Todd Bowles doesn’t rule out carrying four quarterbacks

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Not long ago, the Jets were trying to sell the idea that Geno Smith would be the team’s starting quarterback. Now, they’re trying to sell the idea that Smith, the only quarterback inherited by the current regime, won’t be dumped in favor of 2015 draft pick Bryce Petty and 2016 draft pick Christian Hackenberg.

Keeping Smith could mean keeping four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. Coach Todd Bowles was asked on Friday how conceivable keeping four quarterbacks would be.

“It’s conceivable,” Bowles told reporters. “It all depends on the strengths and weaknesses of other positions, because you have to steal from a position to keep a position and we have pretty good competition right now at about five positions, at least. It’s going to come down to seeing who we’re able to keep and who’s able to perform and who’s able to do things where we can steal one from another and who can play a dual role and have some versatility. It’s early, but we’ll see how it works out.”

Bowles pointed out that he once played on a Washington team that carried four quarterbacks, but that it happened in the days before the salary cap.

Bowles also made it clear that counting reps won’t be the best way to spot the man in danger of being cut.

“It’s not just if you get the least reps, you’re not going to be on the team,” Bowles said. “Sometimes you only need a little bit to show a lot and that’s at every position and that’s how we evaluate. We’re not going to evaluate somebody because they start out third team — and I’m not just talking about the quarterback spot — so you can make plays in a small amount of time to make an impact depending on what our need is for making this team.”

The Jets have no reason to admit that Smith or any other quarterback is in danger of being cut. They surely hope that someone will offer to trade for one of them. That’s why anything the team says about wanting to keep Smith should be taken with a grain of salt. They have to act like they want him in order to ever have any hope of trading him.

18 responses to “Todd Bowles doesn’t rule out carrying four quarterbacks

  1. Yeah, sure they’ll keep 4 QBs, that makes no sense at all. The problem is, can they get enough reps from Petty and Hack to know if either can be the#2 QB? I think Geno stays and Petty is odd man out.

  2. BS! You are not going to keep 4 QB’s you idiot!! You want something for geno and you will not get it! Nothing, he is garbage and you know that as well as everyone who watches the game! He does not have what it takes to be an NFL QB! So just cut him and move on, unless you want to use him for a blocking dummy!

  3. Hard to keep 4 QBs. The Patriots did it with Brady….and he was #4 on the depth chart. The next year, he worked his way to #2 behind Bledsoe….we all know how that turned out.

  4. Teams can’t afford the luxury of carrying multiple QB development prospects. Bryce Petty needs to show something in training camp or he’ll be cut (and the Jets knew this when they drafted Hackenberg a few months ago).

  5. Seriously? You are so interested in keeping smith on the roster that you draft QB’s the last two years? If the jets are serious about being in a win now mode, there is no way you use a roster spot on a fourth or even possibly a 3rd qb. Are they thinking that someone would offer anything in a trade? really?

  6. Bowles pointed out that he once played on a Washington team that carried four quarterbacks, but that it happened in the days before the salary cap.
    Brady was a 4th! Cap started in 1994. People forget Brady wasn’t drafted as a star like Manning. Brady was a 4th QB in 2000, behind Bledsoe and backups John Friesz and Michael Bishop, and worked his way up to 2nd QB in 2001. He was only on the team at all (picked 199th after the 6th round, essentially a 7th round pick), because one of his college coaches assured Belichick he had potential. If you’ve space, why not? If they show something in camp they have a much better trade value than other positions.

  7. Whether you like Geno Smith or not, he won’t be cut. Petty and/or Hackenberg aren’t ready to be the #2 QB and play in case Fitzpatrick gets hurt. So they’ll put one of them on the Practice Squad and hope other teams leave them alone. If not the Practice Squad, then, yes, they’ll carry 4 QB’s.

  8. Its a stupid idea to carry 4 QBs.
    How do you get your developmental QBs enough reps.
    They need actual practice, not just lectures or game film study.
    How can Hackenberg and Petty get enough reps if the starter and backup also need reps.

  9. Saying he’ll carry 4 QBs is disingenuous. You can not improve without a lot of practice.
    You can “show something” with a few reps. But to make the next step, you need a lot of practice.

  10. Geno is going to be the backup this season like it or not. Petty and Hackenberg aren’t ready to assume that role. Patriots fans are a funny bunch. Always entertaining.

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