Tim Tebow: I feel like I can be an effective NFL quarterback

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Tim Tebow isn’t ready to close the door on the NFL just yet.

Tebow, who was in training camp with the Eagles last year but hasn’t played in a regular-season game since he was on the Jets in 2012, said on CBS Sports Radio that he still believes he can play.

“I mean, for me, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Tebow said. “I’m still young, I still feel really good. So is that something that I feel like I can be an effective quarterback in the NFL? Yeah, I really do feel like I could be. But I think at the same time, there are a lot of other things that I’m doing that I love and that I’m blessed to do.”

Tebow’s best bet if he wanted to continue his NFL career would probably be to develop in the Canadian Football League, but Tebow sounds more interested in pursuing his other life goals if the NFL doesn’t come calling.

“Football is just one thing that I love to do,” Tebow said. “But it can’t become your everything because eventually you’re not going to be able to play, whether that’s today or five years from now. And if it’s your everything, when you’re done what do you do?”

It’s good that Tebow has other things he wants to do, because his NFL career is almost certainly over. Whether he still thinks he can play or not.

122 responses to “Tim Tebow: I feel like I can be an effective NFL quarterback

  1. He had a substandard arm for a COLLEGE team. His delivery is jacked up.

    He should have said he’d play TE. With that speed and height and athleticism, he’d have gotten a real shot.

  2. I think he could too. I would take him as a back up over Sean hill any day. Atleast Tebow can move in the pocket, old man hill is like a statue.

  3. There is something to the Tebow magic. He may not be the prototypical QB, but he can pull rabbits out of his hat. I saw it with my own eyes.

  4. Tim is only interested in playing QB. He is clearly unqualified to do so. His love is not for football, it is for his vision of himself as a pro QB or nothing else.
    There is not one person on any of the 32 teams that believes it, other than yourself Tim, and that is just not good enough to make it happen.

  5. Actually, we’re all blessed since we don’t have to watch Tebow drive passes into the turf or miss the target by 20 yards wide right anymore. Thank the lord for that.

  6. Go to the CFL and work for the chance to get another NFL opportunity. If you aren’t willing to start at the bottom, why do you think you deserve a fifth chance (Broncos, Jets, Pats, and Eagles) in the NFL.

  7. Maybe TE. Those guys don’t even have to catch they just have to draw the ‘hard hit’ penalty.

  8. Dudes best chance is to try his hand in the CFL. Sitting around is not helping his cause

  9. No doubt this is all part of God’s plan for his favourite QB…
    Go to Canada Tim, God’s probably checking out that new in-play Coach-to-QB radio because, as you (and Russell Wilson) know, he’s fascinated by football and spends every moment guiding and planning and helping every Christian player on every team win every game…

    Or perhaps you’ll end up doing something different because it’s His plan, or perhaps you’ll fail and, like so many God-invoking ex-players, hurt yourself and irrevocably damage other innocent lives too all because God wants you personally to learn to find Him again, because you are more inconsiderate & self obsessed – er, I mean, deserving & special – than anyone else…

  10. He should go to the CFL I’m sure some of the teams would be interested in him because the QB’s up there are getting injured left, right and center. If he played well up there maybe an NFL team would take some interest in him. But for whatever reason he’s not going to do it.

  11. Tebow is a great guy and more athletes should be like him. But that’s where it ends. He’s not a starting QB because he simply lacks the attributes. And if he’s not a starting QB, his presence (fair or not fair) is not worth the media circus.

  12. Doesn’t matter how good of shape you’re in if you can’t read a defense. Anyone who seen him in preseason last year saw some of the ugliest QB play at a professional level. He made Rob Johnson look decisive.

  13. There’s a difference between feel and reality…. Tim has no grasp on reality!!!

  14. Think of how much money the NFL and Media lost in TV ratings and merchandising in blackballing Tebow these past seasons for his proselytizing Christianity!

  15. ariani1985 says:
    Jul 28, 2016 7:46 PM
    Thanks for the laugh Timmy! I got some packer stock to sell you!


