Isaiah Crowell attends funeral of slain Dallas police officer

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Browns running back Isaiah Crowell, whose inflammatory social-media post depicting violence against police prompted a threat from the local law enforcement union to boycott his team’s game, continues to seek redemption and enlightenment in the wake of the incident.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Crowell attended the funeral of Patrick Zamarripa, one of the five officers killed in Dallas earlier this month. Sergeant Demetrick Pennie, the president of the Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation, spent eight hours with Crowell on Saturday.

“I am confident that the policing community now has a supporter in Mr. Crowell,” Pennie wrote on Facebook. “Personally, I would like to commend Isaiah Crowell for the courage of principled accountability.”

After Crowell’s apology for posting an image of a police officer’s throat being slashed, the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association demanded more. Crowell then promised to donate his first game check of the 2016 season to the Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation.

74 responses to “Isaiah Crowell attends funeral of slain Dallas police officer

  1. This was almost an impossible hole to dig out of. I give the man credit though. He’s doing something with his own time and money. That’s really all you have to give at the end of the day – your time and money. We’ll see if he keeps it up, but right now, he’s done everything he can given the situation he put himself in.

  2. I think this young man may have learned from this experience. I commend him for taking these steps. He should still be suspended for conduct detrimental!!

  3. Amazing that you can apologize for something, and back up the words with deeds….and it still isn’t enough for some people.

    Sounds to me like the guy made a mistake and owned up to it. More should do the same.

  4. Gotta admit, the guy did a scumbag move by his post, but I have to think him personally seeing an officer laid to rest by his mourning family and the impact it will have on their life will give him some new perspective.

    Hopefully he not only learned his lesson, but has had a genuine change of heart.

  5. It was pretty crappy what he did but he should be commended for the effort he has put into attaining forgiveness

  6. He did something awful, but he owned it and is trying to do better. Took some courage to go to that man’s funeral. It would behoove many to follow his example. Sometimes you need a wake-up to grow up.

  7. I still think this is all back track and repair mode. That’s a big deal if Cleveland police weren’t going to work Browns games.

  8. The man made a mistake and he is trying to make amends for it. Everyone needs a 2nd chance. The police have a tough job and everyone needs to work together to have good will and respect for each other. All people are equal. Go Browns!!!!

  9. He’s doing it because he has to. I applaud the effort to try and get back on the good side of people, but it’s not like he really changed.

  10. Good start. He should fly the wives and kids of the officers to a Browns game. That would really show something good and if the families can forgive it we probably can too.

  11. Elected officials and religious leaders have said and done worse,yet we hold athletes to a higher moral standard. He’s done more in a week to apologize than convicted felons have over a lifetime to make amends. Hat tip for his efforts. Can we let this go now or does he need to set up a trust fund as well.

  12. It’s ok to have an opinion, but why judge the man? It’s the Unero numero #1 mistake of mankind. We all got to be the judge. Was it an awful picture and a bad decision by Isaiah? Something I wouldn’t have done, but he did and now it’s over. He needs to be forgiven. Let this man do good, do what’s right. We all need to start somewhere, for some of us it’s stripping us down to the heart and soul and starting all over again. I know that things happen for a reason and maybe he can be an example for turning anger and confusion into love and compassion. Can you?

  13. This is what he needed to do.

    He needed to see the agony of a life taken. This won’t change how he feels when it happens to an African-American at the hands of a racist cop, but it hopefully assisted him in realizing that most cops aren’t racist.

    The people who say he shouldn’t have gone…what could he have done to help feel the weight of his Instagram?

    I hope he has a great season, and that this will make him consider the impact he can have when his playing days are over.

  14. Well I guess between the game check and the funeral attendance the disgraceful shakedown is now complete. One thing we know with certainty – Crowell is a far better person than the criminals at the Cleveland police union. Real man vs whining cowards.

  15. If I were him, I wouldn’t have offered one damn cent! I saw the picture in question and this dude is not the one who created it. He just shared it like many others. Are the police leagues and supporters going after each of them? Are they demanding their full check too? Give me a break!

    Crowell’s not the blame for the racism going on within the police departments. When you have these “American ISIS” police officers executing Black men on the spot, acting as judge, jury and executioner, over CDs, cigarettes, tail lights and wide noses, it was just a matter of time an uprising would happen. If they want a gun fight, send them to Syria to fight the real ISIS, not unarmed American citizens.

    Let’s not forget the root of the issues. The people are fed up with racism in America, beginning with those sworn to serve and protect.

