John Schneider: Seahawks will look at veteran backup QB options

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Backup quarterback may be the biggest uncertainty for the Seattle Seahawks as training camp gets set to begin on Saturday.

For the first time since Russell Wilson won the starting job in 2012 over Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn, the Seahawks don’t have a veteran option sitting behind Wilson on the sidelines.

Undrafted rookie free agent Trevone Boykin and 2015 undrafted free agent Jake Heaps are the only two quarterbacks on the roster outside of Wilson. Jackson, who handled the duties for the last three years, likely won’t be back after allegedly pulling a gun on his wife and being charged with aggravated assault.

While general manager John Schneider said that Boykin has done some nice things over the offseason since being signed in May, he also said the team would keep looking for quarterback options elsewhere as well.

“Yep, absolutely. And we do that with every position. We’ll have one, two, three guys like on standby,” Schneider said.

“I like all our players, I’m just never really one of those guys that’s like, ‘Yeah, we got this. We got this.’ You know what I mean?” he added. “Pete’s job is to instill confidence in people and he does a great job; it’s one of his best attributes, making everybody feel great about themselves and instilling confidence in their abilities. My job is to be forward thinking and our staff – Dan (Morgan), Trent (Kirchner), Scott (Fitterer) – to be ready for what’s coming next if it doesn’t work out.”

Schneider said he believes Boykin would have been a third- to a fifth-round pick if not for his legal troubles prior to the Alamo Bowl with TCU in December. He also said that he believes Boykin has handled the transition to becoming a professional well so far.

“Great athlete, tons of arm strength,” Schneider said of Boykin. “I like the way he dialed himself in as a pro in that short period of time he was here, kind of studying and watching Russell and learning as much as he possible can. He started putting together some practices that were consistent all the way through instead of – he’s a rookie, so that’s why that’s impressive.”

However, that won’t keep Seattle from seeing what else is available. The Seahawks reportedly put in a waiver claim on Connor Shaw earlier this month. As teams release veterans – like the Rams did by cutting Nick Foles on Wednesday – Seattle will likely be inquiring about potential fits as Wilson’s backup.

11 responses to “John Schneider: Seahawks will look at veteran backup QB options

  1. Tony Romo would be a good backup to russell. Oh wait the oline is young and the qb has to be able to move!

    Why are we looking at veterans again?

  2. Back up QB’s can save a season. Earl Morrall, Kurt Warner, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Frank Reich, Jim Plunkett, Dilfer the dildo. BUT for the most part if you lose your starter you lose any chance at playing in a SuperBowl. Boykins maybe the guy, I doubt it’s Heaps. Foles? Vick? After seeing how Manning played last SuperBowl and that defense stepping up and winning it for the team…. Hawks have that kind of defense.

    Foles and Boykins would be pretty good options to have entering the season.

  3. Mr. Schneider, Nick Foles on line one. Would make the hole Jaws call out a couple of years ago interesting with him sitting behind Russ.

  4. what veterans are even available?
    boykin has nice upside, but is he ready to play now? I guess Foles is one of the few guys available to go. I’m sure he’d be cheap and its always good to snag a guy who played for a division rival.

  5. Laugh if you must, but if anyone has seen Tebow lately the guys is in huge shape, smart, still young, experience…..just sayin..

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