    I’m a Packers fan, and this post cracked me up!! Don’t ever change, ariani1985. Don’t you EVER change.

  16. IF Rex Ryan couldn’t make a QB out of him…

    He really needs to go to the CFL and play to have any chance of a return to the NFL.

    His arm is not NFL level. He had some success running the option. He probably can’t run a real nfl offense–48% career accuracy is never gonna get it done.

    He had some early success because teams had to adjust to the option. Once it was figured out, he was beaten to a pulp. Totally ineffective vs Patriots in playoffs and useless with the Jets.

    And i don’t think he could play TE full time anyway. He did not look good with Jets, no separation, bad hands. Block bad. False starts. Meh.

  17. If he really wanted an NFL job, he should have taken a TE job when it was offered. At some point, youve got to accept your limitations and make the most out of the skill set you have. If he wasn’t so stubborn, he would be playing now, just not at QB.

  18. So can all the “Tebow is the Chosen One” folks finally admit that his failure proves that Jesus is a sham and there is no god?

    I mean, because, one fluttering pass in playoff overtime was supposedly proof that he had God’s blessing, that’s what I heard at the time.

  19. The Bengals should sign him. He has more playoff wins and fewer playoff losses than the red headed guy they have….

  20. Fact: Tebow would have given the Cowboys a better record after Romo was lost. In fact: Tebow would have won a SuperBowl if he had stayed around as Mannings backup. Anyone who argues otherwise probably just doesn’t like Tebow because they aren’t as squeaky clean as Tebow. If you don’t like being judged act like Tebow instead of acting out at Tebow.

  21. The Haters are so slow that they have no clue that Tebow wanted to get them all stirred up and away from their beer and Cheetos.

    Its better than being ignored, beer belly fans.

  22. Tebows ego is stunningly huge. He is big and fast and would make a decent tight end if he has any hands at all. And yet he insists he should have a job he is not good at. He needs to reassess his skills and really decide if he likes football at all, because it seems like he doesnt like it all that much. He only likes quarterbacking.

  23. He would be even worse in the CFL because he simply can’t throw.
    The wider field and the three downs means he’d have to fling it around, and he can’t do it.

  24. “…How old and how long out of the NFL before Tebow is no longer mentioned?…”

    I can offer you little hope on that front, based on the following.

    Jim Brown’s last season was 51 years ago. And there is an article or two every year where he says he could still play.

    Same for Herschel Walker, who last played in 1997.

    Same for a lot of former players. Classic symptoms of TOIGTBIW Syndrome (The Older I Get, The Better I Was). There is no cure, but time wounds all heels…

  25. An NFL QB is about one thing: mechanics. Consistent mechanics. Tebow has had little coaching in this area and it’s too late to learn them. Due to his inconsistent mechanics, his ball is all over the place.

    Plus, he is not even fit to be on an NFL squad because a 3rd string QB’s job is to run the scout team in practice, and the QB is supposed to mimic the opposing QB and their passing game, and he could not even do that right.

    Before he had even progressed through his reads, Tebow would pull the ball down and run it on every play, and the coaches were so exasperated, they cut him.

  26. I personally love when people make big life decisions based on what they feel to be true, despite statistical evidence proving otherwise.

    Tim Tebow is not alone in that practice.

  27. I honestly think Tim on the right team could be a successful QB.

    When I look at Tebow, he is the Doug Flutie of his era. All the talent, never got a real chance.