    If you killed a dog, regardless of what color you are, you’ll likely go to jail for a while. But execute Black men and women, and you have a Grand “Dragon” Jury letting people off the hook. That’s what’s gotten the people hot.

    So, please don’t make this dude the scapegoat. It is FAR BIGGER than Crowell. He has nothing to do with these murders and the police’s abuse of power. And just because he plays football doesn’t mean he’s the chosen one to nail to the cross. There’s plenty of others who aren’t pro athletes that we work with every day. When do they lose their jobs and paychecks?

    I am a US military veteran and have family and friends who are in law enforcement. They know it’s up to them to stop the vigilante cops before those hot heads make all cops targets. And I’ve heard several police chiefs declare the same thing: fellow cops must make the bad apples responsible.

  16. Credit to Crowell. The guy has taken accountability for his mistake.

    That’s not a common thing in professional sports. He should be commended.

  17. Thumbs up if you think Crowell’s remorse is genuine.

    Thumbs down if you think that that Crowell is at the funeral because his agent/the Browns/the NFL carefully explained to him that a show of contrition would keep his ass in the league.

  18. He did something awful and is only acting like this due to his agent and team no doubt threatening to fine him if he doesn’t quickly do something to try and turn this around

    He’s not sorry. Just trying to save face. If he was a third string RB for the Browns he would be cut. As he’s a potential starter the team want him and have forced him to grovel

  19. I hope he’s sincere. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, IMO. That said, I hope he learns a lesson and spreads his new found knowledge to others in his sphere of influence.

  20. In an age when most people would just use the excuse of having their Twitter hacked – kind of refreshing to see someone take ownership of their stupidity.
    I think we all could use a breather from the hate on the Internet.

  21. I am a police officer and a Browns fan. I was sickened by Crowell’s post and like a lot of people, wanted to see him cut from the team. I’ll always support free speech and your right to it but there has to be a degree of responsibility attached to it. Advocating the murder of anyone has no place in a civil society. That said, Crowell has done everything he can to make things right between himself and those affected by his post…including me. I accept his apology. I’m still disappointed but I accept his apology. Time for all of us to learn from past mistakes and look forward, not back…because we won’t like what we see.

  22. Welcome to the Isiah Crowell Reputation Rehabilitation Tour. Does anyone really believe this was Crowell’s idea?

    I hope his agent or the Browns checked with the family before he attended the funeral.If that was my loved one’s funeral I would not appreciate it being used by someone for their PR.

  23. “Personally, don’t really care for crimI would like to commend Isaiah Cbutrowell for the courage of principled accountability.”

    Would be awesome if everyone everywhere had some principled accountability. Crooks. Cops. Everyone.

    Personally I don’t really care much for law breakers OR law enforcers, but it sure would be nice if everyone
    Had some principled accountability.

  24. Manziel set the bar pretty low yknow. Least he is living up to his word so far.


    Ya because manziel was inciting a race war? What a joke. Who would cheer for this clown anymore? Riley cooper says the n word and it never seen ends and this dude is cheering for dead white cops but he made a mistake lolol.

  25. @niles6590 – How about your esteemed leader Steve Loomis claiming Obama is responsible for the Baton Rouge shooting Sunday? When will the cops denounce Loomis?

  26. For all you idiots still saying they should have kicked him out etc. HE WAS INVITED TO GO TO THE FUNERAL BY THE DALLAS POLICE UNION PRESIDENT!!!! He also hung out with the pres for the whole day so both sides could understand each other better.

  27. This situation reminds me of the one with Rashad Mendenhall a couple years ago.

    All the apologies in the world doesn’t really make up for how the individual really feels.

    Imagine that was his friend or family member getting their throat stabbed or slashed.

    But hay at least Crowell is doing and saying the right things.

  28. It would be great if he had been mic’d up to hear what he was saying under his breath. I’m sure his attendance was from the heart.

  29. He definitely screwed up. But I have a hard time with police who say they aren’t going to do their job because of one moron’s social media post.

  30. It is really unfortunate that so many of you cannot forgive this kid. Yeah, he made a dumb mistake, but he has made up for it through both his words and his deeds.

  31. More Caucasians are killed by cops than any other group… Enough of this garbage… Turn off your TVs and News notifications on your phone…. You’ve been had!

  32. Sorry but I’m not buying. You can’t take back what he posted. The threat of being cut and public backlash is all this guy is reacting to. If anyone actually believes Crowell’s heart has changed then you’re as gullible as they come.

