Telesco attributes Bosa impasse to “small, fundamental differences”

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The Chargers have reported for training camp. Defensive end Joey Bosa hasn’t. It’s unclear when he will.

We’re disappointed that he’s not here,” G.M. Tom Telesco said Friday, via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “We just have some small, fundamental differences that haven’t been resolved yet. But we’re still actively talking. We’re still actively working on it.”

If the differences are “small,” it should be easy. The fact that they are “fundamental,” however, makes things more difficult.

The fight reportedly centers on offset language on the fully-guaranteed contract and cash flow on his signing bonus. Common sense suggests that a compromise can occur by giving the team what it wants on one issue and the player what he wants on the other.

But common sense ain’t, and Gehlken suggests Bosa could be absent for a while. That’s the last thing the Chargers need as they try to maximize their on-field victories as their biggest off-field fight — a vote on public funding for their new stadium — looms.

11 responses to “Telesco attributes Bosa impasse to “small, fundamental differences”

  1. this doesn’t look like a football headline, this looks like a futball headline.

  2. Chargers: “You’ll get N dollars for the next Y years, guaranteed, either from us or another team.”

    Bosa: “No, I want N dollars from YOU, even I get money from another team at the same time.”

    Thumb up if you side with the Chargers’ position in this negotiation.

  3. Come on, I doubt one unproven rookie missing in training camp is going to impact the season or the November vote. Maybe if he shows up and proves it, then maybe. It’s clear that he’s more afraid of being a disappointment and losing out on the downside, than getting out there and impacting the team. He will get paid handsomely if it’s the latter.

  4. There will be comments that are critical of the Chargers, who clearly got too cute with their draft pick and didn’t do their homework. Others will turn on Bosa as being greedy or unreasonable. Both sides have strong arguments. I think that all can agree, however, that Bosa has a really, grotesquely large nose. I see him pictured or interviewed and it’s all I see. With whatever money he gets, here’s hoping he invests in some rhinoplasty.

  5. or maybe he is pulling the eli manning “no way i play in san diego cause that organizations sucks” card. can you blame him?

  6. Trifecta on the he’s a bust theory. The Chargers know it too. Thus making the contract as much in their favor as possible. Better for them if Spicoli doesn’t sign.

  7. How about Florio researches the last 50 rookie holdouts, what the differences were, and how they were eventually resolved.
    It really does the player and team no good to have this fight because they are in it together.
    A while back, the Vikings drafted Bryant McKinnie and he sat out the first 6-7 games, the only rookie hold out during the regular season in the NFL that year.
    It’s bad for the rookie, the team isn’t getting value out of a first round pick, and all us schmucks paying for it all get crapped on.
    We fans have got to have input in the NFL thought process because both sides hose the fans and we keep picking up the check.

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