  28. Sad lives some of you commenters out there have. You sit around, like me, reading blogs that entertain you. Until you come across one that you feel makes you feel good enough to be sarcastic about.
    Tebow can go to 75-100% of the NFL stadiums and be able to say, yeah I did this once. I played professional football in the NFL at this stadium. And yeah, I was a Heisman trophy winner when I played college ball.
    Not one of us reading this story can say that. And yet it doesn’t stop a few of us from putting some coin in Florio’s pocket by clicking on the story and a few more coins by adding a sarcastic comment.
    I admire the guy. He has his beliefs and he doesn’t care a whit about your opinion of them. Not one of you at some point in the season doesn’t secretely wish you heard your name being announced on the field. Give him the opportunity to say what is on his mind. I know this. I am more interested in what he has to say than what you do

  29. I don’t understand Tebow’s stubbornness. The NFL has basically told him they don’t think he’s good enough to play there, so he either goes to the Arena League, or the CFL, and proves them wrong, or he gives up the dream of playing quarterback.

    If he’s serious about playing quarterback, he’s going to have to prove the naysayers wrong, and that means playing in another league, because the NFL isn’t going to give him another shot, without some sort of proof that he’s better than the last time they saw him.

  30. Pretty sure he wouldn’t start in the CFL. The guys up there are actually good. Maybe not NFL caliber but not far from it. His fluke of a record and fluke of a playoff win is 5 years in the past. Time he could’ve spent developing in a alternate position.

  31. mtsquad says:
    Jul 28, 2016 10:51 PM
    But Tim, there’s still that little issue about you still throwing the football like a woman

    Well, that’s just insulting. Most women would throw better than him.

  32. xxbarklikeadogxx says:
    Jul 28, 2016 8:46 PM
    Tim, try tv. The chicks would watch in droves. Ratings dude!

    He’s on TV, FOX channel, hosting Home Free on Thursday nights.

  33. Terrelle Pryor used to have the same delusions when he was with the Raiders. That’s why he was cut by Oakland and a bunch of other teams before waking up to reality. Now he may have a chance as a WR.

    However Tebow is even more stubborn/delusional than Pryor was when it comes to switching positions, which is why he’ll never play in another NFL regular season game.

    But don’t cry for Timmy because I think he has a limitless future as a politician (as does Michael Sam).

  34. The guy would still be in the league if he wasn’t the poster child for entitlement. The rest of us actually have to earn things and prove what we say. He’s just Manziel without the booze and drugs. In other words “I say I deserve this to be handed to me and if I said it there’s no way I’m wrong”.

    I’d take 1 million Terrell Pryors or Colt McCoy’s who’re willing to do whatever a coach asks of them without complaining over 1 Tebow who complains if he doesn’t get his way because he’s not used to it but gets a pass because he’s a “Christian” (but not very Christ like) anyday.

  35. At least he beat the patriots ONCE! And please don’t tell me that all he does is win. If that’s the case, then how come he couldn’t win 1 game out of 3 just to get into the playoffs? He even lost to Kyle Orton!

  36. Hey Tim, how’s Tinkerbell doing? Let me know how Never Neverland is treating you. By the way, I feel like I’m going to win the Lottery someday!

  37. I question his attitude. Sure, he seem super motivated as a QB, but if he really loved the game of football – I mean, truly loved the game – then he would play in the CFL. He might make a tryout at tight end. So, I don’t think he’s motivated to play a game that someone thinks he loves. I think he’s motivated to be in the spotlight. Frankly, for that reason I can’t see teams taking a flyer on him.

  38. aj66shanghai says:
    Jul 28, 2016 9:49 PM

    So can all the “Tebow is the Chosen One” folks finally admit that his failure proves that Jesus is a sham and there is no god?

    I mean, because, one fluttering pass in playoff overtime was supposedly proof that he had God’s blessing, that’s what I heard at the time.

    Fluttering? That pass was a bullet.

  39. I would lay 10-1 Seattle calls for a try out….for the fist time in 4 years, Wilson doesn’t have a veteran QB back up.

    I do think he would fit right in with Wilson and the team mantra of positivism, unlike most on here who’s only goal is to find negativity in every.single. article.

  40. Funny thing about society here….everyone laughs at a guy that still believes he can play QB in the NFL when it’s been proven time and time again that he can’t….yet, in general, everyone praises a guy for believing what people wrote about a guy that lived over 2000 years ago named Jesus, with absolutely zero proof and not much evidence to boot. #faith

  41. I’m glad that we at least have gotten to the point where we can have a good laugh about this and don’t have to take this seriously.

