Still no talks between Chargers, Bosa


The Chargers and defensive end Joey Bosa still aren’t talking. Actively or otherwise.

The two sides haven’t talked since Thursday and, per a source with knowledge of the discussions (or lack thereof), they didn’t talk on Monday. With Bosa’s camp making the last move, the ball remains in the Chargers’ court.

On the surface, there’s little to discuss. Relying on team precedent, the Chargers remain dug in on the position that Bosa’s contract must include offset language and defer a major chunk of the signing bonus into 2017. Relying on precedent as to the top picks in the draft since 2012, Bosa’s camp wants either no offset language on the guarantee or full payment of the signing bonus in 2016.

The debate has assumed a vibe that mirrors the current American political climate. The team will point to the facts that support what it believes, Bosa and his agents will point to the facts that support what they believe, and there’s no middle ground.

The Chargers fear that caving on either of the major issues will make it harder to negotiate deals in the future with offset language and signing-bonus deferral. Bosa’s camp, however, can point to multiple situations in which concessions made one year by a team don’t tie that team’s hands in the future.

The fact remains that, since 2012, the third overall pick has had either no offset or no deferral. The Chargers knew this when they earned — and kept — the third overall pick. If a team doesn’t want to pay the price that goes along with drafting a player that high, the team either should finish lower in the pecking order or trade down.

Still, the team thinks it’s no big deal for Bosa to agree to offset language and to agree to take he rest of his signing bonus in March 2017. But that door swings both ways. If it’s no big deal for the player, it’s no big deal for the billion-dollar entity that will be printing money long after Bosa’s career ends, especially in a year that entails a high-stakes stadium vote in November.

So while it’s entertaining (to an extent) to witness up close a clash of egos and short-sightedness, this is an impasse that needs to be resolved sooner than later, for the best interests of both team and player. The problem is that, without a win-win resolution that allows each side to feel like it won, Bosa’s deal gets done only if someone blinks. For now, neither side is inclined to.

It’s even harder to blink if they won’t even stand face to face and talk.

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  1. It is so important for a rookie to be in camp, especially one that the team expects to contribute right away. Someone better blink and quickly or its going to be an uphill battle for Bosa to assimilate to the rigors of an NFL season-a little bit different than being a star in college…

  2. Bosa sounds like he’s probably right….but just let him sit…do nothing and see what happens…it’s not like the Chargers are going to be significantly better with him.

  3. Does L.T. need to go to Dean’s office, like he needed to do, to get both parties to negotiate this impasse?

    This is the last holdout in the league. This is ridiculous.

  4. Why are the Charges so lame???

    1) Have some confidence that this guy will help you ensure you won’t pick in the top 10 next year, then you don’t have to worry about precedence.

    2) What you will pay him today with the rookie wage scale is not nearly as bad as before the scale (still banging my head against the wall over the JaWalrus Russell debacle).

    3) Even if he becomes a the face of your franchise, you are going to let him walk away rather that pay him anyway (you know it’s true, Charger fans).

  5. Daddy Bosa sat out on the Dolphins after being picked in the 1st…signed to play 12 days prior to the first game. He wanted his money.
    He only played 31 games over 2 yrs.

    …couple this with the CAA agent and their 3 players not signing until late…as CAA tries to set a new precedent.

    Offset language, guaranteed money now, double dipping if the Chargers cut him…it sure does look like Joey might not believe in his ability. …is it something between the ears that only he knows? Is it a “like father like son…” bit?

    Archie Bosa should let his son sign already.

  6. I wish pft would mention who the players agent is in these contract negotiation articles. Maybe it’s not relevant in a particular case, but at least let us be the judge of that.

  7. And Bosa shouldn’t blink. NFL teams want to have their cake and eat it too. If you are going to restrict his employment by signing him to an exclusive contract that he’s incapable of exiting, then guarantee his compensation.

    And in 3 years if you realize he’s a bust, and decide to toss him to the side, pay what you committed. Isn’t that what we scream at players? Follow your contract?

    What he does, or makes from someone else if you waive him should have no effect.

  8. Bosa already agreed to one of the Chargers’ demands. So they really just need to cave on one or the other, like almost every team with a top-5 pick does, and get the guy in camp rather than trying to create a new precedent in top-5 rookie contracts. Win games (with better defense), not minor contract negotiations.

  9. And I am glad for Bosa, this guy hasn’t taken a down in the NFL but the owners will win regardless. Stand your ground and get your own, the owners will always find a way to make up the difference if you bust like Andy Katzenmoyer.
    He’s not acting like Sam Bradford, just pay him what is fair.

  10. Top 5 worst front offices in football right now:

    1) San Diego
    2) New Orleans
    3) San Francisco
    4) Dallas
    5) Philadelphia

  11. Bosa should give the Chargers a drop dead date, or he will sit out the season, and go back into the draft next year.

    Then we will find out how entrenched the Chargers are in their position, that they’re willing to lose their 3rd overall draft pick and get nothing in return.

