Karlos Williams: I’m very disappointed in myself

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Bills running back Karlos Williams didn’t have a great offseason.

Williams showed up for minicamp overweight, something he blamed on eating too much while with his pregnant fiancee during the offseason, and then was suspended for the first four games of the season by the NFL for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. He’s on the non-football illness list at training camp as he tries to get into better condition and move past a run of bad news that’s halted the momentum he built while running for 517 yards as a rookie.

“I’m very disappointed in myself,” Williams said, via the Buffalo News. “I put the organization, my teammates, my family in a very bad situation. I only can learn from my mistakes this offseason and get ready to get back in shape, get ready to play football and move forward.”

The Bills have rookie Jonathan Williams, Mike Gillislee and Boom Herron on the roster along with LeSean McCoy and they have shown interest in adding Reggie Bush, so Williams can’t take a spot in the offense for granted once he’s both fit enough to play and past his suspension.

8 responses to “Karlos Williams: I’m very disappointed in myself

  1. Honestly I’d prefer if athletes did bad things and then did not apologize for them. It comes off disingenuous from a guy like this. I would probably have more respect for these scumbags if they stuck by their actions.

  2. I saw him when I was at camp yesterday, and he is still way overweight. He’s got a gut that you’d expect to see on a coach or any of us who drink beer and watch the games on our couches. This fat load has a ways to go before he’s ready to contribute anything on the football field.

  3. I’m surprised he didn’t try to blame his suspension on his wife’s pregnancy too. Anyone who believes these lame excuses is about as bright as he is. He wants to be treated like a grown man but uses a child’s excuse for why he’s overweight. Whatever.

  4. Why don’t contracts have penalties for not making a contractual weight limit by training camp?

  5. Has eveybody forgotten the expression ‘young and dumb’? This is in regards to his weight only. To call him a scumbag for this is just wrong. It is not like he cheated like Tom Brady. Do you think he takes pride that he can’t participate in full camp because he is so out of condition? As for his weight, I don’t know what his history is but we have seen very conditioned players over 300 pounds. And lastly, look back at your youth, did you ever learn a life lesson the easy way? Did you ever over estimate your ability to do something and then realize it is tremendously harder than it looks? Did you ever make a mistake that you vowed you would never make again and didn’t? Did any one go on a public forum and call you names, like scumbag for your mistakes?

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