Paxton Lynch: I think I have a chance to play right away

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Broncos defensive tackle Sylvester Williams said recently that coach Gary Kubiak “kind of let us know he’s going to go with” Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

That likely fits with what most people believed the Broncos would do at the start of the year as Sanchez worked with the first team most often in the spring and has more experience than Trevor Siemian and first-round pick Paxton Lynch. Siemian has appeared to be the likelier alternative of the two, but Lynch said Tuesday that he hasn’t gotten that impression from Kubiak or anyone else despite his perceived place in the pecking order.

“I definitely think I have the opportunity to better myself and put myself up in that position to play right away or sooner than I had thought,” Lynch said, via “I knew those guys were going to be ahead of me just because of experience — Trevor his experience in the offense and Mark his experience in the league and me being a rookie, and this is the first time I’ve seen a playbook like that.”

Lynch acknowledges that his competitive side makes it hard to “take the backseat in this” even if signs are pointing elsewhere for the team’s starting quarterback, but he wouldn’t be the first rookie to make an unexpected leap up the depth chart once a team saw everyone in action during training camp and the preseason. The veterans report for Denver on Wednesday, so it won’t be long before everyone starts to get a clearer idea of where everyone will stand come September.

32 responses to “Paxton Lynch: I think I have a chance to play right away

  1. “A chance” does not mean likely. More likely that the Bronco’s September starter is not their December starter if Lynch progresses the way the brain trust hopes and expects.

  2. Look no further than the franchise’s own history. When John Elway retired, Bubby Brister was the presumed next starter for the Broncos. Out of seemingly nowhere, Mike Shanahan went with rookie Brian Griese.

  3. Bizzareslantpass says:

    This kid has a Brett Favre swag about him.


  4. Denver still has a good deal of that nasty D left over, but it won’t matter because buttfumble and the rest of the gang who couldn’t shoot straight at QB will be responsible for at least 8 losses as Denver trots out a pathetic excuse for a defending champ on the offensive side of the ball.

  5. “I knew those guys were going to be ahead of me just because of experience”
    The other guys are not lighting it up.
    It is just a matter of time before I start.

  6. I’m sure the Broncos will put him on their PED program like they do with most their players.

  7. Go Mark Sanchez!!! lol As long as he is starting, My Bolts have a chance. Denver’s Defense is good but not that good. #buttfumble2016

  8. curtis35w says:
    Jul 26, 2016 7:57 PM
    Go Mark Sanchez!!! lol As long as he is starting, My Bolts have a chance. Denver’s Defense is good but not that good. #buttfumble2016

    No, your Bolts don’t have a chance. Sanchize or otherwise.

  9. What will you pathetic Patriots fans have to say when he turns into the next great quarterback while giraffalo sucks it up and Brady is hiding from Von under the bleachers?

  10. Opening day, year one will be long forgotten. The Eagles announced Sam Bradford would start week one. Carson Wentz is the future. In Denver, Lynch is the future. The only question is how long is the wait. Enjoy the process. Tom Brady and Joe Montana didn’t start week one of their rookie years. So what. Lynch is better than Goff and Wentz. It will be fun to watch him grow into the position. Good things are on the horizon in Denver. The future is very bright. I also think Siemian is going to be a great QB some day, even if it isn’t in Denver.

  11. I anticipate Kubes to sit this guy this year. I also anticipate trevor showing up for this team. Either way, a lot is going on w this team, the D, and I am super excited about this year as I believe a lot of the young and draft talent will show up and play well. All of the fans of other teams simply cannot help getting on these feeds and attempting to spread doubt. Sanchez had a pretty good year last year and he is decidedly a stop up from Brock. Here’s to a great year, Bronco Fans!!

  12. Lynch is nothing but a much less talented Brock Osweiler. Elway is already regretting trying to nickel and dime Osweiler when he looks at the gang who can’s shoot straight, also known as his QB depth chart. If Elway truly didn’t want Osweiler, why on earth did he offer him $16 million bucks? Because he misjudged the QB market, that’s why. And now he is stuck with a buttfumble bum, a “never will be”, and a hayseed who thinks he’s Favre, but throws like Brett’s little sister. Enjoy 8-8 for the next 5 years Denver, it’s been real…

  13. Probably a great kid and all but I can’t tell if he looks like someone who would say “brah” a lot or if he looks like someone who would sell used cars.

  14. With a strong running game and the best defense in the NFL, the QB won’t be expected to do much – and whomever they pick to start will live up to that.

  15. RegisHawk wrote: “I believe that’s a failed attempt at the Tony Stark look.”
    With the money he’s making, you’d think he’d be able to get that mange taken care of.

  16. All the “8-8, at best” people, on this and every other Broncos story… I’d like to refer you to a year ago-plus, when you were all saying after Kubiak was hired that they’d be 5-11 or 6-10 last year, “book it.”

    The same people who judge stories written by PFT as inaccurate or uninformed, most of which stories ultimately prove true. And that’s saying something.

    In other words, talk all the smack you want about Kubiak, Elway, Sanchez, Lynch or Peyton in the previous years…

    Say Elway doesn’t know what he’s doing (I think a five year sample is enough to judge by now – five AFCW championships, two Super Bowl appearances and one championship.). Say Manning was hopped up on PED’s (not that he contributed much last year anyway, but ok, hang your hat on that). Say that they’ll never beat Pittsburgh, they’ll never beat NE… Ok… But Carolina will DESTROY them in the Super Bowl.

    At the end of the day (or season), really all it amounts to is either how little you know, how bitter you are, or how bored you are because your team sucks.

  17. All the Bronco haters on here predicting doom and gloom, suck on this, this franchise has not had back to back losing seasons since the 70’s. You haters are too stupid for your own good. Best front office in football, period. Best coaching staff in the NFL, period. Lynch is so much more talented than Brock Osweiler or Derek Carr or Jimmy Girrafalo, it’s laughable….as the bullies on the block, we can’t wait to start kicking sand in your teams face…again. Defending Golden Anniversary Super Bowl champs, No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs three of the last four years, five straight AFCW titles. We aren’t going anywhere, losers. Reap it.

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