Rosenhaus: Anthony Davis and 49ers have “patched things up”

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49ers tackle Anthony Davis, after a one-year retirement, has decided to return. His official effort to be reinstated (which typically entails simply sending a reinstatement letter) has commenced, but it comes after a period of time during which Davis seemed to be agitating for his release. So I asked his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, whether Davis truly wants to be a 49ers.

“That’s a fair comment, Mike, but I do think since some of his comments I do believe that he has patched things up with the organization,” Rosenhaus said on Tuesday’s PFT Live. “He has been in contact with the organization and I also believe with the coaching staff and they’ve rebuilt that relationship. So whatever damage took place in my estimation has been repaired.”

Unless something else is happening that has never been reported or disclosed, the reinstatement process should go smoothly and quickly.

“I’m confident that Anthony is ready to go to work with the 49ers and resume his career with them, and I believe the 49ers will welcome him back,” Rosenhaus said. “It’s hard for me to speak for them but the impression I have is that, from all my discussions with them, that they would be excited to get Anthony back and that Anthony would be happy to work with them again. So hopefully he can pick up where he left off and continue his outstanding career before he retired last year.”

Davis was aggressive in April about trying to get out of San Francisco, possibly (and I’m speculating) because the 49ers declined to pay back to Davis the signing bonus allocation from 2015 that he refunded when he retired. The CBA does not require the repaid bonus money to be refunded, which may have prompted frustration for Davis.

12 responses to “Rosenhaus: Anthony Davis and 49ers have “patched things up”

  1. Make him earn a spot on the team.
    Especially the starting right tackle spot.

  2. Wow…Billion dollar team makes him repay his bonus money (probably threatening legal Action), but refuses to pay him the bonus money when he returns…that double standard coming back up. When its the team, its smart business, when its the player, he’s greedy, he signed the contract, etc…You can’t get mad at players going after every dime when teams do it across the board.

  3. The poor guy tried to get away from that joke of a franchise and couldn’t do it.

  4. I’m counting on nothing from this guy this year. Injury prone and away from the game for over a year, plus probably butt-hurt over his signing bonus, smells like a check casher in the making.

  5. I wonder if he has learned how to pass block? I hope he wants out would love for my 49ers to get rid of him, AGAIN. Staley dislikes him and he can’t pass block. Did I say that already?

  6. a raider fan calling other teams a joke? Well, i guess thats understandable since the raider have consistently been in the playoff in the last 15 years. Oh wait.. nvm

  7. As much as I hate the Niners FO, I hate this guy almost as much now–he has zero class. I would love to trade him to another cellar dweller, but only if we got fair value in return. Otherwise I kind of like the idea of keeping him as a backup on the bench for the remainder of his contract so he can watch his career fizzle into nothingness.

  8. elimanningup says:

    Giants will gladly take him. What y’all want in a trade?

    Well our supply of Gatorade is getting low so will take a case the blue ice flavor. None of that lemon lime junk, it’s got blue ice Gatorade or nothing. Oh yeah we also want inkjet. The FO printer low.

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