Joe Thomas wishes Tom Brady had kept fighting

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Due to his looming suspension, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s first game of the year will come against the Browns. Joe Thomas of the Browns wishes that Brady would be showing for the game not as rusty.

I was disappointed that he didn’t keep appealing, from a player’s standpoint,” Thomas said Saturday, via the Associated Press. “[I]t kind of gives the Commissioner a little bit more power that maybe was not necessarily already negotiated or settled.”

The appeal Thomas wants to see could still come. Brady opted not to fight the suspension any longer, but he has authorized the NFL Players Association to continue the fight with an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. For Brady, it’s only $235,000 in lost salary that he’d recover. For all players, any effort to reduce the Commissioner’s powers through litigation is useful. If successful, it means that the NFLPA will have to surrender less at the bargaining table to push the Commissioner’s remaining authority over player discipline to neutral arbitration.

Thomas seems to realize that could be coming — and he clearly wants it to.

“I guess maybe the NFLPA might sue on his behalf down the line to try to balance the commissioner’s powers, so I’m not sure,” Thomas said.

All players should want it to happen. There’s nothing to lose at this point, and plenty to gain. Thanks to the schedule, the Browns gain nothing by the Brady suspension.

“I was hoping he would appeal for like one game,” Thomas said, joking. “So he would be suspended Week Five and we didn’t have to see him.”

Barring something completely unforeseen and unexpected, see Brady they will in Week Five.

10 responses to “Joe Thomas wishes Tom Brady had kept fighting

  1. I’m not sure I agree there would be nothing to lose. Besides money, Brady and the NFLPA’s reputation would get even worse. Imagine the fallout from wasting the supreme court’s time with this nonsense.

  2. It’s not a football issue, it’s a worker’s rights issue. It just happens to involve a football player. The court is frequently asked to weigh in on such things, and it is appropriate.

  3. I don’t think Joe Thomas realized that the odds of the Supreme Court hearing his case were less than 10%. And that the Justice who would hear it was Ginsberg, who made very critical statements of Trump and it is known that Brady played golf with Trump. So there were a number of things working against him. And if he took the chance and they did hear it, but ruled against him, the timing might have been that he would be suspended in the last 4 games of the season, rather than the first 4. And they would have had to live with the uncertainty all season again after doing that last year.

    The NFLPA can take it to the Supreme Court just as easily as Brady could without the complications to the Patriot team.

    And besides – the Players themselves can insist on the CBA being changed to remove the degree of power Goodell has over discipline. He should absolutely not have the right to hear appeals.

    I think Tom did as much as he could reasonably do.

  4. It is over, so let the folks in Massachusetts get a life and find who killed Nichole Simpson and Ron Goldman, have their scientists prove the Olympics lied about Russia’s doping, NASA did not land someone on the moon, Area 51, etc.

  5. turtlehut says:
    Jul 31, 2016 12:12 PM
    It is over, so let the folks in Massachusetts get a life and find who killed Nichole Simpson and Ron Goldman, have their scientists prove the Olympics lied about Russia’s doping, NASA did not land someone on the moon, Area 51, etc.
    So you don’t believe in basic science? You don’t think footballs deflate in cold weather? I think you and the NFL are the only ones left with this belief.

  6. “So you don’t believe in basic science?”

    The country doesn’t care. The Wells Report was debunked a dozen times by objective reports, the convenient assumptions Wells made have been exposed, but wells and goodell got the conclusion America wanted, despite being against all the facts.

  7. I wish he would have kept fighting too….. It would have made the humiliation that much sweeter.

  8. Even if they had kept fighting and the Supreme Court took on the case, I’d say there was a 90 percent chance that the decision resulted in a 4-4 deadlock and thus the last decision, to uphold the suspension and Goodell’s right to do whatever the hell he wanted, would have remained in place. Not sure how long the NFLPA can appeal. If they can wait til after the election in November and a 9th judge is put on the court, they have more of a chance.

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