  42. Anytime a reporter is around Tebow they are going to ask him and he will answer. So what.

    He’s a very good college football analyst, lived life on his own terms and probably has more dough than a lot of NFL players anyway. Fair to say this has already been a successful lifetime for Tebow.

    Good for him.

  43. the suggestions to go to the CFL are ridiculous…..you do realize they pass more in that league……not really in his wheelhouse

  44. Tim “Uncle Rico” Tebow is starting to sound delusional. He’s a selfish guy who had multiple opportunities to change positions and continue his NFL career. Those opportunities aren’t handed out often and he denied the offers at every turn because he’s a spoiled egomaniac. Don’t fall for the selfless Christain nonsense. It’s a PR act, proven by his refusal to help any of his teams by switching positions and contributing.

  45. Really? Enough already.

    He would be completely exposed in the CFL. They throw the ball a lot up there and he doesn’t have the skill set for it. So in that regard he is smart not try the CFL.

  46. steelcurtainn says:
    Jul 29, 2016 11:19 AM
    LOL. How many more years is this going to be a story.


    Probably until the Bengals win a playoff game. In other words, a very long time….

  47. There sure are a lot of jealous people on PFT.

    Tebow is better than most 2nd and 3rd string QB’s in the NFL. I’m not sure if the hate directed towards him is due to his success in college, winning multiple national championships and the Heisman Trophy or if the hate is directed towards him because of his faith, but he’s a solid athlete, a decent QB, and a decent human being.

    This said coming from an FSU fan.

  48. Let me just start by saying that I’m not a big fan of Tim Tebow…I just don’t think he’s that great of a QB to play the position in the NFL. He’s had multiple opportunities, and for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked out for him, and I’m sure he frustrated about it, as he feels he’s had some success in the league (Denver). He’s a good guy, although I personally don’t like when guys talk about god all the time in reference to sports…but that’s another story. So many “bad guys” (domestic abuse, drugs, etc…) have been given second or third chances to play the game at the NFL level. Why? Simply put, those that make the player personnel decisions know that these guys, despite being “bad guys” can play at the NFL level, and play well. It really is that simple. Now, we can’t blame Tim Tebow for believing in himself….he didn’t bring up the subject, apparently Doug Gottlieb did. Maybe, the media should stop interviewing him, unless they want to talk to him about college football and the upcoming season. Just don’t bring up the topic of him playing in the NFL. At this point, the only answer people want to hear him say is…my dreams of playing in the NFL are over, and it’s time to move on. He’s just not ready to do that. Would you be? Probably not. So, JUST DON’T ASK HIM! Here’s part of the transcript as I saw online:

    Gottlieb: If a team calls you right now and says “We need you in camp tomorrow” do you go?

    Tebow: (laughing) I gotta look at it, I gotta figure out the situation. Not necessarily be opposed to it but you never know.

    Gottlieb: “Do you still have football in you?”

    Tebow: “I mean, for me, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Tebow said. “I’m still young, I still feel really good. So is that something that I feel like I can be an effective quarterback in the NFL? Yeah, I really do feel like I could be. But I think at the same time, there are a lot of other things that I’m doing that I love and that I’m blessed to do.


    He doesn’t seem delusional, but just like many guys not playing in the NFL right now, not convinced he’s done! Maybe if the media, and in turn, people like myself stop talking about it, he will be.

  49. I know, it funny and cool to be a Tebow basher, and he certainly had his share of bad performances in the NFL. However, a lot of guys with NFL contracts have had more than a few bad performances.

    In his stint with the Eagles, most of the local pundits as well as the fanbase believed that he had outperformed Matt Barkley, and was going to be the third QB. You may say that’s a low bar, and yet Barkley is in the second year of a contract with the Cardinals and Tebow is still ridiculed by keyboard jockeys.

