Baalke doesn’t care about speculation sparked by Gamble promotion

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When the 49ers promoted Tom Gamble to assistant General Manager, two explanations quickly emerged: (1) ownership moved Gamble into the on-deck circle to partner with coach Chip Kelly if Baalke is fired; or (2) G.M. Trent Baalke made the decision and he is sufficiently secure in his position that he doesn’t care if it looks like Gamble is in the on-deck circle.

On Sunday, Baalke suggested it’s the latter.

I don’t live in a cave,” Baalke said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “I think I understood exactly what was going to happen. And that should show you even more that I don’t care.”

Still, Baalke knows that the end could be coming if things don’t change, quickly.

“Sometimes it’s a little hotter than others, but this is a performance-based business,” Baalke said. “You’re here to win.”

From 2011 through 2013, the 49ers won plenty. The last two years, it’s been a struggle. If that continues, Baalke could indeed be fired. Or at least the subject of a “mutual parting.”

13 responses to “Baalke doesn’t care about speculation sparked by Gamble promotion

  1. When your roster talent level falls from one of the best in the league to one of the worst under your watch you BETTER be concerned for your job.

  2. I still want to know how much influence was applied to Baalke/Harbaugh from the quasi-GM Paraag Marathe?
    When Baalke and Gamble were working together, things were going along pretty well.

    Gamble heads to Philly, Marathe slides into the Uberlord position?
    He’s Dr York’s handpicked Moneyballer, and, likely the main ingredient involved with the front office turmoil that ran Harbaugh out of SF.
    Can’t spell dySFunction without SF.

  3. It was Baalke that brought Harbaugh from Stanford.
    Had nothing to do with the Ownership, beyond writing his check.
    Something just didn’t add up with that meltdown.
    Look no further than micro-management.
    Non-football types making life miserable for the real football guys.

  4. Baalke is highly trusted by the York’s. Here’s what’s gonna happen:

    1) Gamble will be promoted to GM w/in the next 3 seasons;

    2) Baalke will be “promoted” to President of Pro-personnel or some lofty title. He won’t be fired, a-la Paraag Marathe.

  5. The Yorks neutered Baalke IMO.
    He’s the hand-picked scapegoat for all their underhanded dealings.
    Baalke fought hard to land Gase from Denver, after they ran Harbaugh out of town.
    But, instead, the York’s forced Tomsula into the mix.
    How does that reflect poorly on Baalke?

    He knew he needed an Offensive HC to bring Kaep along.
    Now, they jump on Chip and, bring Gamble back with him from Philly?
    Micro-managing midgets that belong on the golf course, not anywhere near the inner workings of an NFL Franchise.

  6. At the end of the day, the owners are making tons of money off the new stadium. They’ll continue to play musical chairs so that the fans think they’re trying to win. It’s just a business, and a very lucrative one. Winning is an afterthought.

  7. Baalke is a good guy. Fans just like to gripe. They’re all expert managers who never made a mistake while they’re sitting at home pecking at a keyboard. 49ers averaged 10 wins per season, not including playoffs, since Trent took over as G.M. Prior to that the team never won 10 games in a season for nearly a decade.

  8. He doesn’t care?? Seems to be a trend in Santa Clara. You know who else doesn’t care? Niner fans. You can tell by how many fans are actually at games lately and how content they are with a 22 year drought of championships. Who goes 22 years without winning and proclaims ” nobody has it better”?

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