Colts plan to play all the starters Sunday, including Andrew Luck

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The number of preseason reps for starters seem to shrink with every passing year.

But when you didn’t get the full amount in the regular season last year, maybe there’s more motivation.

Via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star, Colts coach Chuck Pagano said he was playing everyone in Sunday’s preseason opener at the Hall of Fame Game, including quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck missed nine games last year with a variety of injuries, so a bit of knocking the rust off seems reasonable. But the Packers likely won’t take the same approach, considering what a fan of the extra preseason game quarterback Aaron Rodgers is.

Luck has declared himself 100 percent recovered from last year’s laundry list of problems (which included a lacerated kidney). So maybe he just wants the extra game to work up an authentic preseason aroma.

20 responses to “Colts plan to play all the starters Sunday, including Andrew Luck

  1. Good to see a great opener lining up with reputable clubs. Also glad the NFL opener isn’t marred by the disgusting cheaters in New England and at least the guilty party is suspended a quarter of the season and rightfully so.

  2. Mikermike is still reeling from Brady’s dissection of Seattle’s porous secondary in the SB thus ending the one-year dynasty.

  3. So how does the science denier Mikermike explain how 3/4 Colts balls were under the 12.5 limit?
    Science proves there was no tampering.

  4. The HOF field is a dangerous field to risk injuries. I hope Green Bay doesn’t play any starters. There are still 4 preseason games left. Use this one for evaluating fringe players.

  5. “We should also have Luck take a lot of snaps at OT so he gains a deeper understanding of line play.” – Grigson

  6. Grisgon is hoping his Colts can come in first place in the AFC South for the pre-season. Then he will hang a banner commemorating the achievement.

  7. Big PACK guy here. I like it! Wouldn’t mind getting a look at MY GUY ROGERS to see if that fancy new diet has been paying off, and all taht quality time with Allivia Mun too. Couldn’t hurt right? Also gotta peep at my boy Ed Lacey and see if he’s lookin slim. Gonna take all hands on deck to knock off the Vike’s this year. Not to optimisitic but hopeful nonetheless. Bring on the season! GO. PACK.


  8. Yeah aaron rodgers is fragile (handle with care)wouldn’t want him to get hurt. LMAO good reason cause Mathis could hurt him when he puts him in the ground.

  9. @bobthebillsfan, i wouldn’t be trying to gets likes if i was u cause the bills suck and will always suck. come up with something original.

  10. numba1wiscosportsfan says:
    Aug 1, 2016 5:21 PM
    Big PACK guy here. I like it! Wouldn’t mind getting a look at MY GUY ROGERS……..


    Another ashamed and embarrassed Viking troll pretending (poorly) to be a Packer fan. At least spell his name correctly.

  11. The Colts have almost an entirely new coaching staff. I’m sure there are a lot of things they want to see. If you traded in your old Volkswagon for a brand new Corvette, you’re going want to drive that puppy.

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