Derrick Morgan says NFL isn’t doing enough research on cannabis


Now that Eugene Monroe has retired, Titans outside linebacker Derrick Morgan is the last active player who is willing to be an advocate for medicinal marijuana.

He hopes he’s not the only one for long, and has shared the research he’s done on the topic. But he hopes time will see the plant’s stigma subside, and that the league will spend as much time researching as he has.

“I just take the NFL for their word: If they say that long-term health and player safety are top priorities of the league, then why aren’t you looking into all the options for health care that are out there?” Morgan told Paul Kuharsky of “It’s definitely incumbent upon them to really delegate some time and some resources to look into it.”

Morgan is pushing the medical benefits of cannabis, and wants to draw the line between the possible pain-relief potential the plant holds and the recreational smoking many have made synonymous.

Morgan said he’s never failed a drug test for marijuana, and hasn’t used it because of the league’s rules against it. But he also thinks demonizing the drug by grouping it alongside things such as LSD and heroin keeps people from seeing the protection it could offer players.

“CTE, all this stuff is real … that’s unsettling as a player,” he said. “You want to be able to think that you are going to be there for your family in full capacity, that you’re going to be able to be an active member, contributing member of society. With something like that, I’ve got to look at what my options are. If this happens to be an option, which I think it will be, then I’m going to look into it, . . .

“Every player is in a different position. But at the root of it, if your motivation is being proactive about preserving your health, then I don’t think you should have to tippy-toe around anything.”

At the moment, he’s the only current player even tippy-toeing, but hopes more will join him.

22 responses to “Derrick Morgan says NFL isn’t doing enough research on cannabis

  1. They also want them to look into the benefits of drunk driving because driving sober is so stressful for them and alchohol helps them to relax…

    Not saying there is no pain benefits to weed, but lets call this what it is. A LOT of these players smoked weed in highschool and college recreationally. They just want to be able to smoke recreationally without getting busted and suspended. I’ve heard from former players that about 70% of the NBA players smoke weed after they get their pre-scheduled drug tests out of the way. Their use has nothing to do with “pain”. I think the NFL players just want that same luxury without having to worry about their random off season test and possibly getting suspended.

  2. maybe Derrick Morgan isn’t doing enough to fullfill the potential he had coming into the league.

  3. Perhaps they don’t research it because it’s illegal under federal law. Potheads aren’t too sharp.

  4. The last time I checked, the NFL was in business to provide football entertainment. Pharmaceutical companies usually do the drug research, Derrick.

  5. In the 1980s the NFL and NFLPA agreed to include marijuana as a substance of abuse. If the players want marijuana removed from the list of substances they are tested for, they’re going to have to bargain for it.

  6. “I just take the NFL for their word”

    That was your first mistake.

  7. How many players would be advocating for marijuana use if the THC was removed as it is in medicinal marijuana?

    Did Morgan research just the benefits of marijuana? Or did he also research the harmful side effects? Especially the long term effects? Including how it effects the brain in the present and the future.

  8. Why doesn’t Derrick Morgan do his own research? Oh that’s right…it wouldn’t be impartial, it would just tell him he can smoke.

  9. Look I get that these guys think pot isn’t that bad for you and the science may eventually support that but what I don’t get is how if someone is paying you millions of dollars to not smoke it you continue to do so.

  10. Bunch of over the hill weenies with outdated ways of thinking here. It has been proven that marijuana has medical benefits. It’s way beyond time to de-stigmatize it & legalize it. It can help with all sorts of ailments. Of course some will use it recreationally, just like they do with alcohol. The question is, why do you even care what a grown man does in his spare time?

  11. They should be to smoke it for medical or recreational purposes. What’s the point of making all that money if your health sucks and you can’t have fun? The government and employers need to stay out of people’s lives.

  12. They should reroute any funding or efforts allocated to putting a permanent franchise in Europe into cannabis research. I could smoke all the dope in Amsterdam and that idea would still be ridiculous.

  13. Sorry, I like the idea of players taking their own health into their own hands, but promoting a drug that is illegal in 48 states and only approved for medicinal use in a little over half of the states, is like promoting heroin use. It is a schedule 4 drug (same category as opium and heroin) and is tightly controlled by the federal government (which hasn’t approved its legality or use for medicinal purposes). The federal government is overarching over the states and therefore if the feds wanted to be idiots, they could go to Colorado and shut down every “legal” smoke house. It is a violation of federal law. NOW, what the players need to do is to visit their congressman, senators, and every other elected official and let them know they will use their money and power to unseat them and put in someone who favors legalizing marijuana. Then with all the legality out of the way, the NFL is free to start researching it without the backlash that could come from both the police and of fans that take a negative view on marijuana. The NFL is handcuffed (no pun intended) when it comes to issuing or even researching marijuana without some cooperation from our elected officials.

  14. per Morgam..
    “CTE, all this stuff is real … that’s unsettling as a player,” he said. “You want to be able to think that you are going to be there for your family in full capacity, that you’re going to be able to be an active member, contributing member of society.”

    Nothing says being there for your family and being a contributing member of society like a guy under the influence of pot.

  15. He’s 100% correct. Marijuana is life saving nontoxic medicine, far safer than the deadly pharmaceuticals the NFL is shelling out in locker rooms. States with medical marijuana access have over 25% fewer prescription painkiller deaths every year, that is a well known fact, one that is easily researched. The NFL doesn’t have a “keg” to stand on with regards to this issue, especially since they promote alcohol, a hard drug with no medical benefits, one that is thousands of times more harmful. The NHL doesn’t even test for marijuana, the NBA only tests for it if you give them a (cough cough) “reason” to, hence they never test for it either. There is no reason for the NFL to continue pushing this stupidity. The science is clear, their decision is putting players in danger, and it has to stop.

  16. Reading these comments is like flashing back to the 1970’s. The ignorance is astounding, the same old clichés still being used today. USA patent, yes your own Fed Gov has a patent on the plant 6630507. Funny how people comment with Reefer Madness propaganda, but in REALITY, they have no idea of the science behind the plant. ENDOCANNABINOID system…cannabis feeds that system which regulates our health. The plant has been proven to be a NEURO PROTECTOR which means it helps with brain trauma. The best way to use this medicine is by ingesting an extract, not smoking. Smoking kills about 80% of the medicinal value…when will people get off their ass and do some actual research themselves on this subject?

  17. Heroin and LSD shouldn’t be lumped together for several reasons, the most important being that there’s been recent medical research showing that LSD can help with some traumatic brain injuries.

  18. We live in a society where ignorance has become a virtue. Doesn’t anyone do any type of research anymore? Just repeat the lies over and over and when someone pushes back, then just claim you never said it (see: GOP nominee).
    For instance, it’s not a schedule 4 drug, but I wish it was. There’s plenty of THC in medical marijuana, regardless of what the idiot above says. Soldiers coming back from war are ditching their addictive prescription meds for medical marijuana and edibles. Are the nay-sayers suggesting our veterans don’t know anything about pain management and mental health and instead are lying just to get high? Morons.

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