Jimmy Garoppolo perfects Patriot way, at press conferences

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It’s unclear whether Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will thrive in his upcoming role as starting quarterback for the first four games of the regular season. He’s already thriving when it comes to the team’s preferred approach at press conferences.

He said pretty much what would be expected, without really saying anything. He’s excited for the chance to play. He’s more comfortable in his third training camp. It’s awesome to throw to the team’s great receivers. It’s not his place to say how much he will or should play in the preseason with the starting offense.

Garoppolo got stumped a couple of times regarding advice he’s gotten from Brady, vowing to “get back to you.” Chances are he won’t, unless Brady specifically authorizes whatever Garoppolo would say.

It’s also possible Brady has given Garoppolo no advice. Why would the veteran try to help the guy who, if he’s anything like Brady was at that age, wants to send Brady to the bench and into retirement? Twice since 2011, the team has used a third-round pick and a second-round pick on a quarterback. Those selections could have been used on players that would actually be, you know, playing. At some level, that has to irritate Brady.

It’s impossible to know that or anything else about Brady at this point because, to date, he hasn’t been made available to the media. He likely won’t be until the weekly obligation to speak arises — which for him won’t happen until the days preceding his debut, in Week Five.

Until then, get used to Garoppolo perfecting the Patriot Way of saying something while saying nothing.

17 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo perfects Patriot way, at press conferences

  1. Unless this kid chokes mightly, Brady ain’t getting his job back. You heard it here first.

  2. .
    ” Twice since 2011, the team has used a third-round pick and a second-round pick on a quarterback ”

    The Patriots prefer to develop young QBs as opposed to signing retreads. All they’ve done since 2011 is draft a backup to Brady in anticipation of the free agent departure of their predecessor. When Ryan Mallet’s contract was due to expire, they drafted Garopollo. With his contract up after this season, they had to choose another QB to get into the system. Brissett was the guy

    Most likely, Garopollo will be moved after the season, leaving Brady and a raw Brissett to man the QB position. .

  3. I really don’t know any facts about this, but just watching their interactions and body language, it doesn’t appear that Brady and Garappolo are good friends. As opposed to Brady and Cassell, who seemed to get along great. Hoyer had no chance, he went to Michigan St.

    That being said, Brady has always been a team 1rst guy and I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t do anything he could possibly do to make himself available or be of any help to JG. Make no mistake, Brady starts against Cleveland wk 5, no matter what JG does. And he knows it. I’m sure he doesn’t want to come back looking at 0-4 or 1-3 if he can help it. The Pats have a good team and have a real shot this yr, if they don’t start too far behind the 8 ball.

  4. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Jul 28, 2016 5:16 PM
    Unless this kid chokes mightly, Brady ain’t getting his job back. You heard it here first.

    Jests fans post a lot of ridiculous stuff but this is right up there. The kid could have a 75% completion rate with 1500 yds and 12 td’s and all it would mean is NE would get more/higher draft picks for him.

  5. Tb12 should not say anything to anyone at any time his season. He’s been a model citizen for 15 years, never beat a women, never arrested, no peds, no hgh, always respectful and a great ambassador for the game and the NFL suspends him for an equipment violation and/or refusal to turn over cell phone. Jets/Vikings/chargers have ball violations and get small fines. Favre refuses to give his cell phone in a porno investigation and gets a 50k fine. Tb12 doesn’t owe the NFL anything

  6. Florio, I usually enjoy your perceptive commentary, even when I disagree with it. But the remark, Why should the veteran try to help the person trying to take his job? (paraphrase), just blows my mind. 1. TB wants the Patriots to win as many of those 1st 4 games as possible, to get the team to the playoffs. 2.TB knows he could get injured and be out for awhile, so refer to #1. 3.TB likely does not feel threatened by JG. He knows he will be in there against the Browns even if NE goes 4-0, just like the Osweiler/Manning scenario.

  7. Jimmy G will do just fine. A loss to the Cards on the road, then wins against Buffalo, Houston and Miami at home. 3-1, then a mightily pissed off Brady against the lowly Browns. 4-1 and in control of the AFC East as usual before they have to play the tough teams like Seattle and Denver in the middle of the season.

  8. babygaga19 says:
    Jul 28, 2016 10:27 PM

    The refs are paid to throw bogus flags to protect Tammy. Jimmy wont get that benefit. Look out!


    Not judging, but I just have seen several individuals on PFT refer to Mr. Tom Brady as “Tammy” and I’m wondering if there is a form of someone being attracted to someone else where a person imagines that a man is a female? And then they go on to make up a pet name for their interest that sounds more feminine. Then the person obsesses over their newfound interest by finding articles about the person so they can use the pet name as often as possible?
    If that’s what is happening then we should all be accepting of it and not judge If it’s a bad typo then it should only happen once.

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