Arian Foster to work out for Dolphins, Lions

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With training camp looming and his ruptured Achilles tendon apparently healed, running back Arian Foster will officially commence his search for a new team this week.

PFT has confirmed that Foster will work out for the Dolphins on Monday. Later in the week, he’ll work out for the Lions. Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported both pending tryouts.

The Dolphins previously brought Foster to town for a get-acquainted session. Currently, Miami’s depth chart at the position features Jay Ajayi and third-round rookie Kenyan Drake. Coach Adam Gase is looking for a do-it-all back who won’t be leaving the field; if Foster is healthy and still has gas in the tank, he could be an upgrade over their current options — especially in light of his career accomplishments.

The Lions intend to rely on players like Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick. Again, a healthy and still-effective Foster arguably would be an upgrade.

Foster, undrafted in 2009 by the Texans, led the league in rushing during his second season, with 1,616 yards. In 2014, he rushed for 1,246 yards in 13 games. His 2015 season ended in Week Four, when the lower-leg tendon popped.

The Broncos also have been linked to Foster, given his familiarity with coach Gary Kubiak’s offense. Denver apparently has not yet pursued a potential reunion between Foster and Kubiak, however.

23 responses to “Arian Foster to work out for Dolphins, Lions

  1. He’ll sign somewhere, probably after week 1, so teams can get out of paying that vet money. He can be a good vet backup for a season or two more.

  2. If Ameer Abdullah doesn’t win that starting job, he has seriously underachieved or Jim Caldwell doesn’t understand how good Abdullah is. I am leaning towards the latter, Caldwell is not exactly a RB whisperer.

  3. Say what you want about the cat, but he gave everything he had on the field. His stats were impressive until he started getting dinged. If he can stay healthy, he has a couple productive years left in him.

  4. Foster’s injuries haven’t been concentrated on any one area; he’s had one relatively minor injury to each knee; more serious injuries to his
    shoulder, back, hamstrings, etc. Last season he had a groin injury in camp then popped his Achilles when he came back.

    If he’s healthy and can STAY healthy he’s better by far than anything either Detroit or Miami has – no argument about it.

    If you haven’t watched him play much you don’t realize how good he really is. He’s always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder because he went undrafted, now he’s been cut as well. Someone’s going to take a chance on him, and I doubt his choices will be limited to just Miami and Detroit.

  5. The dude can’t stay healthy to save his life. Hey, more power to him if he can collect another bag of free money..

  6. doe22us says:
    Jul 17, 2016 9:31 PM
    Better than all RB’s combined for both the Dolphins and the Lions.

    Untrue….If Ajai stays healthy he has star potential and there is no telling what Drake can acomplish. If Miami signs him all 3 of their rb will have 1 thing in common….injuries and questionable knees

  7. He won’t sign with either of those 2 teams if he wants a shot at a ring…. If he does sign, it’s just a last chance money grab & nothing more….I hope he decides to go for a ring as I like the guy….plays with heart & has had some tough breaks for sure

  8. He’d be a perfect change-up (and insurance plan) for Ajayi.

    Miami shouldn’t let him leave tome. Overpay him a bit. With the rookie Drake as a scatback guy, Maimi could have the best running back corp they’ve had in a long, long time.

  9. When healthy, Foster is one of the best backs in the league. He runs hard and leaves it all on the field. He would be a great pick up for Miami, as we don’t have any really proven RB’s on the team. I have all the faith in Ajayi, but he needs to prove he can be a full time back at the NFL level. With Foster’s injury history and at his age, he would fit nicely as insurance and would work well as a complimentary back.

  10. These pundits and non Dolphin fans are clueless about our RB situation. Foster wouldn’t be the 3rd best on our roster. He is washed up done and got that last injury against us last season. That game we won 70 to nothing…

    Ajayi was a monster at Boise State and will be the lead back on our roster. Drake I don’t know where he will be but word in miami is he’s going to be a nice addition. Then you have Williams who isn’t too shabby. Kid came out undrafted out of Oklahomma and when he gets in there he looks solid. He can be very interesting if he had more opportunities. He’s been hanging on the roster for a reason. Miami will survive without Foster.

  11. After Miller escaped from the Dolphin roster, the GM realized that the cupboard was bare. Ooops! Great planning Tannenbaum!

    Foster would be a much needed addition to the Dolphin roster. We have some promising backs on the roster but a veteran would help.

  12. Foster is an interesting name for the Redskins whose depth chart is weak at RB. My main concern is his success came in the zone blocking scheme that is no longer deployed in Washington. If its not Foster, I still see the skins grabbing a vet RB who gets cut during camp/preseason.

  13. RBs coming off Achilles injuries… not usually a good thing. The Lions, for one, should be most concerned about it because after Leshoure came back from his, he was quite worthless as a runner. He showed a burst before he tore it, and had nothing after.

  14. @thermanmerman99 says:
    Jul 17, 2016 9:10 PM

    If I created an Arian nation fan club would I be called a racist?
    Only if you are…

  15. txndave says:
    Jul 17, 2016 9:50 PM
    The dude can’t stay healthy to save his life. Hey, more power to him if he can collect another bag of free money..

    And people wonder why athletes don’t show more “loyalty” to their original teams and fans. Guy puts up nearly 6,500 yards in 7 seasons for a team and its’ fans describe him as a guy who just “collects bags of free money”.

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