Rex Ryan says his second camp in Buffalo is more businesslike


A year ago, Rex Ryan arrived in Buffalo to high expectations from a fan base that hoped he could turn the franchise around, in a training camp that featured a three-way quarterback competition. This year, there’s less buzz in Buffalo.

Ryan said his second camp doesn’t feel the same, but what it’s lacking in energy he hopes to make up for in hard work.

“I think it was so new,” Ryan said of last year’s camp, via the Buffalo News. “You’re coming in and there was that type of feel. You look at our circumstances. We had competition at the quarterback position. I think that was a lot of the focus. Nobody, including coaches, players, fans, really knew who the quarterback was going to be. As a coach, you’re trying to get to know the players, so that was exciting. Now it’s more, I guess it’s more businesslike, maybe how I would look at it. I love it. I love how fans come out here and support this team, like really nobody else. But there might not be quite the same buzz we had last year.”

Ryan said that if fans are demanding that he stop talking and start winning, he understands that.

“I certainly understand that from a Bills fan perspective,” Ryan said. “I know how much they’ve longed and lived through their team. You talk about a 16-year playoff drought and all that. I understand all that stuff, but all I can do the best job that I possibly can do. I’m not dwelling on anything.”

If Ryan doesn’t get better results this season, his second training camp in Buffalo may be his last.