Cowboys say Nick Foles isn’t an option for them

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When quarterback Nick Foles was released by the Rams, speculation about his next stop often included the Cowboys.

Kellen Moore is the No. 2 in Dallas, but the team talked about upgrading their options behind Tony Romo at points earlier in the offseason and Foles’ best days in the NFL looked a lot better than what Moore did in his appearances with the Cowboys last season.

Foles has had plenty of bad days as well and it seems that the sum total has left the Cowboys unconvinced that he would be a better choice to be a heartbeat (or broken collarbone) away from the starting quarterback job. Owner Jerry Jones said Friday that Foles “isn’t an option” and reiterated that they like Moore.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones added that the team has to develop their own quarterbacks to improve the overall depth at the position, something they’ll try to do with fourth-round pick Dak Prescott this year.

21 responses to “Cowboys say Nick Foles isn’t an option for them

  1. bigjd says:
    Jul 29, 2016 3:49 PM

    Maybe if he got arrested or failed a couple drug tests they would bring him into camp.

    I hate you. You beat me to it!

  2. Coach Jason Garrett called the culture of the team an “overwhelming strength” and said that they’ll move on from players who don’t fit that culture.

    Foles doesn’t fit the culture of the Cowboys since he’s never been in trouble.

  3. The Eagles have a knack for developing bad QB’s into something of value, and trading them for picks. The new team gets stuck with a garbage QB and a big salary on the books. AJ Feely, Kevin Kolb, and now Foles.

  4. If he clears waivers, then his contract won’t be an issue. But he was a starter for multiple teams and would likely want a starting gig.

    Also, the Cowboys have Moore for relatively cheap and he has a rapport with the OC from his days in Detroit. Moore didn’t do terribly last year, considering he didn’t have a WR1 on the roster and defenses could stack the box against the run.

  5. If Jerry Jones says that Foles isn’t an option, then you can bet that Foles will be signed by the Cowboys in a matter of days from now.

  6. They never had the cap room. They currently have just enough to cover any injury-replacement signings that may occur. Anyone speculating without bothering to check that first was being ignorant.

  7. Foles has decent numbers on the surface, but look at the situational stats (red zone, 2 minute offense, etc) and his numbers alarmingly decline. Again not a Foles hater, but he just does not do well under pressure situations.

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