“Peanut” Tillman announces retirement


Cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman has called it a career after 13 NFL seasons.

Tillman, 35, played 12 seasons for the Bears. He played last season with the Panthers, starting 12 games.

An All-Pro in 2012, Tillman was a two-time Pro Bowler and had 38 career interceptions. He started 164 of 168 career games after being drafted by the Bears in the second round in 2003.

In 2013, Tillman was named the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

I’ve had 13 amazing years on two great teams and I’m just thankful for the love and support that I got from my teammates, the fans and my coaches,” Tillman told ChicagoBears.com. “I’m thankful to everyone who has helped me get to where I am right now because I definitely didn’t do it by myself.”

Monday evening, Tillman posted “it’s been real” and a peace sign emoji on his Twitter account along with a link to an entertaining YouTube video entitled “Peanut Retires.”

You should watch it.

31 responses to ““Peanut” Tillman announces retirement

  1. Good video. Great corner. Glad to have seen him play.

    Stripping the ball is 95% as good as an INT.

  2. This one is tough. Tougher than Urlacher for me. Tillman is a genuinely great person. The league and the world needs more Peanut Tillmans! Good luck and enjoy the next phase!

  3. Huge bucket of win. Great attitude. Great inspiration on and off the field. Always could be trusted for great plays and the revered “Peanut Punch”. I hope the Bears provide him some form of homage he and Urlacher were the heart and soul of the D for that tenure.

  4. He’s been fun to watch over the years. When he was drafted I was just a sophmore in high school. Dudes been a great corner in the league for a long time and he did it with class, Ragin Cagin fans must be proud to have a guy like this show out in the NFL and I hope one day he makes it to the HOF

  5. Yeah — he went to the Pro Bowl twice, and he should have gone about six or seven times.
    I watched him for years, because I live in Chicago. I’m not even a Bears fan, but this guy was a top five corner in the league for about ten straight years. However, because he’s not someone who seeks out the limelight, he’s never really gotten his due.

  6. I’m from Chicago, and the guy was nothing but class, a great guy and a hell of a player. Did a lot of good work in the city and truly gave. Happy retirement Peanut!

  7. Tillman was the consummate pro on and off the field.
    He will be missed.
    Not so much by us Packer fans, but true pro football fans.
    Happy thoughts and good luck with your retirement, Charles.

  8. Peanut Tillman was the Bears answer to my Packers Charles Woodson. Tillman was a hard-nosed tackler that tried to make a play EVERY play. He was probably the best I’ve ever seen at stripping the ball. A great guy off the field to boot.

  9. Had the privilege of seeing Charles Tillman play for his entire career and it was awesome. Even though he has never been on my team, I have huge respect for him as a player and as a human being.

    Enjoy retirement!

  10. There are certain dudes you just respect, even if they aren’t on your team, because they play the right way and carry themselves with dignity. This was one of those dudes. Wish my team would have drafted him. Congrats on a really strong career!

  11. Great role model on and off the field. Always liked his competitiveness over the years. He played a foot taller than he was.
    I was happy when he left the NFC North.
    Enjoy the rest of your life peanut!
    Signed a Vikings fan.

  12. What a great career and player!!! Glad to have been able to watch you explode on the field!!!! And as a Panther fan, so very happy we were lucky enough to have you on our team for at least a short time!!!!!

    Thank you, Peanut, and wishing you nothing but the best for the future!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!

  13. As a Packer fan who has watched NFL Football for 40+ years and who lived in Chicago for most of Tillman’s career, I will say he is one of the most enjoyable players I have ever watched (except vs GB!). Solid cover guy, good tackler, durable, a leader and maybe the best ever at creating fumbles. Combine all of that with his class off the field & I would probably make him a HOF’er.
    Tip of the cap to Peanut!

  14. Truly great Bear. Agree with the comments above, you could put him on the ’85 team and he would have been a star. I will add one thing – I hoped this day would have come a little sooner, and am going to root even harder for him now. Because I’ve watched every minute of every Bear game for at least the last ten years, and this guy initiated and received a lot — a LOT — of upper body contact. I’ve seen him wobble off the field, giving that head shake, at least a dozen times without anyone really noticing. Peanut, thank you, I hope you’re good to go!

  15. Great player and person. Perfected the ball punch better than anyone else I’ve ever seen and was a hell of a tackler for a cornerback. Good luck peanut.

  16. Congrats on a outstanding NFL Career, I hope you have a long and Healthy Retirement !


  17. Class act, great player. Anyone who knows anything about football AND life would want him on their team.

    I and my cat, Peanut, are sad that we will no longer be able to watch him play, but Bear memories live on forever.

    Good luck and best wishes in everything you do Charles!

  18. D@mn man…when Urlacher and Briggs can do nothing except shake your hand after all those peanut punches vs the Titans…Chicago loves you

  19. I still remember Peanut’s rookie season when he made a name for himself by stripping the ball from Randy Moss on a jump ball in the end zone to save the game. He used his smarts and showed perfect technique. Pretty much summed up his playing style.

  20. I have always liked him, on and off the field, and loved whenever he spoke to the media after games. Thanks for the memories, Peanut!

  21. Great player and a great guy off of the field, as many here have attested to. It’s amazing how many people around Chicago have met this guy at various functions, and have nothing but good to say about him. His daughter got a heart transplant when she was a baby, and he donates time and resources for critically ill children in some of the local hospitals. The league needs more of these guys- actually, the world needs more of these guys.

  22. Be well Peanut. Great person that always displayed class both on and off the field. You made the NFL a better league.

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