  33. niles6590 – How about your esteemed leader Steve Loomis claiming Obama is responsible for the Baton Rouge shooting Sunday? When will the cops denounce Loomis?


    He is tho. Weak ruler. Hopefully his new bill let’s career criminals out early tho.

  34. What you doing… You doing to much… Go to the funerals of the two innocent brothers… The reason why this started in the first place… Dont forget…

  35. At least he is trying to make amends beyond the (likely) forced donation. Takes a big man to admit he’s made a terrible error of judgement. There is only so much he can do.

  36. It’s easy to be a cynic, especially after he hid behind the “apology” that the Browns’ PR staff wrote. Nothing can take back what he posted, but if you’re going to make amends, this is the way to do it.

    The most powerful thing he did was to attend the funeral and see the agony on the faces of the officer’s family and colleagues. Having the face to face discussion with the Fallen Officer’s president and not hiding behind his PR agent was another positive message.

    It’s time to forgive, not keep hatred, bigotry, and racism in you. If the police and Crowell can do it, then so can PFT readers.

  37. @Cardinalsfan20…Loomis has no leadership over me whatsoever. I’m Canadian. His beliefs are his own and he speaks for members of his union, of which I’m not a part.

  38. skol4life says:
    Jul 18, 2016 9:43 PM

    Good start. He should fly the wives and kids of the officers to a Browns game. That would really show something good and if the families can forgive it we probably can too.

    He should fly them to a real game instead. Why punish them by having to watch the Browns?

  39. I commend him for doing this. What he did was horrible. Many people post things that are stupid and I’d like to think he realizes it was a mistake. Hopefully his actions can bring a greater awareness to the problem and turn that negative into a positive. Sure, this will stick with him for some time but at least he’s trying to make it right and he seems genuine about it. If the Dallas Police Department can accept his efforts to make things right then who on this board has the right to judge this guy. You may not like him for what he did but his actions sure have backed up his remorse for posting it. That’s more that can be said about all the other people who posted it and make no apologies for it. At least this guy is trying. We have all done terrible things but a single act of this nature shouldn’t define his character.

  40. skol4life says:
    Jul 18, 2016 9:43 PM

    Good start. He should fly the wives and kids of the officers to a Browns game. That would really show something good and if the families can forgive it we probably can too.

    Why, so the families can endure more punishment?

  41. I’m very doubtful that he was sincere in his original apology, but the fear of losing his NFL career motivated him to great lengths. Through this process, he wound up spending a day with Sergeant Pennie and respectfully attending one of the funerals. Sgt. Pennie is a black 17-year veteran of the Dallas PD, whom Crowell was, hopefully, able to relate to. If he’s convinced the remorse is real, I’m convinced.

  42. Classy move on Crowell’s part. This would not be an easy thing to do under any circumstances. Regardless of the motivation, hats off to him.

  43. savethebs says:Jul 19, 2016 9:25 AM

    He definitely screwed up. But I have a hard time with police who say they aren’t going to do their job because of one moron’s social media post.
    Except working security at a football game is not part of their job.

  44. What a giant piece of crap. How arrogant of this young man to think his presence at the services of an officer he did not know will make a difference in the eyes of those who have seen who he really is. How dare he try and steal the focus away from the man who lost his life while his family grieves over more senseless murder. You admitted your mistake, you made your apology, now shut up.

  45. If I were one of the family members of one of those officers I’d have asked that he be removed. Ironically by uniformed police!

  46. The REAL problem is that you have our dopey president fomenting the lies perpetrated by the racist “Black lives matter” goons and legitimizing this twisted and false idea that most cops are out to kill black men, which is a lie. The “hands up don’t shoot” all started in Ferguson and was proven to be a lie by 3 or 4 black eyewitnesses. Even the presidents racist “Injustice Department” cleared the cop of any wrong doing, because the facts are the facts. If the cops do kill someone on purpose then they should be punished, but that’s just not the case when you look at the FACTS. I’m sure for Crowell and many other black men, it’s easy to believe these lies, so it’s hard to blame them too much for feeling this way because they are being decieved. Especially when you have white liberals like Hillary that want to sucker minorities into voting for them also perpetuate these lies by pandering to them. They create a “problem” and then claim to be your savior to fix that problem. It’s pure evil and very crafty. Do you really think she cares about you at all? All they care about is your vote for their own power. Hopefully the police he met explained the FACTS to him so he can have a real change of heart.

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