Reggie McKenzie: We’re not going to bail on Aldon Smith

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Under the terms of his suspension, Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith can’t play until November and his reinstatement to active status is hardly a sure thing.

This week saw the release of a video on a social media account that’s featured Smith in the past that shows a man smoking a hand-rolled cigarette while saying that no one would know that it is “Aldon Smith” to someone who questioned if he should be posting it. Smith denied that he’s in the video but popped back into the news Friday with a report that he’s checked himself into a treatment facility.

The Raiders re-signed Smith in April and General Manager Reggie McKenzie said Saturday that their support of Smith hasn’t wavered.

“Our deal is to support Aldon from a standpoint of the person,” McKenzie said, via the Sacramento Bee. “Whether he comes back to us or not … we told him from Day 1, ‘We care more about you than the player.’ Whatever he does to ensure his health, we’re going to stand by him. We know his situation. It’s not like we had blinders. We knew going into last year a suspension was probable and it’s going to be an uphill battle for him. He’s going to have to fight the good fight. We’re not going to bail on him. But he has to do his part.”

The Raiders weren’t going to have him for a few months under the best of circumstances and there’s not much of a future for Smith if he doesn’t do his part, so there’s not much reason for the team to make any big decisions about Smith at this point.

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  1. I’m not necessarily going all-out defending Aldon Smith but here’s something to think about: Smith has been suspended (so far) in excess of 30 games but has never actually caused injury to another person. And yet Leonard Little in fact killed a woman but was only suspended for 8 games and went on to play for almost 10 more years after that incident.

    How warped is that? But then we’re talking about NFL “justice”.

  2. I’m shocked the Raiders even got involved with Aldon before he entered a rehab facility and proved he’s clean. I grow sick of people defending Weed when it’s not legal in the NFL. If you want the big contracts, stay clean!

  3. “has never actually caused injury to another person And yet Leonard Little in fact killed a woman ”

    Some would say that’s just dumb luck. Smith has three DUIs of his own.

  4. And yes, the NFL was lamentably lax on player discipline under Tagliabue. One of the reasons Goodell had the support of the fans when he came in.

    But because LL effectively skated doesn’t mean the NFL should keep repeating that mistake.

    Hammering irresponsibleplayers with suspensions might not get through to them before they ruin their careers, but for some, perhaps it will.

  5. I get why McKenzie is saying this but, c’mon, this is all hyberbole. If they didn’t think they had a chance at getting a great player back on the field at some point, they would’ve cut bait already.

  6. To: “Craiggeerts”:

    “If you want the big contracts, stay clean!”??

    That has to be the most colossally ignorant and stridently uninformed remark that I’ve read since this ludicrous Aldon Smith witch hunt began! First of all, THC (or “tetrahydrocannabinol”), the virtually harmless therapeutically-active substance found in the flower of the female marijuana plant, possesses no physically-addictive properties whatsoever yet alcohol, a completely legal & modestly restricted substance, not only is widely known and scientifically proven to cause varying levels of life-altering dependency, it also is a carcinogenic substance that attacks vital organs (most notably the liver) and can (and all too often does) lead to acts of violence, both domestic and random in nature and a tragically long list of substance-related deaths. Yet the consumption of marijuana, a target of more than a century of shameless propaganda & subsequently widespread public trepidation & steadfast ignorance, remains illegal throughout most of America while liquor, wine & beer (the hysterically popular & over-abused beverages which contain varying levels of alcohol) are universally legal for adult consumption. I also find it patently hypocritical that the National Football League seems to be stepping up it’s obsessive witch hunt for even occasional marijuana users (the testing standards are so ridiculously stringent that even the presence of minuscule, trace levels of THC in a urine sample constitutes a sufficiently “positive” result to justify player suspension when second-hand smoke inhalation could easily be (and often is) a more than sufficient source for the presence of such miniscule amounts; much the way the consumption of a poppyseed muffin at lunch has triggered positive narcotic tests in corporate employees) leaving in virtual ruin the careers of some of it’s most gifted athletes (Josh Gordon, Aldon Smith) yet this same self-monikered “conscientious” sports league, ostensibly acting in the interests of “keeping the game free from performance-enhancing substance use & abuse” (how ANYONE in their right mind could possibly perceive marijuana as a “performance-enhancing” substance is beyond reason!) continues to allow it’s teams trainers to randomly distribute handfuls of Percocets & other highly-addictive oxycodone-rich narcotic tablets to it’s players (affectionately referred to as the “P Line” in locker rooms around the league) for the treatment of common aches & pains and turn a blind eye to the consumption of testosterone & anabolic steroid injections, carefully controlling their so-called “drug testing” in their own laboratories as well as the substances for which they actually test (not to mention the celebratory kegs of beer and copious amounts of champagne that they allow into team locker rooms). If that’s not hypocracy, then I don’t know what is!

