Vick keeps campaigning for a job

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NFL teams have had 90 roster spots for months. And not a single team has given one of them to quarterback Mike Vick.

With camps opening, Vick continues to push for a preseason job. He recently said he wants to play for a contender. Appearing on Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Vick seemed to be far less choosy.

“We had a couple phone calls,” Vick said. “I won’t say as many phone calls as I’d like. I understand the dynamics. I’m 36 years old. The thing is I still have a lot in the tank. I go work out, still go throw, still feel good. And the thing is with me, I just don’t like the way the season ended last year. I ended the year inactive and that’s not me. I’m truly better than that. And I believe in that.”

One of the reasons team shy away from Vick is that he never has fully embraced the role of a backup, with his high level of confidence causing him, even now, to not rule out the possibility of becoming a starter.

“I know I can still win football games,” Vick said. “Not saying that I can go out and be a 16-week starter, who knows? But you’ve got to get that opportunity. I still feel like I can produce.”

Dan suggested a way to prove it: Have a Pro Day workout.

“If I had a Pro Day, I would light it up,” Vick said. “I mean, I go work out and I look good in my training, and everybody tells me that. So that gives me the confidence that, you know, I do still have it. And the reason why I can think forward and think positive about where I’m at in my career, and how I can finish, and it’s all about finishing strong. So Pro Day, it’ll be exceptional for me and everyone watching. But do I want to run the 40 again? No.”

Vick believes he’d still do well in the 40 (even if he doesn’t want to run it), but playing quarterback entails much more than whatever straight line speed he still has. The fact that he still believes he can play at a high level, coupled with the reality that so many current players grew up idolizing him, limits his universe of teams to those with firmly established starters who would never be the subject of a potential locker-room mutiny fueled by starstruck youngsters who love the idea of playing with Mike Vick.

Vick found that spot in Pittsburgh in 2015, but when he got a chance to play, it didn’t work out very well. With Ben Roethlisberger injured, Vick eventually yielded to Landry Jones.

Part of the problem was that Vick didn’t know the offense because he arrived late. This year, he’d be joining the team without the benefit of participating in an offseason program.

Last year, it took an injury to Bruce Gradkowski to get Vick a chance. This year, it may take another injury. Even then, chances are Vick’s name is farther down the list than it was a year ago.

14 responses to “Vick keeps campaigning for a job

  1. Vick, “I haven’t killed a dog in four years, what does anyone want?”

    Reporter, “You went to prison 9 years ago and have been out for seven….”

    Vick, “Er, I meant nine years since I killed a dog….”

  2. I thought Pittsburgh didn’t use him correctly when he did have to play. The guy can throw 9’s and scramble. Why have him throw timing routes and check downs?

  3. “I wanna play for a contender!”

    Really? How come?

    Just once for a change of pace I want to see one of these guys (any sport) step up and say “I wanna play for a loser!”

  4. He’s flat broke and he stinks.

    Not good for the psychopath that is Mike Vick.

  5. This clown was a disgrace with the Jets and then worse with Pittsburgh. Good Bye and Good Riddance. Never should have been allowed back in the league.

  6. Better scoop him up.

    With players retiring early and fewer kids playing football and the commissioner kicking players out for smoking pot, a team might not find anybody to play.

    Lately, it seems the only people Goodell likes are rapists and dog killers.

  7. Whenever I read the words “Michael Vick,” the first thing that springs to my mind is “inaccurate.” We’ve seen his peak, and it’s in the rearview mirror now.

  8. Every unemployed player in their thirty’s still thinks they can play at a high level.

  9. Vick, you haven’t played at a high level in years.

    As a Bears fan and animal lover, I’d take Cade McNown in a wheelchair over you as starting QB.

    Retire and go away please. Thanks.

  10. Vick is the quintessential scrambling QB… and at the end of the day, scrambling QBs are worthless

    think about all the money and draft picks wasted over the years on guys like this… he deserves unemployment

  11. Considering his reputation as a clubhouse cancer and a me-first guy, I will say that everything I have read says that Vick was 100% committed as a team player in Pittsburgh last year. One of the problems: he didn’t know the offense well, and the offense did not play to his strengths. The other, and bigger, problem: he just cannot make the passes he needs to make to succeed in the NFL anymore. He cannot throw the ball to the sidelines with any accuracy at all, and he doesn’t have the arm strength he used to be able to use to overcome the fact that he is late on a lot of reads. He actually could be a mentor for a younger QB and do OK, but he cannot play the game well enough anymore.

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