Eleven years later, Frank Gore remembers draft snub

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Colts running back Frank Gore, with only 700 rushing yards, will find himself as No. 8 on the all-time NFL rushing yardage list. That will provide plenty of motivation. His spot on another list still gives him motivation, more than a decade later.

“When I was coming out I had injuries,” Gore told reporters on Friday. “Me, I like people doubting me. I go even harder and I love proving people wrong. When I was the sixth [running] back taken, I made sure I told myself I would be the best one out of all of them.”

He clearly is. Gore’s accomplishments become even more impressive when considering that his draft year of 2005 had three running backs picked in the top five: Ronnie Brown (by the Dolphins), Cedric Benson (by the Bears), and Cadillac Williams (by the Buccaneers).

The other two running backs selected before Gore in round three had their names called in round two: J.J. Arrington of the Cardinals and Eric Shelton of the Panthers. (Although the question that sparked Gore’s response called him the “last guy standing” at his position from 2005, Darren Sproles also was taken that year, by the Chargers in round four. Sproles signed a contract extension with the Eagles earlier today.)

The five taken before Gore had combined career rushing yards of 16,123. Gore has 12,040 and counting — including more than twice the amount of the guy with the second most (Benson, who had 6,017).

Most glaringly, the last running back taken before Gore, Eric Shelton, had 23 total rushing yards in his career. Gore could beat that number by the end of the first quarter of his current team’s first game of 2016.

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  1. Gore, another exception to the rule that RB’s don’t last long in the NFL. It’s a shame SF didn’t give the ball to Gore 4 times at the goal line rather than having Kap trying to hit Crabtree 4 times, and failing even though they were that close to another SB win. Gore has always been one of the most elusive backs to tackle that I can recall.

  2. Gore was an absolute stud running back for the Niners. What a great find in that draft. I’m sorry they got rid of him as he’s still producing.

  3. Frank the Tank is an outstanding football player and great guy on and off the field. An amazing career to watch and although he may not get that ring he’ll certainly be inducted in the HoF which has to bring some consolation.

  4. granadafan says:
    Jul 29, 2016 4:14 PM
    Gore was an absolute stud running back for the Niners. What a great find in that draft. I’m sorry they got rid of him as he’s still producing.
    They didn’t get rid of him. They offered him a decent contract and he bailed out. But, you’re right, he was a stud for the Niners.

  5. Frank Gore and Thurman Thomas are two examples of players that had serious knee injuries coming into the draft. Nobody that I know of ever doubted their ability. Most of the time it’s the medical staff’s call on these guys. Most teams had really high grades on Frank, but he was eliminated from their draft boards for purely medical reasons. I hope Frank continues to play with a chip on his shoulder, because I want to see him continue his brilliant career at a high level. Lots of people actually thought the 49ers were being too risky when they drafted Gore. I’m ready to see Frank hoist the Lombardi trophy this year.

  6. How amazing is it that just eleven years ago, three out of the top five picks in the draft were running backs?

  7. It isn’t a “draft snub” if you came with a legit injury. Considering how many unknowns there are in draft scouting, a pre-existing injury is one of the clearest KNOWNS out there. Does anyone consider Jaylon Smith snubbed this season?

  8. Eric Shelton, ugh. I could’ve gone without reading his name, conjuring up memories of that draft class. The whole draft (for Carolina) would’ve been pretty poor if Thomas Davis didn’t defy odds and become a Pro Bowler AFTER his 3rd ACL tear.

  9. As a Panthers fan, I am offended that you would use disparaging words in your article like Eric and Shelton. Those two words should not be in any NFL related news. Later on in the draft, somebody picked Brandon Jacobs, too.

  10. The 2005 Draft featured some good RBs:

    Rd1 – R.Brown – 5,300 yds, 38 TD
    Rd1 – C.Benson – 6,000 yds, 32 TD
    Rd1 – C.Williams – 4,000 yds, 21 TD
    Rd3 – F.Gore – 12,000 yds, 70 TD
    Rd4 – M.Barber – 4,700 yds, 53 TD
    Rd4 – B.Jacobs – 5,000 yds, 60 TD
    Rd4 – D.Sproles – 6,000 combined yds, 48 combined TD

    To show how the position has devalued over the years, Cadillac Williams rushed for nearly 1,200 yards his rookie year, ranking 13th in the NFL. In 2015, that would have been 3rd most in the league!

  11. Eric Shelton. Ugh. We took Stefan LaFlors in that draft too. One piece of evidence that the newspaper-reporter-turned-GM was good a picking first rounders, but awful after that.

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