    Yet you sanctimoniously advise Aldon Smith to “stay clean”?? You talk as if the guy is a heroin junkie and youve never even taken a drink in your life! What gives you the right to sit in evidently uninformed judgement of this immensely talented athlete? Oh that’s right, I forgot…you live in America don’t you? Where your fellow citizens, next door neighbours, children and high-profile black athletes are “guilty until proven innocent”!

  7. Whether or not you think weed should be legal, if you play in the NFL you will be suspended for using it. I the player doesn’t like it, he can quit and smoke weed full time like Ricky Williams. That’s his choice. All you guys whining about “make it legal” are missing the point. It’s in the CBA which means it’s part of their employment agreement. The players have two choices, abide by it or not. If they choose not to abide by it they are forfeiting their privilege to play in the NFL. Period. He was also suspended for DUI which would get many people fired from their jobs so that’s no different. Defending Aldon Smith because he’s too dense to realize how much money he’s costing themselves is ridiculous. I bet you aren’t defending other people who never played football. Just because he is a good football player doesn’t make him Sister Theresa. There’s one reason Aldon Smith has been suspended repeatedly–Aldon Smith.

  8. League mandated rehab, just like before. This will be funny when he gets reinstated after completing a rehab stay.

  9. @whenwilliteverend

    My stance, and I think is the perspective of many others is this:

    We don’t provide any excuses for the idiotic actions like that of Aldon Smith. However, if we steps outside and look at the bigger picture… Why are we worried about guys smoking weed? We can eliminate some of these ‘problems’ by stopping to look at them as problems and focus on what really needs to be fixed in the NFL. Guys smoking herb is not what is causing problems for the National Football League

  10. Bigbroncomama sounds a lot like babygaga-both sad raider trolls. If you knew anything about the Raiders you would know that Freddy B’s daughter was killed from spousal battery and there is no way the Raiders would even look twice at Hardy. Elway would be more inclined to sign Hardy than the Raiders, get with the current program troll…

  11. Oh, so drug addicts that threaten peoples live on public roads is cool, but dv isnt because of Freddy B? I thought Al hated Freddy. Oh wait, that was Marcus, Timmy, and Gannon. My bad.

  12. jw619 says:
    Jul 31, 2016 9:40 PM

    Bigbroncomama sounds a lot like babygaga-both sad raider trolls.


    They’re one and the same. In fact babygaga has trolled Raider articles under at least 6 different handles – it’s easy to tell by his lame, repetitive posting style. My guess is that his girlfriend or wife must have dumped him for a Raider fan. He should get over it and on with his life.

  13. Repetitive?? Oh Baby nothing is more Repetitive than having Homer Nation tell us how good the Raiders are going to be every off season, then they cant make it to .500, then they fire the HC, then they moan and whine because no one will give them a free stadium, then its next off season and the Raiders are YET AGAIN, an elite team, a dynasty in the making. Wow, talk about Ground Hog Day……………….Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Yes JW, it is repetitive. Maybe, just once you could Walk Your Talk?

  14. you want the big contracts, stay clean!”??

    That has to be the most colossally ignorant and stridently uninformed remark that I’ve read since this ludicrous Aldon Smith witch hunt began! First of all, THC (or “tetrahydrocannabinol”), the virtually harmless therapeutically-active substance found in the flower of the female marijuana plant, possesses no physically-addictive properties….
    What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

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