option to recoup when he gets pulled for possession and detained at the Mexican border.

  14. I’m guessing his ” trainer ” advised him to wait until his system is drug free before signing .

  15. I tend to see a different side of this. Bosa would be unlikely to sit the season. He is surely aware that he will not get better offers after sitting a year. Not signing would likely lead to him losing a step, losing notoriety and brand, setting himself up to look like a problem to negotiate with, and losing quite a bit of money in the long run. He would lose the money for the year plus he would more than likely get a worse offer next year than his current one. This guy is not a proven commodity like Von Miller that would still have a lot of interest after sitting a year. If he sits next years team will be focused on a new crop of rookies and proven vets and he will largely slide from talent scouts radars. It seems the Chargers could wait him out to me, unless they perceive him to be the type that would fall on his own sword just to prove its sharp.

  16. “The Chargers either have confidence in the player they picked (and should pay him) or they don’t have confidence in the scouting department and are scared to pay him.”

    Right this has nothing to do with “paying him”. It has everything to do with not wanting to pay him if he plays poorly, is cut before the end of the rookie deal and he’s picked up elsewhere.

    Offsets should be mandatory.

  17. A labor post by Florio where he advocates the team making the concession. Shocking.

  18. redzonerambler says:
    Jul 17, 2016 10:09 AM

    “This guy is not a proven commodity like Von Miller”

    Correct, and in the picture Joey shows us exactly how much he has accomplished in the NFL …. ZERO.

  19. What does it say about a guy’s confidence as a top pick if he is worried about being cut? As a team, I would be worried.

  20. Its such a minor thing, the team should give in. Its not like they are paying him any extra.

  21. You have to look at things from his point of view. Having attended O$U, he was no doubt one of the highest-paid players at the college level – he’s just trying to get a deal that involves taking the least amount of a pay cut vs. what he’s been earning for the past few years.

  22. There are 2 issues on the table, the 2 parties need to compromise and each give on 1. Both issues likely will have zero impact in the end anyway, and a full training camp is critical for both parties.

    End of story.

  23. For the folks who can’t figure out why people are reacting to Bosa in a negative manner, it goes like this. If Bosa signs his deal and performs well, he gets paid and then will get his second contract based on how he performed for the company. That sounds fair and reasonable to us, as the chargers are not paying him for his college career.
    If Bosa under performs the Chargers have the ability to let him go having already paid him probably more than his worth to them, and before he cost them a ton of me he has NOT earned based on performance. Bosa could then go to another team who feels he MAY be a better scheme fit and again get paid for potential. There is no way in hell he deserves to double dip. He should not be allowed to make more than his rookie contract is worth because he failed at his first stop. If so, every player in the game would do this, and we have seen a few (allegedly) do this after receiving huge guaranteed cash.
    In short get paid for your performance with your employer and have confidence in yourself to earn that next contract.

  24. Bosa hasn’t done much to endear himself to the San Diego can base. In his first interview in San Diego he said the city would be a great place to spend his first four years – and that maybe he’d buy a boat.

    Trade his rights to Cleveland and let him take a boat out on Lake Erie. I hear that the lake and it’s tributaries are less flammable these days.

  25. I hate the offset language. When any player holds out for offset language it’s almost like it gives them a license to suck to when they get cut they actually make more money for sucking that for playing hard. What kind of reasoning is that? It’s nonsensical. As someone mentioned above, I hope they get it out in the next CBA. Thank goodness they changed the rookie deals so people like JaMarcus Russell don’t get paid a truckload and then be a complete failure.

  26. Remember last year when Marcus Mariota was negotiating the same offset language issue?

    Remember everyone saying he was an epic bust for the ages, and simply a product of the Oregon system?

    #3 pick Fowler had already been hurt, and the Jags granted him a concession on offset. Actually a good move by JAX; they showed class and compassion for a player whose future was in doubt. That should serve them well in the future as they go after free agents.

    But it also created a difference in the “usual and customary” way that rookie contracts were made. Mariota’s agent correctly figured if it was OK to concede offset language for the 3rd pick, it was OK for the first.

    And if it is OK to concede on the #3 pick of 2015, then why would the #3 pick of 2016 accept anything less? Does anyone REALLY think it is simply a coincidence that Bosa is the #3 pick?

    The Fowler concession set precedent, the Mariota deal reinforced it, and the Bosa contract will demonstrate that the Fowler precedent will be used (successfully) in ongoing contract negotiations as well as the next CBA talks.

    Everyone is free to like or dislike offset language. But past practice counts for a lot in court decisions.

    Bosa’s challenge is a strategic move – if the Chargers to concede, it will cement the offset status for top 3 picks and invite future challenges for picks below that.

    If the Chargers hold firm, it invites a court challenge on why they are going against past practice.

    Does anyone STILL think Bosa or Mariota are bums? I think they are both guilty of hiring smart agents.

  27. My bad on Mariota; he was the second pick after Jameis Winston. but the logic still applies.

  28. First of all Bosa stinks. Another overhyped Suckeye.

    Second, I have no problem with players holding out if you are a 1st rd pick. Better to get all the money u can now.

  29. the jags and the rams are supposedly the two teams that don’t “play along” when it comes to offset language.

    which is why fowler the #3 pick didn’t have it and neither does jalen ramsey, the #5 pick this year.

    i think it being the #3 pick is just an interesting coincidence. i think it’s much more telling that the remaining unsigned first round draft picks all share the same agency representing them.

    so while it probably is a strategic move by them, i don’t think it has much to do with it being the 3rd pick.

  30. Bosa played on the #4 ranked team nationally in both the AP poll and the coaches poll in 2015 and 2016. Are those the “Suckeyes” you refer to? Hmmm, where did your team rank?

  31. Let him stay home and watch TV for a couple of weeks. He’ll pick up the phone.

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