Potential Seahawks, Rams vacancies would be heavily pursued

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It’s way to early to think that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider will voluntarily leave Seattle after the season or that Rams coach Jeff Fisher and G.M. Les Snead involuntarily will be asked to exit L.A. But here’s one thing that quickly became obvious based on our blurb featuring some simple dot-connecting by John Clayton of ESPN: If jobs are available with either of these NFC West teams, folks will be lining up to pursue the vacancies.

Owners Paul Allen of the Seahawks (pictured) and Stan Kroenke of the Rams are among the richest in the sport; they easily can afford to pay top dollar. Seattle has a solid young nucleus of talent, with a strong defense and a franchise quarterback who has only four years of experience. The Rams could be laying the foundation for a contending team, if rookie quarterback Jared Goff justifies his draft status. And the Rams quickly have become one of the hottest teams in the league, with their return to California.

Again, vacancies aren’t likely. The Rams reportedly are working on extensions for Fisher and Snead, and things are working far too well for the Seahawks for new contracts not to be negotiated for Carroll and Schneider. Regardless, there will be no shortage of coaches and G.M. clamoring to get to either city, if the Seahawks and Rams eventually are looking.

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  1. With the talent level and the youth of Seattle, they will be one of the top 4 teams for a lot of years. Of course, anybody would want that job.

    But I have to think that Pete and John get their contracts renewed just before training camp starts. (At least, I sure hope they do!)

  2. Carroll has done a nice job in Jet City, can’t imagine them parting ways.
    Jeff Fisher’s teflon jacket has got to be wearing thin -at some point winning has to matter.

  3. If Pete asked for the deed to Mt Rainier and John asked to live in the Space Needle, they would both get what they asked for. They are going no where.

  4. Sure, Kroenke will spend as much as needed to get a winner-until his stadium opens. Once he has gathered millions in PSLs and made Rams games the “place to be seen” then gears will be switched and winning will no longer matter as much.

    Have any of his professional teams ever been a consistent winner?

  5. If for any reason Schneider and Carroll are not signed with the Seahawks at the end of 2016 then Kronke should fire everybody on the Rams just on the chance that he could land them.

  6. Just checked. Paul Allen could buy the Cowboys for 4 billion and give them away to a homeless guy, and he would still be wealthier than the next two wealthiest owners combined

  7. Why the Rams would re-sign the kings of mediocrity in Fisher and Snead is beyond me. How many more passes do these two get? How can treading water with all the chances they have had to improve be acceptable? Ridiculous.

  8. Fisher is only HC of the Rams because of his experience with moving teams. If he doesn’t finish the 2016 season with 10 wins or more, you can expect to see a new coach now that the team is settled in to LA.

  9. If extensions aren’t signed by end of training camp then there’s something to think about. Until then no concerns. I can’t see Kronke letting Pete run the show like Paul Allen. Kronke’s got to be in the limelight where Allen is content to have a winning team.

  10. Stan Kroenke is “among the richest owners in the sport,” that is true.

    Paul Allen is the richest, richer than #s 2, 3 and 4 combined.

  11. pantherpro says:
    Jul 18, 2016 8:57 PM
    Seahawks and Rams you will be our B for the next ten years. Nobody even knew you were in the NFL up until the last few years. Niners are back!
    Don’t tarnish Joe Cool’s name with such a silly statement.

    -Lifetime 49er Faithful

  12. pantherpro says:
    Jul 18, 2016 8:57 PM
    Seahawks and Rams you will be our B for the next ten years. Nobody even knew you were in the NFL up until the last few years.
    This is a dumb myth perpetuated by people who know nothing about football. Actually, the Hawks have been to the playoffs in 11 of the last 14 seasons. That’s #2 behind only the Patriots who’ve been 12 times. The Hawks have also been to the SB 3 times in the last decade…no team has been to the SB more than the Hawks in that decade. Only people to not know of the Seahawks are people who are not paying attention.

  13. Niners are back!

    Back to the basement.
    You talk trash over fan relevance. Try selling out a game this year. 5-11 cleared the stands from what I saw. Go watch a niners super bowl win on your vhs to keep your memories alive. That’s all you’ll have

  14. This would be a big deal as long as you completely ignore the fact that the most highly applied for coaching opening in 2016 was the Cleveland Browns and every other opening was filled by guys they turned down. If that isn’t a sign that front offices really need to start supporting coaches instead of knee jerk fire guys then I don’t know what is.

  15. What’s it matter how good Wilson and Goff might be?
    Aren’t we constantly told here that any new coach wants to bring in his own QB?

  16. Fisher will continue the Rams string of mediocrity in perpetuity.

    As long as Kroenke is making money, he doesn’t care about winning.

    Congrats LA… (a much less racist) Donald Sterling is your new owner!

  17. A) Russell Wilson is not a franchise quarterback

    B) Jeff Fischer is an awful coach and his long term employment is a boba dude mystery of the modern world

    C) Regarding the first sentence, *too

  18. You are kidding yourself if you don’t believe Petey isn’t intrigued by another LA gig. Dude left USC in a heartbeat, Seattle will be an easy place for oily Pete to bail on while proclaiming his love on the way out of town.
    Carroll is 64, time is running out. A triumphant return home to be the toast of LA again is not so far fetched Seahag fan. If you’re honest with yourself you know it crossed his mind the minute the Rams barged their way back into SoCal.

  19. Take false comfort in thinking Pete would never dare leave Seattle, Seahag fan.
    Pete is about Pete. Despite his success in Seattle, dude has got to wonder about his name in lights once again in Hollywood. Being big in Seattle is nice; being Mr. Big in Hollywood is on a whole different level of fame.

  20. “And the Rams quickly have become one of the hottest teams in the league, with their return to California.”

    Please, define “hottest.”

  21. Never assume logic will win out with a Paul Allen-owned team. Seriously.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Allen has already alienated Carroll and he’s hoping to land that LA gig.
    What the hell are the Rams thinking working on an extension for Jeff Fisher?

  22. Pete Carroll is one of the top coaches in all of sports with a young franchise qb, a billionaire owner, and one of the best fan bases in all of sports. Not. Gonna. Happen.

  23. If Carroll and Schneider leave, it won’t be voluntary. Any successors will be expected to make the playoffs and be contenders for the Super Bowl, or they may be fired. It will be a tough job because the Hogs have drafted poorly and lost a lot of talent to free agency for the past few years.

  24. Paul Allen may have a lower opinion of Carroll after he called that pass play on the one yard line that resulted in the Malcolm Butler interception. Last year they barely made the playoffs and should have lost to Minnesota if not for the missed gimme short field goal by Minnesota. Then they got blown out of the stadium in the first half the next week against Carolina. If the Hogs don’t make the playoffs in 2016, Schneider and Carroll will be packing their bags. Paul Allen isn’t going to pay Carroll $8 million a year for failing to make the playoffs even though it may be trump change for him.

  25. If the King of California is willing to pay Fisher $ 7 million a year to help him move to LA and is good with 4-12, 6-10 and the perpetual 8-8 , what would he pay real coach ? That is if the King cared about winning on the field. He hasn’t shown that interest with any of the teams he owns.

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