Browns say “grave disappointment” in Crowell, but he’s making necessary steps

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The since-deleted Instagram post showing a police officer’s throat being slashed made by Browns running back Isaiah Crowell was the first topic of conversation at the team’s pre-camp press conference on Thursday.

The public message from Browns coach Hue Jackson and executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown was that Crowell is taking necessary steps to make up for his mistake.

“It starts with grave disappointment in the action in the first place,” Brown said. “But to his credit, [after it happened] he called both Hue and I on his own to be accountable. Obviously, it was a huge mistake but he has taken steps at least at the outset that he should.”

Crowell quickly issued a formal apology, and the Browns released a statement that said “just an apology” would not be enough. Crowell later attended the funeral of one of the police officers killed in Dallas earlier this month and pledged his first game check to the Dallas fallen officers’ fund.

Jackson said he understands Crowell may deal with more backlash from fans as camp opens — “rightfully so,” Jackson said — but said Crowell will continue to work “at making it right” and showing remorse.

“I truly believe this is not who Isaiah Crowell is,” Jackson said.

12 responses to “Browns say “grave disappointment” in Crowell, but he’s making necessary steps

  1. It’s not who he really is…. I’d say initial actions speak louder than words…. Now he’s just trying to backpedal due to public pressure …..

  2. Millions upon millions upon millions worshipping and wearing Aaron Hernandez, ray Lewis, greg hardy, tom brady, isiah crowell, odell beckham, josh norman, etc etc etc shirts and all they really are are cheaters, punks, women beaters, and murderers. And people wonder why the country is goin downhill

  3. Don’t understand why the teams don’t have a contract clause requiring players to not post on social media, or that all posts are vetted by the team PR people.

    That would solve so many of these problems.

    As to Crowell he’s a young man who essentially opened his mouth the wrong way. All youmh people make mistakes. While I don’t agree with his post, the PC internet posse wants to crucify this guy when every single one of us made mistakes when we were young. And probably still do now.

    Zero tolerance is so freaking great until it applies to you. The same people calling for this guy’s head would be very upset if they were being targeted for saying something offensive.

  4. When I first saw how “outraged” so many of you were about the picture he posted on twitter my first thought was that you’re probably the same people who couldn’t care less when a police officer kills an innocent, unarmed black person. But a picture on twitter, now that’s something to get really worked up about.

  5. We all do or say things in the heat of the moment that we regret. I think he’s trying to make up for it. It would be nice to see him get involved in the issue and be an agent for change so that some good can come out of this.

  6. I’m glad people called out Crowell for the fake apology written by his lawyer/ PR firm that CLEARLY wasn’t written by the player (perfect grammar, legalese language, bland writing style). The agent was trying to do damage control and threw out his form letter “apology” that no one with even half a brain bought.

  7. He ran his mouth, but lets face it, he didn’t beat up any women or drive drunk where he could have killed someone. People are acting like what he did was worse, and it’s not.
    I wouldn’t have made those comments, and he should be told what he said was offensive.
    He’s apologized so lets move on.
    People are acting like he should be punished worse than a wife beater.

  8. He said he was wrong. He did not sale drugs or arms, he did not kill people like Tim Mcvay, he is not a mass murderer, he is a young man who made a mistake. All young people make plenty of errors in judgement. Stop all of the political pandering and move on. I have been a Browns fan for 42 years , let us concentrate on football for a while.

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