King Dunlap: Joey Bosa is losing valuable reps with holdout


San Diego Chargers first-round pick Joey Bosa remains the only draft pick unsigned from the 2016 draft class. The holdout doesn’t appear to be close to ending any time soon either.

However, teammates are beginning to speak out about the need for Bosa to sign a contract and get into training camp. Corey Liuget said the missed time will catch up with Bosa and extend the time needed to get adjusted to the NFL.

Offensive tackle King Dunlap also said Bosa is missing critical time with the Chargers. In an interview with The Loose Cannons on XTRA1360 in San Diego, Dunlap said Bosa is losing time that he’ll never get back.

“The most valuable things he’s missing right now is reps,” Dunlap said. “Being a rookie you don’t know the rigors of what the season brings. I hope he gets everything done and settled so he can get into work. I feel like getting those reps, repeated reps against a bigger offensive line like we are would be good for him, he would help us getting better as well.”

Rookie holdouts have become mostly extinct since the new CBA was put in place in 2011 that provided slotted contracts for draft picks. However, Bosa continues to stay away from Chargers camp in hopes of getting better language in the contract.

15 responses to “King Dunlap: Joey Bosa is losing valuable reps with holdout

  1. That’s the Chargers choice to not have Bosa in training camp.

    They could have him there tomorrow.

  2. Nonsense that there’s a first round holdout with the new CBA, especially from a top 5 pick. The contracts are made for you already! Screw these “language, 4th/5th year” holdouts and just have them be incentive based or automatically triggered with performance, black or white. Some of these rookies (or their agents) come in so spoiled.

  3. So the Chargers don’t want to do a contract like 95% of the league because of team precedent.

    Well based on the long term success of the Chargers organization I can see why they…

    Oh right.

  4. Dunlap, who crowned you King? I am on Bosa’s side, getting everything you can before getting hurt. Especially when playing for a crappy team like the Chargers. Bosa might be a bust but the owners will continue to make millions.
    Stand your ground Joey.

  5. The players should be complaining to the GM as well, it’s a two way street. Cracks me up how the self righteous know all the answers until it’s them doing the negotiating.

    If the team wants him on the field it is quite simple, meet him half way and do a deal similar to all top five picks. They can’t have it both ways. If it takes him 8 games to get up to speed, they have only themselves to blame.

    If SD is unwilling, then perhaps they should trade out of the top five next time!

  6. This is the most borring holdout story ever, nobody has a good idea of why is he holding out or why the chargers just pay and move on in a year where they need all the good media they could get. But again this is a story between a rookie who doesnt know what is the NFL and a franchaise that doesnt know how to win in the NFL.

  7. If I were the Charger GM, I’d publicly give him 24 hours to sign. If he refuses, then I’d tell him to enter the 2017 draft. Period.

  8. The Chargers are being dumb and should either give him the offset or accelerated payments.
    Otherwise He’ll sign the day before the season starts and wont be productive until late in the year.
    The Chargers will possibly save 600K in 4 years (unlikely) and lose out on production this year, where they are paying him (5-7MM).
    A dumb way to handle one of your top players.

  9. >>bondlake says:
    Aug 3, 2016 5:36 AM
    >>If I were the Charger GM, I’d publicly give him 24 hours to sign. If he refuses, then I’d tell him to enter the 2017 draft. Period.

    OK – He has a guaranteed 4 year contract,

    There are many subtle things a player can do to not warrant playing time. He doesn’t have to be obvious, just small things here and there. He can do this for the entire year.

    What if he signs and then tweaks his hamstring, and dog gone it, it keeps nagging him and he’s unable to do much the entire training camp. Or during a game he has a fakeable injury (hamstring) that keeps him out the rest of the game. Maybe when making a tackle he can fake a shoulder injury.

    Or what if he just has trouble learning the play book? Just happens to be out of position frequently?

    He’ll still develop and learn, and you will lose a years worth out of him. Then the second year he’ll miraculously improve and play the way he’s supposed to.

    Its a poor way to run a team to get into pissing matches with players over trivial issues. Save it for big contract disputes. In addition, other players will notice and be less likely to want to play for the Chargers.

  10. Shut your piehole King Company Man. If you’d been good enough to be drafted this high, you’ve done the same thing.

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