John Kuhn expects to get a call during training camp

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Will there be a need to tell a confused colleague that they’re saying “Kuuuuuuuuuhn” and not booing this season?

John Kuhn believes there will be. The longtime Packers fullback has not landed a job for 2016 as camps get set to open around the league, but says he’s staying in shape and ready to roll because he expects to hear a call from a team before the summer is out.

“I’ve had 11 years in the NFL so far, so that’s good, but I’m not done,” Kuhn said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan. “I work out four or five times a week and I’m putting in what I have to on the front end for expecting somebody to make my phone ring here at some point in time. If not this week, if not next week, sometime in August, somebody’s going to have a need for somebody who’s willing to come in, work hard, do some of the dirty work that not everybody does anymore.”

Kuhn said a return to the Packers or a job with a contender would be ideal, but knows that he can’t control which team might look in his direction. He also can’t control the overall trends of the NFL, although Kuhn said he thinks the variety of sub packages used by defenses has kept “a place in this game for running a two-back offense.”

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  1. I don’t think he’ll be back, unfortunately. He sure was stalwart though, like having an extra blocker that was fantastic at blitz pick-ups.

  2. John Kuhn > Eddie Lacy
    Shippensburg > Alabama

    Brent Grimes > Richard Sherman
    Shippensburg > Stanford

    And none of those are even close.

  3. Good player! Wouldn’t mind seeing my PACK pick him up for depth at RB. I like MY GUY LACEY allot but I worry about his overeating long term. I think kohn could Carrie the mail IMO. Take some pressure off Rogers as he seems to feel the heat to much in big spots. Just my 7 cents. GO PACK!!!


  4. He’s still got it.

    Lost a half step, but speed was never his game. Very good in pass pro, can catch the ball out of the backfield, changes direction on a dime. Can almost always make that first guy miss.

    Pretty decent on those FB dive plays too. Good player. Good locker room guy.

  5. Great guy to re-sign. If you need a yard, he’ll give you a yard. If you need 3 yards, he’ll give you a yard.

    At least it’s easy to pronounce his name when you’re drunk by the 1st quarter. The North division opponents will miss him.

  6. Kuhn has had his day in the sun,he is now old and slow. Ripkowski is younger, faster,stronger and can turn a Kuhn two yard gain into a five yard or six yard gain. the truth is the Packers have no room on their roster for Kuhn anymore.its possible like always that the Vikings will hire him as their fullback,now that would be super cool as they have a knack for keeping ex Packers employed.

  7. Unfortunately, it would be smart for any division rival to pick him up as he knows the offense as well as anyone.

    What would be sad would be for someone to pick him up in camp, bleed him for information, and then cut him before the season starts. In other words, business as usual for many teams.

  8. What a fantastic example for youngsters. Football is a game of replacement and Kuhn knows this, but since the second Ripkowski was drafted Kuhn took him under his wing and started mentoring the guy trying to take his job. (Aside: Had Favre acted this way to Rodgers, he wouldn’t be vilified like he is today by so many Packers fans).). Despite the odds, Kuhn is staying ready. Barring a Rip injury, I don’t believe he’ll get the call. His greatest value is knowing the Packers’ playbook as well as Rodgers does. He knows where to be and that’s his greatest asset. Starting over with someone else is highly unlikely. I see this guy eventually joining the Pack as a coach if he desires to stay in the game. Kuhn defines class, professionalism and hard work. A great all-time Packer.


  9. Kuhn does have the gut that the Packers like on their players. I mean their RB sneaks past the salad bar and their coach wears an inflatable rubber ducky live preserver under his jacket during games.

  10. My Packers brainwashing leads to delusion. Sorry, Kuhn.

  11. I suspect if this was 10-15 years ago, that phone would have rang for Kuhn by now. It’s a shame how rule changes have led to the slow but steady evolution of the NFL into a league that’s singularly focused on throwing the ball.

    One of the casualties along the way has been the fullback position.

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