Drew Brees reiterates Week One contract negotiation deadline

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Football season essentially has begun, with the opening of camp. But Saints quarterback Drew Brees is willing to continue to entertain contract offers from the team until football season actually launches, with Week One of the regular season.

Brees reiterated the deadline for doing a new deal during Thursday comments to the media from training camp in West Virginia.

“My approach is when the season is here it’s all about the season, I don’t want to be worrying about a contract or anything else,” Brees said. “My mind will be on the preparation week to week on the next opponent. If there’s something to be done, it’s between now and the season.”

Since it’s a deadline-driven business, the safest bet is a deal will come, if at all, in the days before the regular-season opener.

“Just to clarify, nothing is adversarial,” Brees said at one point on Thursday. “I have a great relationship with Mickey Loomis and have for my entire time here. This is just that part of the business let’s call it where, obviously, conversations happen in regards to the contract it’s between my agent Tom Condon and Mickey Loomis and, obviously, I am kept abreast as to the way those conversations are going. I think there’s a process to this and it isn’t an exact science and it isn’t an exact process. We’ll see how this shakes out over the next month and a half.”

While the questions from reporters have yet to focus on the ultimate hammer Brees holds, the 43.2-million pound elephant remains in the room. If the Saints use the franchise tag on Brees for what would be the third time of  his career, he would be entitled to a 44-percent raise over his $30 million cap number for 2016.

Which translates to a tag of $43.2 million. Which also translates to a low likelihood that the team would invest so much cap and cap space in a quarterback who turns 38 in January. Which means the market would set his value next year. Which means the anticipated market would set his value now.

Which means that Condon and Loomis need to get on the same page as to what Brees would be worth on the open market in order to get on the same page as to his value moving forward. From the player’s perspective, however, his age won’t be a factor in his value.

“I don’t see any reason why I can’t play at the highest level for the next five years minimum,” Brees said. “It really comes down to how long do I want to play.”

Eventually, it also may come down to where he wants to play. Because Brees may have the ability to do what he last did in 2006: Hit the market and look for his next destination.

25 responses to “Drew Brees reiterates Week One contract negotiation deadline

  1. Brees is NOT going Anywhere! He retires, as a Saint, as the MVP of Superbowl LII and rides off as Peyton did, Into the Sunset

  2. “I don’t see any reason why I can’t play at the highest level for the next five years minimum,” Brees said. “It really comes down to how long do I want to play.”
    Come on Drew. You are still a great elite QB, but you are on the downhill as we speak. Another 5 years as an elite QB is out of the question. Get as much as you can but don’t expect the Saints roll over and play dead.

  3. Drew Brees is looking to squeeze every penny he can get form the Saints. They should give him what he wants and make the offensive linemen take paycuts so they can pay him. Either that or get rid of them all and replace them with people they can pay the minimum so they can pay Brees. After all, he did win a Super Bowl for them so why not just give him the entire cap and have the rest of the team be minimum salary guys.

  4. Drew doesn’t know it yet, but he is on his farewell tour in New Orleans. His selfish salary demands have had the Saints bent over the salary cap and have kept them from really contending over the last couple of years. He will have to renegotiate and drop his demands or he will be looking to play elsewhere.

  5. Favre had the best season of his career at age 40. Brees has taken about half the amount of punishment Favre took throughout his career. You can be as skeptical as you want, but I’m putting my money on Brees to be the same QB in three years, pushing for 5000 yards and 30+ TDs.

  6. Drew and Condon- do a deal where he’s the highest paid whatever for one year, then let the hometown discount kick in. Even it out over the 4-5 year contract and the Saints can buy you a good enough D to win another ring or 2.

    Loomis- stop shagging around, up the guaranteed money. The rest of the team will be more invigorated to know they have 4-5 more years of an elite QB.

    Now go! You’ve got 42 days

  7. He doesn’t get it, the Saint’s are movin on!
    They are in rebuild mode whether they admit it publicly or not.

    The Saint’s saw what happened to Peyton at 38 n are concerned that Drew will suffer the same decline, whether he does or not, doesn’t matter if that’s what they believe.