    Despite his accuracy issues, he led some amazing late-game comebacks, and you just can’t teach clutch performance. Yes, Denver’s defense played well in many of those games, but they all featured endings where Sanchez/Bradford/Fitzpatrick/Orton would have thrown a pick, but Tebow got the job done.

    And for someone so inaccurate, how did he have a 17-9 TD/INT ratio? Maybe because he was throwing a lot of longer passes? He was third in the NFL in yards per completion, and not because of yards-after-catch (which would be impossible with a lot of poorly thrown balls). I’m not pushing him for the HOF, but for cryin’ out loud, Shaun Hill, Logan Thomas, Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage, Mike Kafka, etc., etc., have had contracts since Tebow. People on here talk like he couldn’t make a middle school team, while he holds the Broncos franchise record for passer rating in a playoff game.

  50. As a supposed fundamentalist, he sure picks and chooses which verses of his religious book to follow. One of the most famous verses applies directly to him and his stubbornness.

    Proverbs 16:18: Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  51. I would lay 10-1 Seattle calls for a try out….for the fist time in 4 years, Wilson doesn’t have a veteran QB back up.


    No, just no.

  52. All the sub-par QBs playing in the NFL and a player and leader like Tebow can’t get on a roster. If Kirk Cousins and Ryan Fitz can be a QB in the NFL who have done nothing in the NFL and Tebow who has won the playoffs. The media and fans are looking too much on statistic instead of results. Tim has proven that he can play in the NFL. I understand if his believe system bothers you but the fact remains that Tim can play.

  53. Say what you what you will but I’d rather have Tim Tebow as my starting QB than Mark Sanchez.

  54. Jul 29, 2016 1:16 PM – ksiner says: And “I feel” like I could be a Navy SEAL

    If you have been a Navy SEAL in the past, are young enough, and have stayed in great shape, you may be right. Good luck with it – I won’t berate you for trying.

  55. Worst QB with the Biggest Heart, it’s a shame his ego won’t let him accept the fact he stinks as a QB…
    and YES – he would make one helluva TE if he wanted to !

  56. He could have gone somewhere as a backup and possibly developed into a starter. No team wanted to take on all the Jesus freaks yelling to make him a starter immediately.

  57. Jimmy Clausen is 5 weeks younger than Tim Tebow and started for 2 NFL teams last year.
    Clausen has 7 TDs in 472 pass attempts with 14 interceptions, 0 rushing
    Tebow has 19 TDs passing in 408 attempts, 9 Interceptions, 13 TDs rushing, 2 two point conversions.
    Tebow is 9-7 with a conference and playoff win and an NFL playoff passing record in his 16 games and should be a starting QB in the NFL.

  58. Tim Tebow’s fans are still waiting for the NFL to prove that they can beat him. In 2011, Tebow came off the bench with no training camp and no first team reps with a new coaching staff and went 8-5 with a 1-4 team.
    Tebow was named the starter after the 2011 season, selected as a 3rd alternate to the pro bowl and was voted a top 100 player of the year by over 1700 NFL players.
    Then the NFL made sure that he never started again as a quarterback.
    The NFL is afraid of Tebow on and off the field because they don’t want a popular pro-life Christian to be the face of the NFL…again. The NFL recently demonstrated their animosity toward religion when they threatened the governor of Georgia over a religious freedom bill that he was going to sign that would have exempted Christian pastors from doing same-sex marriages. Political correctness is like Sharia law, it is incompatible with our constitution, our laws and our culture of freedom. Now it has denied the most decorated quarterback in NCAA history a career in the NFL which he earned.

  59. Tim, you have had many opportunities to prove this, and you have failed miserably. Clearly the reason you had no success in the NFL is because Jesus doesn’t like you. Maybe if you read your playbook instead of a bible you’d be better. Proof Positive folks that praying doesn’t work.

  60. Tebow is a good football player, just doesn’t have an NFL QB arm and release. Tebow needs to recognize his limitations and have a serious talk with Terrelle Pryor. It’s not a crime to switch NFL positions. We all know

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