Adam Gase: Arian Foster “is going to be rolling with the ones”

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The Dolphins shared further information about running back Jay Ajayi’s knee injury on Monday, calling it a bone bruise to his left knee that will keep him out of practice for a couple of days.

That’s good news for Ajayi, who coach Adam Gase said was “worried it was more than what it was” and who now has to contend with Arian Foster in the race for playing time in the backfield. Foster hasn’t been with the Dolphins too long, but it sounds like he’s already shown Gase enough for the coach to know that it’s a question of how much playing time the veteran will get rather than one of whether he’ll be in the mix at all.

“His resume speaks for itself,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “I don’t think there’s any question why we brought him in here. He’s playing this year. Whether he’s the guy that will be the first snap of the game, time will tell. He is going to be rolling with the ones.”

In addition to showing he’s a strong runner, Foster’s resume shows that he’s no stranger to the injured list and that means Ajayi will be playing a role on offense this fall even if Foster moves to the top of the depth chart. Foster’s arrival has made that role look smaller than it did during offseason work, however, and Gase’s comments don’t do anything to suggest things will swing back in the other direction.

12 responses to “Adam Gase: Arian Foster “is going to be rolling with the ones”

  1. Well here is the real question since nobody is expecting Miami to win more than 8 games, max.

    Does either running back have any fantasy value, or will they be treated as poorly as Lamar Miller?

  2. This may be a new version of running back by committee. Instead of rotating RBs for series within a game, they may be rotating RBs for games within the season. Foster gets the first three, gets nicked up, and Ajayi gets the next few games. Whatever works.

  3. Well, that’s what happens when Ajayi was your best last year.

    I know Miami has been trying to do what New England does: have the same effect of a run game by thriving in the short pass game. Tannehill has lit it up with a lot of yards, but that’s what happens when all you can do is dink and dunk while the defense is playing 20+ points ahead and is in prevent defense.

    Tannhehill ain’t Brady. He’s not even Tyrod Taylor. Enjoy your massive caps hits Phins fans.

  4. “His resume speaks for itself”……yes, a guy who is oft injured with zero championships or postseason wins….

  5. I liked Foster. He was able to surprise me anytime. For now I’m surprised he’s not on IR yet.
    Great back but his durability is long gone.

  6. I’m amused by how many people comment on things they obviously know nothing about. Last year was last year in many ways for Miami, as there is a new sheriff in town. More to the point is every team have players that were injured last year that they hope will be good this year, for example, NE has Dion Lewis who was on IR last year with a knee injury. Does that insure he’ll be there this year as well?

  7. They are paying Tannehill like he’s Brady.

    Seriously, please tell me how much different the Phins are from 2015? They got Williams, but lost Olivier. They cut Grimes, their best CB, to trade for the tire fire of Byron Maxwell, and the oft injured Alonso who has been a shadow of his former self.

    Tunsil is being put in at guard, not his position of choice, and has serious injury concerns. Xavien Howard in on PUP.

    Maybe Gase has some magic and can pull Tannehill out of the QBR basement, but as far as the starters go, how much different are they?

  8. Hey WhitwalkerinPhilly…. What QB is not getting paid $14m+ these days? I guess you don’t understand the QB position being in Philly. The Eagles have been playing musical chairs and overpaying multiple QBs for years. Just wait until Wentz eventually takes over and gets his Rookie extension for $100M because my friend, whether he is good, mediocre or a bust… That is the going rate in the efforts to find a franchise QB.

  9. WhitwalkerinPhilly:
    A lot of teams pay their QB like Brady.
    Matt Ryan even gets paid better than Tom “I’m suspended” Bundchen.

    Yes the Dolphins got Mario Williams.
    But they also avoided an $85 mil contract and even more cap hell.
    Paying Suh a tremendously huge contract was a mistake. I liked Vernon, but he’s not worth that contract. Dolphins win on the bottom line here.

    Grimes was a fan favorite, but he lost a step and was a exploited particularly by AFC East large WRs like Brandon Marshall. Add to the fact that they also got rid of the sideshow that is Miko Grimes and you can say this is addition by subtraction.

    And yes Tunsil is playing guard. And it is by his choice.
    He’s a grown man, and so is his agent, if they had complaints – they could voice them. Tunsil wants to play, and help the team however he can. Getting on the Field training by 2 Pro Bowl players, who want to tutor you, isn’t a bad thing. Especially when you consider that Tunsil, even its the gas mask on, is a better guard than Dallas Thomas was last year.

    Yes, other players are question marks, just like other teams around the league: will JJ Watt be the same player this year? Reggie Bush? That
    rookie from UCLA with the bad knee?

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