Corey Wootton announces his retirement after six seasons

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With teams reporting to training camp, the veterans who didn’t get one of the 32 times 90 invitations (that’s 2,880, #math) often start realizing things about their future.

And the latest to retire instead of continuing to pursue football employment is journeyman defensive end Corey Wootton, per his own social media.

Wootton signed with the Lions last year, but didn’t play a down in the regular season after tearing a pectoral muscle in the preseason finale, putting him on IR.

He was originally drafted by Chicago and also spent time with the Vikings, amassing 12.0 sacks in his five years on the field, with 7.0 of them coming in 2012 with the Bears.

6 responses to “Corey Wootton announces his retirement after six seasons

  1. Another DE that won’t play for the Boys – is this some sort of curse or what?

  2. Yes he is the guy who “retired” Brett Favre…

    As a Bears fan I really saw him as a mixed bag. The downside was that he never came close to matching the hype around him in college. I think injuries really took their toll because on paper he was that freak combination of height, length and athleticism that every DC sells their soul for these days. OTOH he was a great guy who managed to be reasonably productive under some poor Lovie-era coaching and was someone I always pulled for. Plus of course the Favre thing.

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