    There’s no 43.2 million dollar elephant in the room, they have not intention of Franchising him again.

  8. 1. The Saints’ OL in 2015 was ranked third overall by pro football focus. They have a top three LT and a top five C. Zach Strief, although he doesn’t necessarily meet the eye test, was ranked as top 10 RT. Andrus Peat will take over as one of the G positions, which leaves the only question mark on the OL;who wins the battle for the other G position out of Tim Lelito or Senio Kelemete? The offensive line is in good shape for a couple years.

    2. Ingram, Hightower, Spiller, Cadet, Murphy, Lasco

    This is the depth chart at the RB position. It’s as good as any in the league.

  9. Let me reiterate something to you, Drew: you are 38 years old and on the downside of a wonderful run.

    Retire, while you still have your health.

  10. Completely selfish player who has put himself ahead of the franchise. He has made his money already – give the team a workable deal so that they can add some talent around you. Liked this guy early in his career, but can’t stand his greedy rear end now.

  11. This guy could go to Denver, and they would be favored to win the next 3 to 4 Super Bowls. But, it’s hard to pay everybody, everything.

  12. Brees = me first type of player.
    He’s a union guy who is out to screw the NFL teams, owners, and NFL management just so a player can make an extra buck.
    Brees went to Purdue, an ultra-liberal school in the midwest so I get the liberal side of him.
    But he’s made tens of millions from the Chargers and the Saints, as a card-carrying moonbat liberal, shouldn’t he give at least %47% of his salary to legit non-profit charities?
    I’m waiting fro Brees to say how “greedy” Benson is but so that Benson can fire back and tell the world how “poor” Brees is and what Brees’ salary demands are.

  13. Funny.. fans are always in players pockets.. yet never notice that the price of beer at the stadium never goes down. Why is Drew’s job to take less than his market value?

  14. I’ve never understood the peanut gallery’s barrage of “selfish, selfish!!” comments. It’s usually from the same people who shout, “Wow, he got an $x million contract!” and then when the team cuts him a year later, “You’re the one who signed the damned contract!”

  15. Let me ask all of the commenters on this page a serious question. At your current job in your current profession would you like your earning potential to be the most that you can possibly get? Or, if your boss came to you with a raise would you turn it down because it would more beneficial for the company?

    I’m sure 99.999999% of you would take the highest salary you can get. If that’s your answer you are a greedy hypocrite because you aren’t doing what’s best for that company, the other employees of that company and that companies stockholders. If you don’t like the price of a beer at the game, it’s simple don’t go. If you don’t like the food prices, it’s simple don’t go to the game. If you don’t like ticket prices, don’t go to the game. It’s 2016 going on 2017, you all have TV’s at your home so stay there if you don’t like prices of anything related to the NFL. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by not going to the game at all and watching from your home on TV. I know this may seem like common sense for some, but as you probably aware common sense isn’t so common these days.

  16. Brees is now not even in the top 5 QB salaries. He is not the problem with the cap in NO. It’s players like Jr. Gallette that got paid and did nothing and are no longer on team but costing 12.5 mil on the cap. Drew deserves to be in the top 5 as far as pay.

  17. ^^ Sounds like Brees ‘rubbed’ your favorite team’s defense the wrong way several times in the last decade of dominance from the QB position.

  18. sb44champs says:
    Jul 31, 2016 4:01 PM
    ^^ Sounds like Brees ‘rubbed’ your favorite team’s defense the wrong way several times in the last decade of dominance from the QB position.

    Not at all actually… lol

  19. Not at all actually… lol
    Being that Brees beat pretty much every team in the league and he’s a future 1st Ballot HOFer, I’d say he more than likely made you mad on more than one occasion…. Actually lol

  20. I’m a Purdue graduate. Ultra liberal? 😂 We had one of the largest chapters of the College Republicans in the country when I was a student there.

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