Report: Washington has discussed adding Greg Hardy

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With Junior Galette lost for another year with a ruptured Achilles tendon, Washington needs help at the position. Help could come in the form of free-agent Greg Hardy.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the team has discussed adding Hardy, who spent five years with the Panthers and last season in Dallas.

Werder points out that cornerback Josh Norman would vouch for Hardy, based on their mutual time together in Charlotte. The bigger question is whether Washington would be willing to withstand the potential P.R. fallout from adding Hardy.

Last week, the Jaguars worked out Hardy without much of a major negative reaction. Even if Washington would be criticized for giving Hardy another second chance based on his domestic violence incident from two years ago, the franchise knows a thing or two about ignoring criticism and moving forward.

Hardy has played defensive end in a 4-3 defense throughout his career. In Washington, Hardy would become a linebacker in the 3-4 attack. Ultimately, his primary role would be to rush the passer from the edge of the defensive line. That’s a skill that remains the same regardless of defensive alignment.

49 responses to “Report: Washington has discussed adding Greg Hardy

  1. The Redskins should sign Greg Hardy.
    The need a replacement for Albert Haynesworth.

  2. I hope not.

    If they do add him he’ll be a situational pass rusher, probably with his hands in the ground. Preston Smith is our starter going forward.

  3. As a fan, I hope that the Redskins pass on him. His production last season didn’t make up for the problems that he caused. And his production will suffer as he learns a new position.

  4. Nope, we can do without. We still have Kerrigan and Preston Smith.
    This would be a really dumb move. Scot wants “high character” players, and Hardy certainly doesn’t fit that mold.
    Move on!!!!

  5. “his primary role would be to rush the passer from the edge of the defensive line.”
    That’s not the gunning that Hardy has perfected – nor against men.

  6. Old lady McCasky should give him a call. Hardy can say he feels really bad about the whole situation, promise it was a mistake and that he won’t do it again… then the Bears can sign him! Cubs are setting the new standard here in Chicago!

  7. The peals of laughter from the local Cowboy fans can be heard from Baltimore to Richmond!! As a native Texas and Cowboys fan, I hate the Skins, but seriously would not wish this loser upon them. Don’t do it Danny!! (you would think after the Fatty Haynesworth fiasco he would be more cautious)

  8. If Kirk beats his wife, conducts himself like a fool on the field, and gets himself a posse he might just get himself a big payday. But his straight laced married European act is getting old.

  9. Google public photos of her injuries and tell me you’d sign greg hardy.

    Josh Norman “vouching” for Greg Hardy is like Michael Jackson vouching for Jared of Subway. Or, even more absurd, Josh Norman vouching for ANYONE! This is as BAD an idea as the Colts prescription drug surrender…as their owner has had a prescription drug problem. No one, PR, executives, marketing, NO ONE BASED IN REALITY COULD SIGN OFF ON THESE!

    But it’s the Redskins! A team named for a slight! And, it’s Dan Snyder! (spellcheck wrote, “Dam” Snyder, just FYI). They won’t win anything with Cousins and the lesser-of-the-two Gruden Bros, with or without Hardy. And the public shaming of signing him will last. Again, Google public photos of her injuries and tell me you’d sign greg hardy.

  10. sources with knowledge of the situation have informed me that women in D.C. are closely watching this, and are quickly ready to move to another state.

  11. If Hardy comes in shape, be where he supposed to be on time, and tones down the rhetoric and most important: keep his mouth shut…he would be an asset, no doubt. He has to know he is running out of chances…. I really think he would do well.

  12. fissels says:
    Jul 26, 2016 1:45 PM

    He had a bad attitude & work ethic in Dallas. Hopefully he’s cleaned up his act
    Perfect example of denial of fans, when he was a Cowboy; “the Cowboys were a horrible organization and Hardy should never play again”; now that other teams are sniffing and when it’s your team, “well maybe he’s learned his lesson” funny how people’s integrity bar shift so quickly…

  13. Why add a notorious cancer to the locker room?
    I just don’t know why any team would sign this guy. His reputation speaks volumes.

  14. I commented yesterday on the story of Freeny and the Redskins, my comment was that the Redskins would not sign Freeny as long as Hardy was available, Well time for me to head out and buy some Lottery tickets…. Lol

  15. I can’t see Hardy going to the Redskins. I can however see Hardy going to Washington. Our current congress is filled with creeps, crooks, and thieves. He would fit right in.

  16. Might as well sign Ray Rice and Johnny Football while you’re at it. Probably get both of them real cheap.

  17. Well, when your team name is an ethnic slur, I guess bad PR isn’t really a concern.

  18. With Dan Snyder calling the shots, they will likely not only sign Hardy, they’ll grossly overpay him as well. Snyder is a cancer to this team with his repeated bonehead moves.

  19. This is the perfect marriage. Hardy can join the team and continue to deny he ever did anything and Snyder can claim 90% of Native Americans support the ethnic slur that is the team name. PERFECT!!!

  20. The problem with Hardy is that his talent is a bit overstated. He gets sacks in bunches and clearly benefited with that defensive line depth in Carolina. He’s not one of these dominant linemen like a Suh or Watt. Washington is probably considering this because their pass rush still needs some more players, and I’m sure they’d just be looking at this as a short term move because of the recent injury to the belt whipper.

  21. another A++ move from mr snyder and the REDSKINS. finaly some real leadership in the locker room instead of that bum kurt cousins who refuses to sign a long term deal.

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