Charges recommended against Chris Clemons for assaulting woman

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Scottsdale, Ariz. police officials have recommended that city prosecutors charge Cardinals safety Chris Clemons with assault, after an incident with a woman outside a nightclub.

According to Yihyun Jeong of the Arizona Republic, the May 8 incident outside the International Boutique Nightclub left a woman unconscious, though there are varying witness accounts.

But Scottsdale police have recommended that Clemons be charged with assault with reckless injury and disorderly conduct.

According to their report filed after three months of interviews with witnesses and officers, the incident began with an incident between a man and a woman in the parking lot. When the man and another woman attempted to drive away, they were intercepted by police. But after they were questioned, they were allowed to leave.

Then, other officers found a woman nearby bleeding from her nose and mouth. She told police Clemons punched her in the face after she got into an argument with the other woman.

Clemons denied to police he hit the woman, telling officers he thought she had been punched by another woman. He also said he considered breaking up the fight, but allowed officers there to handle it.

The Cardinals cut him with an injury settlement early last season but re-signed him late in the season, and signed him to a new contract in February.

10 responses to “Charges recommended against Chris Clemons for assaulting woman

  1. Everyone who has ever lived in the dump known as Arizona knows that if you are black or Mexican in AZ, you will be harassed by police, falsely accused of crimes, and then charged for those crimes for which you were falsely accused.

    It’s how things go in Arizona. One of the many reasons I left within a few months of being relocated there. Quit my job and left.

  2. NFL player on one hand versus a woman who doesn’t collect NFL checks on the other, let me see……

    He did it.

  3. 2:30 am; such a wonderful time in the morning for trouble to find you. There is such a wide variety of stability in people you meet then.

  4. Sounds bad but … lets wait for a full investigation. A couple of weeks ago an NFL player (Dan Skuta I believe) was arrested. Turns out he was not the aggressor.

    I’m not saying Clemons is innocent, just that we should wait for the facts.

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