Dak Prescott found not guilty of DUI

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Before quarterback Dak Prescott was selected by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the draft, he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in March.

The arrest in Starkville, Mississippi may have affected Prescott’s landing spot in the draft, but he won’t have the charges hanging over his head at Cowboys camp this summer. Prescott was found not guilty of DUI and speeding in Starkville, where he attended Mississippi State, on Wednesday.

“Dak is obviously extremely relieved this process is over,” Prescott’s lawyer Jay Perry said, via the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. “He’s looking forward to going back to Dallas and then to California to compete in camp and learn from Tony Romo.”

In addition to Romo, Prescott is joined by Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers on the depth chart at quarterback in Dallas. Moore is expected to be Romo’s backup barring an outside addition or a summer showing from Prescott that elevates him more rapidly than expected.

27 responses to “Dak Prescott found not guilty of DUI

  1. A Kellen, Jameill and a Dak. Just not excited about our QB depth. Can’t picture any one of them as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. @abninf –

    Dak Prescott is exactly the kind of name suited to start at QB for the Cowbows if you ask me….

  3. dcapettini says:
    Jul 28, 2016 8:41 AM
    If you have good enough and expensive enough lawyers, you can beat anything.
    Yeah we saw that with Aaron Hernandez……..palm to face

  4. I_Just_Like_Typing_Comments_That_Wont_Get_Published says:
    Jul 28, 2016 8:22 AM

    This is good news for him, but it doesn’t make any sense. If a cop pulls you over, performs field sobriety tests, and concludes you are under the influence and arrests you, how can you possibly be found not guilty in court?????

    I clicked the link and it says…

    The incident took place two months prior to the NFL draft. Prescott took two breathalyzer tests after his arrest and both came back inconclusive.

    Since the results were inconclusive, I’m surprised it even went to court. After reading that I’m not surprised he was found not guilty. Remember, someone is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Two inconclusive tests does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

  5. I like Dak Prescott a lot. I watched him play all throughout his time at Mississippi State and I’m a fan. Sadly, though, he may not learn anything from this.

  6. I’m confused. Typically when you get charged with DUI its because you’ve been pulled over, maybe put through the roadside olympics, then given a brethalyzer which gives a numerical reading of your blood alcohol content. Depending on what state you live in if you blow below a .08 or .10 you’re free to go and if you blow above you’re taken to jail and charged with DUI. Assuming this is how this situation went down how can he be found not guilty? There should be no ambiguity involved he either blew above or below one of those numbers and if it was below he never would have been arrested in the first place.

  7. I’m guessing someone forgot to calibrate the breathalyzer and some punk changed the speed limit sign for a joke. What else could it be?

    “Hello, Cap’n Martin? This is Jerruh Jones from the Dallas Cowboys with a pair of season tickets in my hand. You got a minute?”

  8. How do you get arrested and then taken to court with not one but 2 inconclusive breathalyzer tests? Police state out of control. At least he didn’t get shot I guess.

  9. Not sure the details in this case but You could get two inconclusive tests if the person pourposely screws it up. Then the cops usually obtain a warrant for a blood draw.

  10. What’s the over/under line when Jerrah pronounces Dak as a “real leader”? 2 months? Hire a designated driver, Zak, or Uber it! You can surely afford it now!

  11. kickinpuppies says:
    Jul 28, 2016 10:11 AM
    Not sure the details in this case but You could get two inconclusive tests if the person pourposely screws it up. Then the cops usually obtain a warrant for a blood draw.
    Judges aren’t issuing warrants for blood draws unless there’s been a DWI accident involving serious injuries or death.

    Can you imagine a judge issuing a warrant for blood draws for every run of the mill DWI?

  12. I’m sure this is just a case of Cops Gone Bad, right? NOT!!!

    Sheesh. Had he not been a QB the funds wouldn’t have been spent to clear him.

    Sorry to Law Enforcement again! You did your job. The system is against you.

  13. New case law from SCOTUS requires a warrant for blood work. Local
    Police are planning to have a magistrate at designated hospitals to issue a warrant to permit the blood withdrawal. As to the breathalyzer,
    often where the tests is inconclusive it is because the defendant or
    accused has not blown into the breathalyzer with enough force.
    If this is so, the defendant or accused is cited for ” refusing ” the test
    which can result in a 1 year suspension in many states.
    Absent a blood test or a breathalyzer result in many states the officer
    can testify as an ” expert ” based upon his or her training and experience. The officer will testify that based upon the training experience etc that the defendant or accused ” could not operate the vehicle in a safe manner” as a result of drinking too much.
    Not many juries or judges go against an officers testimony. Not sure what factually occurred in this case but I would consider Prescott to be
    very lucky. Often law enforcement gets more than the benefit of doubt from a Judge or Jury.

  14. If Romo manages to play 7 games this year, what will their win loss record be at the end of the year, with that line up of backup QB’s?

  15. Hey, this is the town where Johnny Cash spent the night in jail for picking dandelions after curfew. Glad to see nothing has changed.

  16. bobnelsonjr says:
    Jul 28, 2016 1:52 PM
    How does an amateur college athlete drive a 2016 Cadillac 2 months BEFORE the draft?
    He was arrested on March 13th.

    College athletes can choose to enter the draft (and thus pick an agent) on January 15th. At that point, they can do any deal (endorsement, etc) they want.

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