Tyler Eifert still unsure whether he’ll play Week One after ankle surgery

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When Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert underwent ankle surgery two months ago, the expectation was that he could return Week One, but might miss the first couple regular season games. That’s still the case.

Eifert is described as “on schedule” by the Cincinnati Enquirer, which reports that the Bengals hope Eifert will be ready for the September 11 opener but there’s still a chance that rehab could take longer than expected.

Eifert suffered the ankle injury in the Pro Bowl but waited four months to have surgery on it because he hoped it would heal without surgery. If he ends up missing regular season games, that will be yet another blow to the Pro Bowl, which is already viewed by many if not most players as more trouble than it’s worth. It’s hard to see why Eifert would want to play in a Pro Bowl again, given the trouble it’s causing him now.

The more immediate concern, however, is the start of the regular season. Eifert is Andy Dalton’s favorite red zone target, and Dalton isn’t sure if Eifert will be there when the season starts.

10 responses to “Tyler Eifert still unsure whether he’ll play Week One after ankle surgery

  1. Bengals are always the brides maid and they have the terrible uni’s to match. I like the team, I really do. But, tiger stripes? Bright orange?

    Bengal uni’s are like a terrible floral print shirt you buy and wear while on vacation in Florida. Then when you get home you pull it out of the suitcase and say “I’m never going to wear this again” and throw it in the garbage.

  2. He sure has missed a lot of time in his short career. He’s great when he’s on the field. Hopefully he plays week one. He’s even more valuable now with the new receivers on the roster.

  3. “Eifert is Andy Dalton’s favorite red zone target”

    …..except in the postseason….when Dalton’s favorite targets become players on the opposing team….

  4. I guess the uniforms are subjective. I don’t really care for the new ones they rolled out about a decade ago and prefer the ones before but you can’t deny they colors that go with the mascot as well as the helmet are pretty cool. Also, the orange is more of a toned down closer to red than bright yellow, you are mistaking them for the Browns. Well until last year until the Browns copied the Bengals and toned down the bright orange.

  5. Tyler is saying what Coach Giggles wants him to say. Marvin considers any discussion of player injuries as tantamount to treason. And I’m not aware of a single prolonged Bengal injury/rehab that has EVER not taken much longer than previously thought of.

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