Reggie Bush visiting the Bills today, setting stage for possible deal

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The Bills and Reggie Bush have been talking for some time now, and it appears they might finally be ready to do something.

The Bills have confirmed the veteran running back is visiting with the team today.

Bush would provide immediate cover for Karlos Williams’ four-game suspension, and potentially replace him in the backup role when he returns, depending on what kind of shape he’s in.

But he also would give the Bills some experienced cover for LeSean McCoy, who missed four games last year, and has dealt with some nagging injuries through the offseason.

Of course, there’s still time for another team to jump in, but the Bills seem serious about giving the 31-year-old Bush a chance to come in and contribute.

11 responses to “Reggie Bush visiting the Bills today, setting stage for possible deal

  1. Finally realized he’s only getting league minimum. He’s basically a camp body who if he proves he has some gas left may end up on the active roster for a few games.

  2. had high expectations for him coming out of school…both he and white underachieved dramatically

  3. He’s a very different back compared to Williams. But, the experience would be valuable if he still has the speed and strength.

  4. He really is probably getting the vet minimum, with room for incentives if he really has something left in the tank.

    That said, there is absolutely a chance that he not only makes the roster, but has a very productive year. Tyrod had some success passing to RBs last year, but McCoy is the only one really geared for it. If he goes down, that’s a good chunk out of the playbook. Some of Bush’s greatest success has been as a passing RB target, so hopefully he creates some underneath routes for Tyrod.

  5. Anything over 1 year at $2.5mil is an over-pay.
    We’ll see what the Bills are willing to pony up.

  6. System fits Bush’s skill set. Would be a good signing. Sends a message to Karlos Williams, fills a hole at Punt Returner and adds depth at the running back position. Considering the frequentcy the Bills run and the fact that the full back is seldom used, it is not out of the realm of possibilty that they keep 5 RBs and go without a FB.

  7. ajg314 says:
    Aug 1, 2016 12:26 PM

    Good luck getting 16 games out of him.

    We don’t really need 16 games out of him. He will be a backup RB on a deep roster. A decent return man would be nice though. That was a serious weakness for the Bills last year. If all he did was catch punts and kicks reasonably well I would be happy with that. Although with the new rule change, there will probably be less of that in general.

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