NFL will investigate Ezekiel Elliott allegations

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With an allegation of domestic violence being made against Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, the rookie automatically has a separate potential problem: The NFL will investigate the situation, too.

“[W]e begin a review when we become aware of a potential violation of the personal conduct policy,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy too PFT via email.

The policy applies to all rookies once they are drafted. A question remains regarding whether the alleged misconduct happened before or after the Cowboys made Elliott the fourth overall pick in the draft.

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  1. Clarification needed.

    Is it:

    The NFL “will” investigate or

    The NFL will “investigate”?

  2. sonhoodoo says:
    Jul 22, 2016 12:02 PM
    Clarification needed.

    Is it:

    The NFL “will” investigate or

    The NFL will “investigate”?
    Either way, there is a “gate ” after it. “gate” is always bad news.

  3. The police report is out Mike, it happened around 2:30 AM this morning. She isn’t getting the money she wants, realized she made a false claim and already deleted the photos and made her account private.

  4. Story yesterday of some running back who was training with AP in order to cut down on fumbles.

    Was Zeke also training with AP, getting pointers on how to give a good beating?

  5. The Cowboys need to change their name to the ‘Dallas Criminals’! Ha Ha! Half the team is suspended already this year. And Dez Bryant is in more hot water again with a back and forth law suit against his former adviser. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Too funny!

  6. Dang, Tiffany Thompson is really cute, however I can clearly see that she a golddigger, so I pretty sure that Ezekiel Elliott will be clear on all charges. We’ll see.

    ~Jet Fan

  7. For all you who lump Urban into this….get a clue.If EE did it he needs to pay for it. If not, sue her big time. Either way Urban has NOTHING to do with it. O freakin’ H.

  8. Resources will be deployed to investigate as soon as the NFL finishes up their thorough investigation of PEDs Manning…..2018 or after

  9. Have Ray Rice lead the investigation with Greg Hardy.

    Sounds great.

    How is the Gomer–>Von Miller Guyer/Chinese roids investigation coming, Rogie?

    Gomer sends men in black jackets to threaten people and Gomer has the audacity to tell the world to look the other way after he had these Chinese roids shipped to his own house in Florida.

    The guy admits it, IN SEASON, and then nothing happens.


    Just how deep is this scandal with Goodell protecting some teams and players, while lying in order to punish others?

  10. I love all of the “let’s wait for the facts to come out” folks…I’m sure you were saying the same thing when it was Brady and the Pats after Mort’s erroneous tweet about the 11 of 12 balls.

    EE’s now a domestic abuser, because the interwebs say so, that is until the Cowboys get Ray Donovan to come in and clean up this mess with some “forget what happened” money.

    Oh, and LeVeon Bell better be careful with his appeal – Roger might make it 8 games, cuz he can.

    Welcome to the post-Deflategate NFL that you were all so happy to embrace!

  11. She left messages saying she will ruin his career if he breaks up with her. And reports are she got the bruises from a bar fight with another female. Lmao at everyone who goes by guilty until proven innocent. Parents must be proud…

  12. there is only one sure thing in the NFL, Patriots fans can’t move on about there poor leader Brady! We wicked sorry Boston Move on already

  13. Sorry, Cowboys fans, but your team lost the benefit of the doubt some time ago given Jerrah’s propensity to draft/sign and defend convicted domestic abusers like Hardy, Dez, Randle, etc. Can you HONESTLY say that Zeke doesn’t fit the profile of those other guys? Maybe when the facts come out, Zeke will be exonerated, but the past actions of current and former Boys that Jerrah defended to the hilt mean that in the court of public opinion, Zeke is going to be viewed suspiciously (to say the least).. Also, if she did this to herself, he has bad taste in women for sure. Learned a long time ago that “crazy in the head, crazy in bed” ain’t worth the inevitable aftermath.

  14. Dallas is now a “repeat offender”.

    1st and 4th rd picks need to be taken.

    What’s fair is fair.

    They knew about Hardy and every team knew about Elliott.

    Chris Mortensen and Mike Kensil told me, along with Jeff Pash after they told Ted Wells to pipe down and let his work be manipulated.

  15. ddslax1 says:
    Jul 22, 2016 1:49 PM
    there is only one sure thing in the NFL, Patriots fans can’t move on about there poor leader Brady! We wicked sorry Boston Move on already

    Why move on when the suspension hasn’t even started yet…How Brady has been treated is absurd…just admit it

  16. Regardless of whether this is true or not, Elliott should follow the new NFL process for discipline:

    1. Hand over his personal cell phone to Goodell

    2. Meet with King Roger, admit guilt, and beg for his forgiveness

    3. Accept the random punishment that will be coming, and tell everyone how fortunate the league is to have such a wonderful commissioner

  17. Looks like there’s nothing to this after all. Elliott has proof that she was trying to set him up.

    Scorned woman trying to get paid.

    False accusations like this should be more harshly punished than they are.

  18. joko12blog says:
    Jul 22, 2016 12:27 PM
    But it’s ok to prejudge someone like Brady who has never done anything close to what these athletes are being accused of…
    Meeting privately with the deflator to get their stories straight, disposing cell phone to destroy evidence of his guilt, lying for an hour and a half to the media a week before the SB…I could go on, but what would be the point. Brady’s record will forever reflect the time he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and was punished for cheating the game and his opponents. It doesn’t matter how well Brady played against Indy. Fact is, Brady cheated. Deal with it.

  19. From the NFL Personal Conduct Policy :
    Personal Conduct Policy All persons associated with the NFL are required to avoid “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.” This requirement applies to players, coaches, other team employees, owners, game officials and all others privileged to work in the National Football League. For many years, it has been well understood that rules promoting lawful, ethical, and responsible conduct serve the interests of the League, its players, and fans. Illegal or irresponsible conduct does more than simply tarnish the offender. It puts innocent people at risk, sullies the reputation of others involved in the game, and undermines public respect and support for the NFL.

    From the above article :
    “[W]e begin a review when we become aware of a potential violation of the personal conduct policy,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy too PFT via email.

    So when will we hear word of the investigation of Roger Goodell?

  20. After reading this tread, I am totally convinced that Patriot fans are not well….

  21. Note to self – In my next life break up with the girlfriend long BEFORE draft day, and not wait until after I’m outed on Instagram.

    Who was the babe whose photographing Elliot while he’s sleeping anyway? Clearly, she’s not someone he can trust. Dump them both…good move.

  22. joko12blog says:
    Jul 22, 2016 5:02 PM
    skawh – Brady is the GOAT – doesn’t matter what you think happened…
    Nor does your subjective definition of GOAT define Brady as the GOAT.

    Personally, I could never consider a proven “cheater” currently about to serve a 4 game suspension the GOAT. Clearly you’ve a different value system.

  23. Everyone is, hee hee haa haa, ok I’ll stop laughing, innocent until proven guilty. Does this make sense, if she likes him and interested in him, why try trapping him for money? Maybe he did say azti la vista baby and ahe got miffed

  24. What are the chances the witness who was in the car during the incident and thus presumably friends with the victim changes their recollection of the events?

  25. TIFFANY THOMPSON wrote down on the police report that her occupation was a “SEX SLAVE”. She posted the pictures of her bruises on his social media the day of his birthday…they were going through a really bad break up.
    My guess is that her PIMP is in on this!!

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