Browns expect to name starting QB before first preseason game

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The Browns haven’t named their starting quarterback for the 2016 season, but it doesn’t sound like coach Hue Jackson plans to extend the competition too deep into August.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jackson said that “whoever earns the job is going to earn it on the field” and suggested that they’ll do it pretty soon.

“It’s going to show itself really quickly and it would definitely be before we play our first preseason game,” Jackson said.

Despite some reports of shaky play from reporters on the Browns beat, Robert Griffin III came out of the offseason workouts looking like he was in position to nab the starting job. That was followed by a report this week that Griffin will be taking 80 percent of the snaps with the first team in training camp.

Given the timeline that Jackson set down on Thursday, that points to Griffin being No. 1 in Cleveland and could lead to Josh McCown going on the move should the Browns feel comfortable with Cody Kessler and Austin Davis as backups.

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  1. All QB ‘s who have started for Shanahan for 2 years have been to the pro bowl and top 5 offenses in at least half their years as a starter. The 5 years Elway didn’t have Shanahan in Denver the Broncos were 41-41.He tried to get Cleveland to sign Cousins Farmers first year. He has said RG3 must run a system that fits his talents. Why not run that system for RG3? The best statistical year in the history in the NFL.

  2. Hey why would you want to see which of your crappy QBs really gives you a glimmer of hope by, you know, seeing how well they play in your system.

    Parity doesn’t work with 1/3 of the teams in the league terribly run and constantly making terrible decisions.

  3. I never bought into the RGIII hype, but he’s been through some tough years so I hope he has success with the Browns.

    Anyone who’s been through what he’s been through (even though a lot of the problems were self-initiated) deserves a second chance. And, Lord knows, he’s fun to watch when he’s on his game.

  4. Good thing the Cavs won the NBA Championship because with RGKnee as your best option to start the Browns are looking at picking in the top 3 next year which will land them their 83rd different QB to start a game for them in the last 6 seasons. At least you have the Cavs Cleveland.

  5. The Great Gimmick is always a pre-pre season good time boy – always smells like roses – and then the preseason games start and he starts smelling like a barnyard animal and it gets worse during the regular season where he is an entire farm of all barnyard animals.

    This is nothing new – he is given that which he has NEVER earned.

    The Cleveland Dog Piles will rue the day they give this clown the keys to the Dog Pile machine. He will create mountains of them come starting day.

  6. Hue is looking at race only so RGmememe will get the nod.

    If the reports are true and he is bad now imagine when they play the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals twice this season.

  7. Don’t get why it would be anyone besides RG3, unless Kessler dazzled in camp. I think everyone knows what you are going to get out of McCown, and that isn’t much. RG3 was a mess his last 2 years in Washington, but he’s shown he does have talent and if he’s healthy you want to see if he can pick up the pieces. He’s on a 2 year deal basically making backup money, let’s see what Hue Jackson can get out of him.

  8. Jackson said at the end of mandatory camp that all positions will be earned, and that it applied to every position encluding the QB position. But he thinks he can name a starting QB after watching just a handful of practice’s where the QB isn’t allowed to get hit or pressured? Doesn’t sound like much of the open competition to me. What could possibly be wrong with giving ALL the QB equal opportunity to show what they can do through the first 2 preseason games? I personally think that the reason Jackson won’t let be a true open competition, Is the fact that Josh McCown would win it with his right arm tied behind his back. Just remember Jackson, this is your second and probably last chance as a NFL head coach, with an owner that has no problem firing people, you just might want to make sure you’ve got the best player playing, not the guy you think you can reform.

  9. Good. Splitting reps in camp just leaves whoever is named the starter less prepared for week 1. McCown and Davis are known quantities. Kessler is unlikely to be ready as a rookie. If you think RGIII might have what it takes, you might as well throw the dice and give him as much time as possible with the first team.

  10. They’ll name Griffin the starter prior to preseason game 1. Then they’ll realize how bad he is in actual games and name someone else the starter prior to preseason game 3.

  11. If Hue Jackson is smart, he will have RG3 scrambling a lot so the QB can buy enough time to read the defense. I’d gradually ramp this down as the season progresses but to get his confidence back, I’d let him run.

  12. So Josh McCown is looking like the best QB, yet they’re likely going to go with RGIII because there really isn’t a competition?

    Then trade/release their best QB Josh McCown?

    New Browns power structure same as the old.

    As Mary Kay Cabot said

    “At times, McCown looked more ready in spring practices than Griffin to start and win a game. He knows the offensive line and already has good timing with some of the receivers. Last season, he finished 14th in the NFL with a 93.3 quarterback rating.”

    I repeat, new Browns power structure, same as the old.

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