Chad Johnson apparently wasn’t long for Browns camp

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Chad Johnson’s stint as a guest/coaching assistant at Browns training camp may be over.

Johnson wasn’t at practice Monday, and Browns coach Hue Jackson told reporters that the former wide receiver was tending to some other business. Jackson said he’s not sure if Johnson will be back with the Browns later in camp, which started last Friday.

“He learned coaching is a tough business,” Jackson said.

On Saturday night, Johnson tweeted: “These are the best 14 hour work days ever!”

Jackson and Johnson have a longstanding and close relationship. Johnson lobbied for his old coach to bring him to training camp via social media.

16 responses to “Chad Johnson apparently wasn’t long for Browns camp

  1. Let me guess. Those 14 hours of work consisted mostly of talking, clowning around, and taking selfies with other players. Gordon and Corey Coleman need to be around consummate professionals, Chad is not that.

  2. He has no work ethic. Has been playing sports all his life and never had a real job. It’s hard to develop a work ethic overnight when you are used to party all night and sleep until 2pm the next day.

  3. Well, when you have entitlement problems and insult Marvin Lewis on Twitter like a little kid, you’ll forget how white his hair became after having first arrived there.

    That whitening of hair came from being overworked and based on what you did in 2008, 2010-2012, you don’t look like you wanna work hard.

    You threw your career away.

  4. Johnson was there so coaches could use him as an example of how not to act as a professional.

  5. He couldn’t understand or absorb the Pats playbook. Even late in his single season with them Brady and other players were still having to tell him where to line up and what route a given play was.

    Not the kind of guy I’d want as a coach.

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