Report: Johnny Manziel punched a guy in the face at a wedding

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Apparently for Johnny Manziel, getting ready for football includes punching a friend in the face.

According to chronicler of all-things-after-dark-Manziel TMZ, the former Browns quarterback got into a fight with a friend at a wedding in Hawaii over the weekend.

Apparently, there was some beef between the two which culminated at the rehearsal dinner, though Manziel insisted he wasn’t the instigator. A punch was thrown, the scuffle ended quickly, and no cops were called.

But the report said Manziel sent the recipient of his Hawaiian punch a bottle of something stronger. A bottle of champagne was accompanied by a note which read: “Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright.”

Other than “alright” not being a word, it was a noble sentiment, and now the guy has an autographed Manziel apology.

While it might not be a huge deal in and of itself, at a time when he’s vowing to straighten himself out for a possible return to football, it’s yet another small sign that perhaps his road back will be a long one and full of potholes.

52 responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel punched a guy in the face at a wedding

  1. Start the day “alright” with a bottle of plonk? Punchy Johnny’s not sober yet – nor clean. Nor am I surprised.

  2. Alright is a word. If you feel the need for such a remark, you may want to know the truth or falsity of its basis.

  3. Two things I gather from this:

    (1) This is the 2nd case of assault where Manziel punched someone (the 1st case being a stranger at a bar). And this is coupled with the domestic battery against his girlfriend. And yet due to his family’s billions (and attendant political influence) he still hasn’t seen any prison time for what are by legal definition criminal acts.

    (2) I doubt Manziel would’ve gone near the guys he punched if he didn’t have his ‘posse’ around to protect him. Coward.

  4. Rolled $20 bill, He hit his GF, Disguised in Vegas and lied about it, Clearly never sober, showed up to facility drunk, had opportunity to talk to Hue Jackson and simply didn’t care, lost Nike, lost his agent, 90k in car damages, destroyed rental home.

    He’ll never play in the NFL again. You don’t reverse his behavior overnight, which has been an issue since he was at A&M.

  5. Here’s a few things to consider:
    1)Johnny Rotten is no longer in the NFL.
    2)With substantial evidence, it appears he has some type of personality and/or addiction problem.
    3)His continued ‘adventures’ reported in the media only stoke more news that means nothing to me.

    So, why bother? Does anyone care if some addict in some community somewhere strikes someone else? I don’t care, and I can’t imagine why anyone else would.

    If Johnny Rotten grows up, grows a pair to truly admit his problem, successfully seeks treatment, THEN there is something I might be interested in reading.

  6. Pretty sure “alright” is an acceptable spelling in this context…

    all right
    adjective: alright
    satisfactory but not especially good; acceptable.
    “the tea was all right”
    synonyms: satisfactory, acceptable, adequate, fairly good, passable, reasonable; More

  7. Considering Johnny Boys size , I would hate to see how small the guy was that Manziel felt comfortable in punching.

    Anyone know if the guy who played Mini-Me was in Hawaii over the weekend?

  8. When I was at school I was taught that “alright” is not correct, and indeed my copy of The Concise Oxford lists the spelling as erroneous. But it wasn’t just then – I got through college and a PhD, studying on both sides of the Atlantic, and “alright” would never be accepted in an essay, let alone a paper. By all means use “alright” if you want, but it won’t make you look all that intelligent.

  9. What better way to show that he wants to get back into the NFL than to start a fight at a wedding rehearsal… Oh, wait… Maybe he’s trying to get into the WWE, not the NFL.

  10. I find this unlikely. Why would Manziel get into a fight, with a friend, and ruin someones wedding.
    No way he’d do that, only a jerk would do that.
    Not Johnny Football.

    >> the former Browns quarterback got into a fight with a friend at a wedding in Hawaii over the weekend.

  11. I miss the days of Manziel’s (comparative) innocence — such as when he was merely boozing it up with his own bottle of liquor while riding alone on an inflatable swan.

  12. This is how Johnny Manziel behaves at a wedding rehearsal dinner? By punching a friend in the face? That must have made the event real special for the bride and groom. Such a guy.

  13. bernieknowsfootball says:
    Jul 20, 2016 9:50 AM
    What a waist of skin !!!
    Not only a waist, but a whole body of skin!

  14. mrboots721 says:
    Jul 20, 2016 10:58 AM

    He is gonna mess with the wrong dude one of these days.

    Yep he sure will. One thing I have seen time and time again when someone thinks they are a badass while drinking (or not drinking) there is always someone who is capable of kicking your butt and will be happy to do it.

  15. Anyone remember where Dallas Cowboys “GM” Jerry Jones was “damn mad” that Dallas did NOT take Manziel back in 2014???

    Ohhhh how hilarious that would have been – watching 67 year old men shining Jerry’s spectacles for him in his luxury box, as he fumed over the Manziel dumpster fire.

  16. Ruining someone’s wedding by getting in a fight? No one does this sober. Pure trash and zero class. That bottle of bubbly he sent was probably Cook’s Champagne (~$4/ bottle).

  17. Lets see him stay sober and out of trouble for a year or so and then maybe talk about him being a changed man. He has a lot of proving to do before anyone is going to sign him in the NFL.

  18. In fairness, how do we know he didn’t hit Manziel’s hand with his face?

    I think we should give Johnny the benefit of the doubt. Everyone deserves a 222nd chance.

  19. Will Johnny be eligible for “Comeback Player of the Year” after sitting out the 1st 4 games? Should at least be able to pull a Kids Choice Award!

  20. Cannot believe he beat my Titans last year.

    Browns won 28-14. JM had a 50 yard TD pass and a 60 yard garbage time TD pass in his 8 for 15 172 yard performance. He did nothing except those two plays and the Browns threw in a punt return TD as well.

    Man, my team sucked last year.

  21. Johnny needs Marine boot camp in the worst way. Unfortunately for him the Marines have better things to do.

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