  12. ,,,,Not looking good for Bosa…..when you start missing camp as a rookie, you play with fire that you’ll get hurt when you finally do come in….if this goes on for more than week from today, his entire rookie season can be written off. Bosa agent is screwing up this career already.

  13. Accept the deal, bosa & get to camp or else your 2016 season will net you no money.

  14. Ridiculous stance by the Chargers in wanting both offset language AND delayed bonus payment. Either the Chargers get their offset language but pay the full signing bonus at signing OR split-pay the bonus money but drop the offset. 3rd player taken in the draft precedent has already been set with no offset language (Fowler ’15, Bortles ’14)… want it in there then you must pay more upfront to get it.

  15. Normally I would side with the team in these disputes, but in this case, I think the Chargers should follow what other #3 picks have got in the last two years. Full bonus or offset but not both.

    Also, I disagree with coaches McCoy and Pagano making public statements about Bosa needing to be there. I disagree even further with Corey Luiget making comments about Bosa missing training camp. It is none of their business, and they should just shut up.

  16. As a fan of an AFCW rival, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way the Chargers are approaching this. And I hope that they keep their same operating philosophy, policies and procedures for many years to come.

  17. Hey if you don’t like the contract don’t sign it. Its better than signing it and they whining about it and demanding a better one. But if the plan is to hold out and then eventually sign it, like Mariota did, just sign it now and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

  18. bebopa says:
    Aug 1, 2016 10:40 PM
    Im so glad the Ravens passed on this guy, sounds like a head case and we dont need one of them.


    I don’t see how a team could passed on a guy that was drafted ahead of them. So how could the Ravens possibly pass on a guy that was drafted 3rd overall?

  19. Really bad move by the Chargers – cutting off their nose to spite their face.
    They need him in camp.The offset wont even come into play.

  20. Bosa reminds me of another big name…….big bust, Brian Bosworth. Chargers reached for him in the draft and they will soon find out it was a wasted pick.

  21. This has NOTHING to do with Bosas ability. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact the Chargers want both OFFSETS and a differed signing bonus.

    You get one or the other, not BOTH San Diego. Boss has agreed to one or the other, not both.

    Be happy it’s the rookie wage scale or you’d have traded to get Ryan Leaf giving up David Boston only to get Boston in FA to have him arrested behind a wheel.

    And to think, the Spanos family really wants some free $$$ but won’t put a good team on the field due to inability

  22. Teams arguing over offset language for top 5 picks is idiotic. I said so last year when the Titans were playing this game with Mariota. If you believe in the player you drafted then who cares about offset language? It’s a minuscule amount of money that you will likely never have to pay. If you don’t believe in him then why’d you draft him? Get that contract done & get your boy into camp. This is so dumb & is already creating bad blood with a player that you must believe is going to be a significant part of your future. The Jags gave Fowler a fully guaranteed deal last year AFTER he tore his ACL. That’s how you treat a kid & build trust.

  23. Charger front office, stick to your guns! Who cares if he holds out all year! Think about the precedent you’d be breaking ’cause it’s worked out for you over many years.
    – Signed,
    The Rest of the AFC West

  24. Joey Bosa has no time for training camp. None. He’s almost got his Keanu Reeves impersonation down pat, if he spent the rest of the Summer working on his Keanu as Fed agent Utah, he’ll be the early lock to get the lead in the Point Break remake. Braaaah.

  25. bebopa says:
    Aug 1, 2016 10:40 PM
    Im so glad the Ravens passed on this guy, sounds like a head case and we dont need one of them.

    Talk about seeing your beloved team through the thickest rose colored glasses and not knowing much about football. The Chargers drafted BEFORE the Ravens. Double facepalm.

  26. Chargers have an important public vote coming up. Being bull headed like this is not going to help I don’t think they are getting voter approval anyway.

  27. As a San Diego native and somebody who feels like they’re trapped in an abusive relationship (The Chargers) this is really no surprise at all.

    The Spanos family has been cheap on their draft picks forever. You ever wonder why great players leave the Chargers and go on to win Superbowls elsewhere?

    It’s because once the Chargers show them how cheap they are, they know they will never win a ring in San Diego.

    Spanos is a slum lord and runs his team like going 8-8 and making a profit makes him the smartest person in the world.

    Still hoping the Chargers leave San Diego, not because I want to lose my team, but because I want to be rid of the Spanos family.

  28. I think most franchises wouldn’t cave in this situation. Bosa has little leverage – if he doesn’t eventually sign, he goes back in to the draft as a second round pick at best, costing him and his agent millions. He is fast approaching the point of diminishing returns. I’d be surprised if hasn’t signed by the beginning of the season.

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